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People of

  1. 1. The People of the Portugueseand Spanish Colonies in America Matthew McHolland History 140 Professor Arguello
  2. 2. ***Antonio de Gouveia***• He was known to be a humanist and a famous educator during the renaissance.• He is also known for his controversy with Pierre de la Ramee about Aristotle.• His work mainly deal with law as well as poetry.• He spent a lot of time editing and translating classical sources in search of the original meaning.• He was accused of being an atheist by John Calvin, and he eventually returned to Catholic Orthodoxy.
  3. 3. ***Antonio de Gouveia***• He was born in 1528 and he lived his life with a Christina family in Terceira.• He spent his youth in Azores, when the nine islands of the archipelago were already the nerve center of the Atlantic shipping.• He was vanished from Portugal.• Sadly, he spent most of his adulthood life in prison.
  4. 4. ***Catarina de Monte Sinai***• Catarina was one of the few women who actually was part of the Desterro Convent in Bahia.• Her parents were from Brazil.• She died in 1758.• She was a very religious person who devoted her entire life to her savior.• She was a very smart person, for she knew how to make money.• One of the many ways that she learned how to make money and sustain herself was by renting houses.
  5. 5. ***Catarina de Monte Sinai***• She was pretty much an entrepreneur.• She was granted with the opportunity to grow up in a wealthy family. In other words, she was able to succeed because her family had money. As a result, she was able to become a nun.• One of her flaws was that she thought she could outsmart archbishop by not letting him know about her business.• She died without having the chance to give her belongings away.
  6. 6. ***Francisco Baquero***• He was an Argentinian man who spend his life making shoes. While researching this character, the first thing that I found out about him is that he was a shoe maker.• He was certainly a mestizo.• Throughout his life he tried his best to organize unions but he was never successful, for every time that he tried to form a union, the union was rapidly rejected.
  7. 7. ***Francisco Baquero***• He was elected to represent a union.• He was very concern with the racial discrimination that occurred during his time.• He was very unhappy because he did not believe in segregation; he truly believed that segreation was unjust.
  8. 8. ***Isabelle Moctezuma***• She was de daughter of Moctezuma II.• She was a princess.• She was married to Atlixcatzin, who was supposedly designated by Moctezuma to be his successor as huey tlatoani.• She was instructed to Christianity and she ended up marrying an Spaniard.
  9. 9. ***Isabelle Moctezuma***• She married Alonso de Grado in June 1526.• Isabel became a Christian but she never learned to read or write; she remained illiterate.• She died in 1550 and her estate was large. She had acquired personal possessions during her marriage with Spaniards.• She was known to be generous and thoughtful.• She was the great success of the assimilation of Spanish and Indian.
  10. 10. ***Diego Vasicuio***• He was a priest for the Catholic church.• His main job consisted in converting natives to Catholics. It was a very hard process. Nevertheless, he managed to do it.• The problem about converting natives was that he created his own religion. He said that he was converting them into Catholics but the reality is that he had his own religion. As a result, he was eventually charged with heresy.
  11. 11. ***Diego Vasicuio***• He was very shy.• He lived from 1580-1670s.• He was from Southern Peru.• He created a cult.• His cult was very similar to the Catholic religion.
  12. 12. ***Miguel Hernandez***• He was from Mexico.• He actually he lived in Queretaro.• Miguel had many goals in his life, but the most that he focused the most consisted in living a prosperous life even under arduous circumstances.• He was extremely persistent and because of this trait, he was able to go really far in his life.
  13. 13. ***Miguel Hernandez***• Miguel became leader of the Mulatto because of his ability to interact with others and because he was extremely smart. He knew that Queretaro was a very small town rich in agriculture, and he used this to his advantage.