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15.leveraging from icmci initiatives 27 april 2013 ilse ennsfellner


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15.leveraging from icmci initiatives 27 april 2013 ilse ennsfellner

  2. 2. Global TrendsManagement Consultancy From “advising” to implementation Innovative and global thinking Productivity / return on investmentSpecialized, Measurable, SustainableProfessional competenciesQualification standards
  3. 3. ICMCI Global Map
  4. 4. The International Council of Management Consulting InstitutesNetwork of 54 national consulting institutes world-wideThe mission is to• increase the acceptance of management consultingas a respected profession• raise standards of the profession of managementconsultants and support the development throughoutthe world• encourage networking of management consultantsacross national boundariesICMCI Mission
  5. 5. Areas of Consultancy ExcellenceProfession - Management Consulting industryFirm - Management of the consulting firmClient - Client Relation and InteractionPerson - Consultant‘s skills, competencies
  6. 6. Consultancy Excellence StandardsProfession - Code of Conduct/Ethics, ISO 17024Accredited MC CoursesICMCI Academic FellowFirm - ISO 9001Accredited Consulting PracticesClient - EN 16114 „ManagementConsultancy Services“Person - Certified Management Consultant
  7. 7. InstitutionsICMCIThe International Council of Management ConsultingInstitutesCENEuropean Committee for StandardizationISOThe International Standards Organization
  8. 8. Linkages with International Bodies• Building relationships with associations (likeEBRD, ILO, FEACO, IAF, InternationalChambers of Commerce, World Bank)• Registered as an NGO with UN
  9. 9. ICMCI – GovernanceTrustees as chief stakeholders (Committees, Task Forces)Annual Conference, Biennial CongressExecutive CommitteeExecutive Director (Reema Nasser)Hubs (Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa)Hub MeetingsN e w s l e t t e r – M e r i d i a n
  10. 10. Consultancy Excellence StandardsProfession - Code of Conduct/Ethics, ISO 17024Accredited MC CoursesICMCI Academic FellowFirm - ISO 9001Accredited Consulting PracticesClient - EN 16114 „ManagementConsultancy Services“Person - Certified Management Consultant
  11. 11. Values and BehaviourTechnical competenceBusiness InsightEthics and Professionalism Analytical skillsPersonal Interaction Personal developmentFunctional specialization Consulting skillsCons. Business KnowledgeBreadth of knowledgeMCBreadthofskillandexperienceContinuedLearning&developmentICMCICMC Competency Model
  12. 12. Titel and StructureEN 16114 Management Consultancy ServicesForeword0. Introduction1. Scope2. Normative references3. Terms and definitions4. General (Regulatory framework, Communication, Ethics,CSR, Capability, Quality, Guarantees, Health and Safety)5. Offering6. Execution7. Closure
  13. 13. OfferingPurpose:• to reach an agreement between the MCSP and theclient on the services to be providedOutcome:• legally binding agreement between MCSP and the client,specifying services, deliverables, rights and obligationsof the parties
  14. 14. ExecutionPurpose:to deliver what was agreed in the offering phaseOutcome:• services and deliverables• recommendations and approach for the future• ongoing evaluation and improvement
  15. 15. ClosurePurpose:to achieve an orderly end to the assignmentOutcome:release of all parties from their obligationsshared understanding of continuing obligationsfinancial settlement
  16. 16. Marketing Efforts• to establish relationships to relevantstakeholders (Institutions, Buyers, MCSPs)• to encourage the profession and its institutionsto use the standard (i.e. the standard shouldbe listed and considered in major Europeanand international programs)
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Practical Use• We offer management consultancy services beingguided by the European Standard EN 16114.• XYZ [name of Consultancy] provides consultancyservices in accordance with EN 16114.Avoid:• „fulfill the requirements“
  19. 19. Consultancy Excellence StandardsProfession - Code of Conduct/Ethics, ISO 17024Accredited MC CoursesICMCI Academic FellowFirm - ISO 9001Accredited Consulting PracticesClient - EN 16114 „ManagementConsultancy Services“Person - Certified Management Consultant
  20. 20. Accredited Consulting Practice(ACP)• Applicable to management consultancyorganisations• Demonstrates their qualifications inmanagement consulting• Develop and propose CMC candidatesto the national certification bodies External recognition for the highest professional standards Statement to consultants of their professional development Recruitment and retention of the highest quality staff
  21. 21. Accredited MC Courses (AMCC)ICMCI Academic FellowAMCC: Accreditation refers to organizations that provide training inconsulting and meet the requirements of the ICMCI framework:• Commercial consulting and / or training organizations• In-house learning centres• Management consulting institutes and associations• Professional bodies and trade associations• Institutions of higher learning (colleges and universities)• Individual trainersPreparatory programs, CMC level programs, Post-CMC programsAcademic Fellow:• recognises academics from around the world who have contributed tothe study and teaching of management consultancy• It will awarded by ICMCI to suitably qualified individuals based uponthe recommendation of the local IMC.
  22. 22. Future Requirements Regional Governance Development of membership framework Standards and CertificationCommon Body of Knowledge Communication / Promotion / Branding
  23. 23. The Present & Future• Certification (CMC, ISO 17024, ACP)• International Consultants Day – June• Consultants meet Consultants and Clients – Meetings• Setting of global professional standards• EN 16114 Management Consultancy Services• Accredited Management Consulting Courses• ICMCI Academic Fellow• Global Website and Knowledge Management System• International Conference• Constantinus International Consulting Award• Evolution of The Breakthrough Projects
  24. 24. ICMCI Global Website
  25. 25. International Conference1st international ICMCI conference“West and East in Change:How Will Management Consultants Facilitate It?”3 – 4 July, 2013 (Vilnius, Lithuania)The conference is devoted to internationalization of consultancy businesses.Keynote speakers: the Lithuanian prime minister,Bob Brouillard (former MP of Deloitte Consulting Europe)Mingf Wang (Hejun Consulting Group and Business School)Hein Schreuder (recent Executive Vice President Royal DSM) and others
  26. 26. ConstantinusInternational Consulting Award Recognises outstanding consultingprojects as judged by an international jury. Celebrates successful joint endeavours betweenconsultants and their clients. Is driven by Institutes and ICMCI.
  27. 27. Contact your local Institute!Your participation is welcome!
  28. 28. Breakthrough Projects1. Greenhouse IMCInstitute (legal entity) for management consultantsfrom countries where no regular IMC (yet) exists2. CMC Internationalto establish an enhanced membership categorythat extends the benefits of CMCs whose practicesinclude international/multi-country consulting3. Large Firm Initiative
  29. 29. ICMCI ProjectsMethods libraryWorldwide studiesin management consultingLarge Firm InitiativeSupport for developing and existing Institutes………………………………………
  30. 30. CMC Promotion AustriaQuality TalksCMC Masters Club
  31. 31. CMC Promotion Austria
  32. 32. Experts GroupsTrainers and Coaches (Certified Business Trainer)Financial management (Certified Turnaround Expert)Order of Succession (Certified Succession Consultant)CSR (Certified CSR Consultant)Business Mediation (Certified Business Mediator)Export Business (Certified Export Consultant)Innovation (Certified Innovation Consultant)Certified Supervisory Expert
  33. 33. A qualified Management consultant isa change agent and leads innovationto improve the client’s business