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01.imc singapore lydia goh 29_apr_14

  1. 1. Our  Vision   To  be  an  internationally  recognized  authority  for  the   development  and  certification  of  all  professional   management  consultants  in  Singapore   1  
  2. 2. Our  Mission   To  be  a  world-­‐class  resource  partner  and  centre  of   excellence  and  innovation  for  management  consulting   knowledge  and  best  practices  in  Singapore   2  
  3. 3. Our  Values   v  We  adhere  to  and  uphold  the  highest  levels  of  ethical  and   professional  conduct   v  We  make  value-­‐added  contributions  to  the  business   community  and  national  development  efforts   v  We  adhere  to  our  social  responsibility  to  our  members,  the   community  and  the  nation   3  
  4. 4. Objectives  of  IMCS   v  To  promote  the  skills  and  knowledge  of  management   consultancy   v  To  adopt  the  highest  standards  of  conduct  by  members  of   the  management  consulting  profession   4  
  5. 5. IMCS  Council  2014/16     v President:  Mr.  George  Wong   v Immed.  Past  President:  Mr.  Philip  Kee   v Vice  President:  Ms.  Lydia  Goh   v Hon.  Secretary:  Mr.  Kelvin  Chan   v Hon.  Treasurer:  Mr.  Philip  Kee   v Council  Members:   –  Dr.  Adrian  Chew   –  Quek  Aik  Teng   –  Victor  Koh   –  Jayapal  Ramasamy     5  
  6. 6. Membership   v Several  classes  of  membership:   v  Honorary  Fellow                               v  FIMC   v  FCMC   v  CMC                 v  MIMC   v  Associate  members  (AMIMC)   v  Student  members   6  
  7. 7. Management  Consultancy   Services  (1)   v  Productivity  &  Quality  Management     v  Business  Excellence   v  Business  Continuity  Management   v  Financial  Management     v  Business  Process  Re-­‐engineering     v  Information  Systems     v  Publication  of  research  papers  online     v  Integrated  Management  Systems   v  Human  Resource  Management     v  Customised  management  consultancy  training  programmes   7  
  8. 8. v  Marketing  &  Sales     v  Strategic  Business  Planning     v  R&D  Technology     v  Change  Management     v  Branding   v  SMART  Initiative   v  Lean  Management   v  Casetrust  Accreditation   v  Organisation  Development   v  Leadership  /  Executive  Coaching   Management  Consultancy   Services  (2)   8  
  9. 9. IMCS  Organisation  Structure   BOARD OF GOVERNORS (Professional / Industry Members + President IMCS) Continuous  Professional   Education  (CPE)   CMC CERTIFICATION BOARD (Professional / Industry Members + Membership Chair) CMC   Assessment   Vetting  &   Endorsement   Disciplinary   Actions   IMCS   COUNCIL     ICMCI   Secretarial  &   Admin.     Finance  /   Treasury   International   Networking   Membership   Development   Membership   Chair   IMCS   Secretariat   Policies  &   Guidelines   Triennium Assessment 9  
  10. 10. Roles  of  Board  of  Governors   v  To  oversee  the  long-­‐term  direction  of  the  Institute  and  the   performance  of  the  CMC    Certification  Board   v  Advise  on  the  strategic  directions  and  governance  of  the   Institute   v  Oversee  the  integrity  and  professionalism  of  the  CMC-­‐CB   v  The  Board  shall  meet  at  least  once  a  year  to  review  and     comment  on  the  progress  of  the  Institute  and  of  the  CMC-­‐ CB   10  
  11. 11. Roles  of  CMC  Certification  Board   v  CMC-­‐CB  established  for  the  purpose  of  certifying  CMCs.  The   policies  and  guidelines  which  shall  include:   −  criteria  for  certification  of  CMCs  guided  by  the  relevant  provisions  of  IMCS  Constitution   −  disciplinary  proceedings  against  CMCs   −  design  and  development  of  course  curriculum  relating  to  CMC  certification   −  accreditation  of  training  providers  for  courses  relating  to  CMC  certification   v  CMC-­‐CB  shall  be  run  independently  in  terms  of  operating  autonomy   v  Meet  at  least  3  times  a  year  or  as  required   v  The  CMC-­‐CB  shall  report  directly  to  the  Board  of  Governors 11  
  12. 12. v  The  Business  of  Management  Consulting   v  IMC’s  Code  of  Professional  Conduct   v  Managing  the  Client  -­‐  Consultant  Relationship     v  Writing  Consulting  Proposals   v  Consultancy  Project  Management     v  Identifying  Management  Problems  and  Issues     Management  Consulting  Skills  –           Best  Practices  (1)   12  
  13. 13. v  Consulting  Tools  &  Techniques   v  Critical  Thinking    Skills   v  Developing  and  Implementing  Recommendations     v  Writing  and  Presenting  Consultancy  Reports   v  Facilitation  Solution  Seeking  and  Implementation     v  Consulting  Practice  Management   Management  Consulting  Skills  –           Best  Practices  (2)   13  
  14. 14. Several  Initiatives:   v  Appointment  of  Board  of  Governors   v  Appointment  of  Certification  Board   v  Sharpened  the  process  of  certification  structure   v  Attract  and  retain  quality  members   v  Strengthen  membership  engagement   −  Business  and  Networking  sessions   −  Continuous  professional  education  with  members   −  Conferences,  Seminars  and  Workshops   −  Collaboration  with  other  professional  institutes   v  Improve  IMCS  Branding   Year  of  Renewal   Building  a  Stronger  IMCS   14  
  15. 15. Goals   To  Build   a   Stronger   IMCS   Board  of   Governors   CMC   Certification   Board   Recruit  &   Retain   Quality   CMC   Collaboration,   Partnership  or   Alliance   Showcase   Diversity  of   Talent  Expertise   &  Experience   Business  &   Networking   Opportunities   IMCS  Brand   Management   Teamwork,   Engagement  &   Inclusiveness   15  
  16. 16. Quotes   There  is  only  one  boss,  The  customer.   And  he  can  fire  everybody  in  the   company  from  the  chairman  down,   simply  by  spending  his  money   somewhere  else…  by  Sam  Walton   16  
  17. 17. Quotes   My  greatest  strength  as  a  consultant   is  to  be  ignorant  and  ask  a  few   questions…  by  Peter  Drucker   17  
  18. 18. Quotes   Alone  we  can  do  so  little,  together   we  can  do  so  much…by  Helen  Keller  18  
  19. 19. If  you  want  to  go  fast,  go  alone.   If  you  want  to  go  far,  go  together     …an  African  Proverb