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09.consulting collaboration innovation imc thailand_dr_montri_v

  1. 1. IMC Thailand1
  2. 2. Innovation Innovation is the developmentof new values through solutionsthat meet new requirements,inarticulate needs, or old customerand market needs in value addingnew ways. This is accomplished through moreeffective products, processes, services, technologies , or ideas that arereadily available to markets,governments, and society. Innovation differsfrom improvement in thatinnovation refers to the notion ofdoing something different ratherthan doing the same thing better.2
  3. 3. Using 1)New Technology &2)New Biz ModelNew Technology New Biz Model 1)The word technology refers tothe making, modification,usage, and knowledgeof tools, machines,techniques, crafts, systems, andmethods of organization, in orderto solve a problem, improve apreexisting solution to a problem,achieve a goal, handle an appliedinput/output relation or perform aspecific function.. 2)Technologies significantly affecthuman as well as other animal speciesability to control and adapt to their naturalenvironments. 1)Revenue increasing while lowingor maintaining the same cost 2)Increasing Value proposition 3) New avenue/channel of revenue3
  4. 4. Innovation   Technology Innovation is the development of newvalues through solutions that meet newrequirements, inarticulate needs, or oldcustomer and market needs in valueadding new ways. This is accomplished through moreeffective products, processes, services, technologies , or ideas that are readilyavailable to markets, governments,and society. Innovation differsfrom improvement in that innovationrefers to the notion of doing somethingdifferent rather than doing the samething better. The word technology refers to themaking, modification, usage, andknowledge of tools, machines,techniques, crafts, systems, andmethods of organization, in order tosolve a problem, improve a preexistingsolution to a problem, achieve a goal,handle an applied input/outputrelation or perform a specific function.. Technologies significantly affect humanas well as other animal species abilityto control and adapt to their naturalenvironments.4
  5. 5. Consulting Service Offerings focusingInformation TechnologyInfrastructure, Networking and Security5• Package selection &implementation• Geography InformationSystem• ERP System• CRM System• Regulatory Risk, FinancialControls and ReportingSupport• Business Risk Assessment &Mitigation•Business Intelligence Design& Implementation•Enterprise PerformanceManagement & Reporting•Data Warehouse &Datamart Design &Implementation• Organization Development• Process Optimization• Change Management• BenchmarkingOperationsImprovementPerformanceManagement& AnalyticsEnterpriseApplicationsBusiness RiskManagementStrategy
  6. 6. Client pain points are the drivers of the business issues. We are providing our services to help clients solve businessproblems related to Information Technology while also meeting their business objectives of driving revenue,reducing cost, retaining their customer base and evolving to critical next generation infrastructure.Specialized Consulting ServicesStrategyVision and Blueprint• Preparing IT Master plan to support the overall client business strategy• Preparing Cooperate IT BlueprintFinance Diagnostic• Reducing cost & Increasing revenueProfit Improvement• Increasing customer loyalty• Evolving to next generation infrastructureEnterpriseSystemImplementationPackage selection & Implementation• Providing the methodology and approach that enable an organization to identify, redesign, test, and implementthe core business process that run throughout the organization, often across departmental lines• Implementing keys packed system: Enterprise Resources Planning, Contact Center, Customer Relationshipmanagement and Supply Chain.Geography Information System• Implementing fully integrated GISImplementing the package system is, for many organization, a challenge. To implement a package systemsuccessfully, organization must embrace a methodology design to achieve not only a successful technologyimplementation, but one that meet the organization’s needs in the areas of strategy, process, and people as well.This is to realize the greatest possible business benefit from the technology change.
  7. 7. OperationsImprovementIT Organization development• Increasing IT staff efficiency• Organization Redesign & StreamliningProcess Optimization• Streamlining the core process (e.g. Marketing & Sale management, Customer care, Product development &Management, IT development & management, etc.)• Strengthening the support process (e.g. IT HR Management, Financial and Asset Management, Supplier andPartner Management)Change Management• Ensuring that people understand the need for change and have the right capabilities and motivation to change• Gathering and assessing information about an organization’s readiness for change• Addressing the collaboration process of building explicit knowledge, skills, abilities, and the confidence to applythemBenchmarking• Setting target for process improvementOur Specialized Consulting ServicesWe are offering our extensive knowledge in IT process landscape. The landscape is the basis for the further breakingdown of process elements and key performance indicators and the associated value propositions and offeringdeveloped by our consultant to help the clients transform and improve their operations.Business RiskManagementRegulatory Risk, Financial Controls and Reporting Support• At the project management level, determining which risk areas to accept and which to resolve• The Risk management standards and quality assurance standards are developedBusiness Risk Assessment & Mitigation• Risk areas identified in the action plan are resolved under risk mitigation strategies, bringing quality assuranceimprovementsThe success of business or large scale project implementation depends on the timely, high quality deliverables andability to detect risk at early as possible.
  8. 8. Infrastructure &SecurityInfrastructure & Security• Designing, procuring, and implementing a technical infrastructure• Developing software that extends the capabilities of application• Specifying the technical support requirements for the solutionPerformanceManagement &AnalyticsAnalytics design & implementation• Providing the analysis & tools for business intelligent• Implementing business intelligent system and data depositoryEnterprise Performance Management & Reporting• Leading the analytic processes that enable the performance of an organization to be managed with a view toachieve one or more pre-selected goals• Preparing Balanced ScorecardData Warehouse and Data-mart design and implementation• Designing, Configuring and testing of data warehouse• Performing the data integration with other systemsOur Specialized Consulting Services‘The speed to market and customer-determined responsiveness are creating the conditions that are forcingbusiness to rely increasingly on their suppliers’ and vendors’ speed and responsiveness and to be attuned to theircustomer in almost real time’ ….Paul Greenberg (Vice President of Live Wire – Ecommerce consulting services firm.The purpose of this thread is to build the infrastructure, computing, networking and security to support the ITsolution. This thread provides a guide for the steps to be performed.
  9. 9. Consultants assisted clients in a broad range of industriesCorporateStrategyand PlanningProfitabilityEnhancementIT Strategy andOrganizationImprovementProcess andOrganizationImprovementBusinessTransformationManagementProperty Services X X XReal Estate X XRetail X X XPublishing X X X XLogistics X XBuilding Material X X X X XAutomotive X XEducation X X XFinancial Services X XCommunications X X X X XHealthcare X XPoliticalOrganizationX X X XPublic Sector X X X X XIndustry Experiences
  10. 10. Extensive Client ReferencesIMCT consultants helped various types of companies ranging from mid-sized local organizations to large global players
  11. 11. Our Key Clients by Area of ServicesStrategy MEA PEA MWA Unilever Thailand PWAOperation Improvement Unilever Thailand Department of Commercial Registration Thailand Tobacco Monopoly MEAInfrastructure, Networking and Security Star Petroleum National Disaster Warning Center, MICT CAT TOT Unilever ThailandProgram Management TOT CAT Bank of Thailand True Democrat Party TTABusiness Risk Management TOT PWA MEA PEAEnterprise Applications TOT TRUE CAT PEA Krungthai BankGIS Department of Rural Roads Royal Irrigation Department Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning Department of Public Work and Town Planning Department of Mineral Resources Land Development DepartmentPerformance Management & Analytics Unilever Thailand TOT Bangkok Post PublishingE-document & Workflow NBT CAT11IMCT consultants helped various types of companies ranging from mid-sized local organizations to large globalplayers
  12. 12. 1)Cases / 2)Clients/3)Biz Model 1)Using QR Code as technology toimprove innovation of communicationof my clients for Marketing area 2)Using Mobile Game as New channel /Advertising Media 3)Using Forecasting Model, GISTechnology to build Decision Support(DSS) for National Disaster WarningSystem (NDWS) for Flooding Systemfor Thailand 1.1)Major Advertisers 1.2)FMCG, Telecom Devices 1.3) Revenue sharing (Telco, Content/Technology Owner, Consultant) 2.1)Major Advertisers 2.2)Bank, Content Provider 2.3) Revenue sharing (Telcom,Content/Technolog Owner,Consultant) 3.1)-National Disaster Warning Center ,MICT (Thailand) 3.2)- Office of Water management &Hydrology, under Royal IrrigationDepartment 3.3) – Consultant Fee / MA System12
  13. 13. Consulting Area of Business & Operation Improvement13
  14. 14.  1)QR Code for Marketing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MgQ_nyCrV4 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)14
  15. 15. QR code?“ability to measure responserates with a high degree ofprecision”Printed Scan Action Report
  16. 16. QR code capability Scan to WEB or WAP Scan to call Scan to SMS Scan to email Scan to display text Scan to add vCard
  17. 17. MCN campaign managementsystemQR Code Campaign Management System is anonline platform that allows partners toautomatically create unique specific mobilecampaigns complete with QR codes and custommicro-sites.
  18. 18. Case # 2/ Direct ResponseMarketing and Case Study[Partnership & Consultant Area]
  19. 19. Songwhale has developed new ways to drive purchasing, increase revenue, and enhance customer experience for DirectResponse (DR) products that reach beyond conventional methods currently employed in the industry.• SOCIAL MEDIA• MOBILE DEVELOPMENT• FRIEND FORWARDER• ADDITIONAL MOBILE INITIATIVESSIFT & TOSS!Order recv’dTell 3 cat-lovers in 60min & get1 bonus liner set added 2 urorderRply FRIEND+10digit cell#Ex FRIEND2223334444Rply STOP 2quit or HELPHello Jane Doe,According to our records,you are going to run out ofSift & Toss Litter Linerssoon. Click here to ordermore today!• WEB• PAY PER CLICK• SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONThese include:
  20. 20. TSocial MediaSongwhale specializes in using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to create media presences for products that inform, engage, anddrive users to product websites and various points of purchase.To promote the DR product Sift & Toss, Songwhale created communities on Facebook and Twitter that brought together cat-lovers. Songwhale builtSift & Toss’s Facebook presence by generating user-interaction in the community through encouraging fans to enter contests, ask questions,participate in conversations with other fans, and share their experiences with the product. Songwhale administrators of the Sift & Toss page regularlypost offer-updates and important product information in addition to interacting with fans.
  21. 21. Facebook Ad BuysBelow are examples of the Facebook Ads that Songwhale developed and ran for the DR product Sift & Toss Litter Liners:Ad 1Ad 2Through targeted media buys, custom tabs, exclusive offers, and contests, Songwhale has generated additional revenue for its clients andtheir many products.
  22. 22. Facebook “Like Us” CampaignSongwhale combined this “Like Us” campaign with demographically-targeted ads to grow the Sift & Toss Facebook community. Themajority of fans were generated through the “Likes” campaign, exhibiting the incredible power and importance of social media.For the DR product Sift & Toss, Songwhale created an innovative "Like Us" campaign that increased the number of users that “Like” the Sift & TossFacebook page. Upon reaching the Sift & Toss Welcome page on Facebook, visitors were enticed to “Like” the page in order to transform a blurred-out coupon into a visible coupon with a promotional code that could be used when purchasing.
  23. 23. Mobile web traffic is on the verge of surpassing traffic on traditional web browsers. Songwhale can create mobile versions of existing product websitesthat are optimized to be viewed on all mobile devices (phones & tablets) and that match seamlessly with existing branding. These mobile sites areuser-friendly and facilitate the convenient purchase of products.When consumers navigate to a DR product website using their mobile phones, they will be automatically redirected to a website that is optimized fortheir mobile devices, which will better facilitate mobile order conversion.Mobile DevelopmentçBelow is an example of the mobile site Songwhale developed for the DR product Sift & Toss, which Songwhale created to beconsistent with the branding established in the product webpage:mobile websiteAbove is an example of the mobile site Songwhaledeveloped for the DR product Forever Lazy.order screen
  24. 24. vçThere has been an explosion in the popularity and use of tablets for browsing the internet. Songwhale can create tablet-formatted versions of productwebsites that are optimized to be viewed on all major tablet operating systems and that seamlessly match existing product branding. For example,Songwhale executed creation of a tablet version of the Sift and Toss website.Today, when consumers type in the Sift and Toss URL on their tablets, they are automatically redirected to a website that is optimized for their tablets.This facilitates the placement of Sift and Toss orders and increases conversion. An additional feature of the tablet Sift and Toss site is the automatictransition between the landscape and portrait orientations of the site. As the consumer switched the way the tablet is held, the site seamlessly switchestot he version of the site that is optimized for that orientation. The images below Illustrate the unique landscape and portrait versions of the tablet-optimized Sift and Toss homepage.Tablet DevelopmentLandscape Portrait
  25. 25. FriendForwarder is a tool developed by Songwhale to capitalize on the already-established connections among users and their associates in order toexpand the audience of any advertising campaign. A FriendForwarder campaign can be created for any DR product.Songwhale recently began a FriendForwarder campaign for Sift & Toss in which customers that enter a mobile phone number on the order formreceive an order confirmation & FriendForwarder text message blast upon placement of their order. This message can be seen in the iPhone below,as well as the flow of text messages that make up a FriendForwarder transaction.SIFT & TOSS!Congratulations!1 bonus set of 14 Sift &Toss Litter Liners will beadded to your order.Ur cat says thanks! MeowThis is the initial orderconfirmation/FriendForwarder textmessage the customer receivesafter ordering.This is the message that customersreceive after they have forwardedthree numbers to the Sift & TossFriendForwarder campaign.This is the message received bycustomers’ friends. Notice that it’sa personalized testimonial!FriendForwarderSarah Johnson 612-555-1234 says "I just bought Sift& Toss!"Sarah sent you 1 of her 25%off coupons. Click here toredeemw2w.tv/3kdSIFT & TOSS!Order recv’dTell 3 cat-lovers in 60min &get 1 bonus liner set added 2ur orderRply FRIEND+10digit cell#Ex FRIEND2223334444Rply STOP 2quit or HELPIncluded in the messageis a shortened URL thattakes the friend to theoptimized mobile Sift &Toss site.
  26. 26. Songwhale’s mobile text messaging capabilities extend beyond order confirmations and FriendForwarder campaigns and enable direct andrepeat communication with customers. Additional initiatives to enhance customer experience and increase revenue include text messagereminders, special offers and discounts, text2buy reordering, Click-to-Call reordering, and shipping confirmations. The possibilities forfuture mobile and text messaging enhancements and innovations are limitless.Hello Jane Doe,According to ourrecords, you aregoing to run out ofSift & Toss LitterLiners soon. Clickhere to order moretoday!Hello Jane Doe,Since you have been aloyal customer for 6months, we are givingyou a special discountof 20% off your nextorder. Click Here toclaim your code now!Below are examples of the various messages that can be sent to customers already affiliatedwith or interested in the DR product(s) and/or brands:Reminders Special Offers & DiscountsAdditional Mobile Initiatives
  27. 27. Hello Jane Doe,According to ourrecords, you are soonto be out of Sift & TossLitter Liners. Here is aDirect Link to ordermore! You can alsoRply 1!Hello Jane Doe,Click Here to call toplace another Sift &Toss order today!Hello Jane Doe,Your order has beenshipped! It shouldarrive within 5business days. Thankyou!1Text2buy ReorderingWith just a single text message,customers can reorder usingSongwhale’s text2buy platform.Click-to-Call Reordering Shipping ConfirmationBelow are several other ways that text messaging can be used to contact DR customers directly, promoterepeat purchasing and enhance customer experience:Additional Mobile Initiatives
  28. 28. In addition to our mobile and tablet website development, we create some of thehighest converting traditional desktop websites in the industry. Our websites areoptimized to be viewed on all major browsers across all desktop operatingsystems. By using our proprietary technologies, weve obtained the largestincremental order results when we are hosting web, mobile, tablet, social mediaand SMS. With all the platforms under a single umbrella, we are able to do thegreatest amount of fine-tuning possible.Web
  29. 29. Pay Per Click & SEOSearch Engine OptimizationOur trained specialists have decades worth ofcombined search experience. We use our cutting-edgetechnology, platforms, and trained specialists toexecute the best SEO campaigns in the business. Ourteam works with some of the largest marketingcompanies in the Direct Response industry, along withsome of the smallest, and we have created successfulcampaigns for both.Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) can beone of the quickest and most efficientforms of advertising, providing targetedand immediate results.Here’s how PPC search enginemarketing works:• Songwhale places ads for yourproduct in the “sponsored links”section of search engines.• You pay for the visitors whoclick on these ads and arriveon your website.• Payment is determined on aCost-Per-Click basis, allowingmaximum budgetary control.Songwhale will continuouslymonitor PPC accounts to determinewhich ads are working and which onesare not. We work to streamline ourcampaigns to provide the most effectiveand budget-conscious results possiblefor our clients.
  30. 30. Call to ActionMobile payment technology is the future of payments. Many new solutions require dedicated hardware or apps just to beginthe process, but with Paywhale all it takes is one text message to get started. With smartphones, after customers text theunique keyword for the product to the shortcode, they receive a link embedded in the SMS message that leads customers tothe Paywhale mobile site where they complete their order. Users can text in again to purchase the product, and Paywhalerecognizes them as a returning customer. A purchase can be automatically made using a single text purchase over and overagain. The user does not have to repeatedly fill out the credit card form.
  31. 31. Blogs and Review SitesOur professional copywriters write content to be featured on blogs and review sites for each product. This helps to createa positive online presence for the product.Here are some examples of online blog sites for Sift and Toss:
  32. 32. Case # 3/ Using ForecastingModel, GIS to build DSS &integrated Sensoring Systemfor Disaster Warning System[Partnership with BUU & RID ]
  33. 33. ข้อมูลในระบบสารสนเทศทางภูมิศาสตร์GIS DATAข้อมูลเชิงพื้นที่ (Spatial Data)ข้อมูลเชิงบรรยาย (AttributeData)Raster VectorPointLinePolygonCharacter/TextNumeric
  34. 34. เกี่ยวข้องกับงาน :• Hydrogeology• Hydrology• Geologyระบบจะทาการประมวลภาพจากข้อมูลอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ เพื่อให้ง่ายต่อการเข้าใจ และจัดสร้างเป็นชั้นข้อมูลขอบเขตการทางานเกี่ยวกับข้อมูลจากโทรมาตร
  36. 36. รูปผลงานตัวอย่าง ผลงานที่เสร็จแล้ว
  37. 37. SERVERWorkStation#1SwitchingHubSERVERWorkStation#16KVMUPSSERVERMONITOR.CAT TELECOMSERVERSERVERRack 19" 42UUPS UPSInternetNotebook NotebookNotebook NotebookProjectorPDAx 12แนวทางการติดตั้งอุปกรณ์ระบบประมวลผล
  38. 38. การประยุกต์ระบบสารสนเทศทางภูมิศาสตร์
  39. 39. รูปตัวอย่างผลงานการแสดงผลข้อมูลแผนที่
  40. 40. ขอบเขตการนาผลจากระบบพยากรณ์ฯมาแสดงร่วมกับระบบรายงานผล
  41. 41. Alternacigs is a healthy alternative to smoking that is completely safe,and it gives you the same full flavor and smoking experience that youget from regular cigarettes.http://alternacigs.com/
  42. 42. Ascella™ works in place of any standard light bulb. When the light fixtureis on, the bulb charges itself. If the power goes out or you want toremove the bulb from the fixture, Ascella™ will stay illuminated for atleast 3 hours.http://ascellabulb.com/
  43. 43. SuperClean is a multi-purpose cleaning product that can used toget rid of tough stains on household appliances, kitchens,bathrooms and automobiles.http://superclean.com
  44. 44. DuPont™ Scratch Repair Stick is the fast repair for scratches,nicks and dings in your car, bike, boat or other painted surfaceswith clear coat finish.
  45. 45. Mr. Lid is a storage container with a patented attached lidthat is BPA free and dishwasher/microwavable safe.http://mrlid.com/
  46. 46. Magic Minerals is an all-in-one for everyone mineral makeupthat covers, conceals and corrects.https://magicminerals.com
  47. 47. Mobile & Tablet sites only.NuWave Infrared Oven is a countertop oven with patented three-way cooking technology that combinesinfrared, convection and conduction technology to cook quickly and thoroughly while retaining moistureand flavor.
  48. 48. NuWave Perfect Green is a frying pan that is infused with a durable all-natural ceramic non-stick coating, and which fits perfectly into yourhealth-conscious lifestyle.https://www.nuwaveperfectgreen.com/
  49. 49. NuWave Induction Cooktop is a portable cooktop that uses induction technology sothat the cookware is heated, but the cooktop surface is not.
  50. 50. Royal Pedi is the only anti-fungal hands-free exfoliator that you stick to thebottom of your tub and use to clean, massage and exfoliate your feet withouthaving to bend.Website: Not currently live.
  51. 51. Sift & Toss is a litter box liner where you simply lift out the liner, taking thesoiled litter with you as the clean litter filters back in to the box.https://siftandtoss.com/
  52. 52. http://www.buyinstanttrainer.com/TextInstant Trainer is a leash that uses gentle but firm resistance to discourage yourdog from pulling by wrapping around their midsection, so the dog will feel slightpressure if they start to pull away.
  53. 53. Sootherz is an acid relief lozenge made with delicious, all-naturalingredients which can be used to soothe heartburn, acid reflux andstomach discomfort.http://sootherz.com/
  54. 54. Slimmerz is a beautifully styled, comfortable, tailored line ofwomens clothing designed to make you look and feel 15pounds thinner, instantly.http://slimmerz.com/
  55. 55. Tap Hooks are easy to install hooks that can hold up to 50 pounds anddo not require tools.
  56. 56. Shock It Clean is a multi-purpose cleaner that is tough enough to handleeven your worst messes, while still being gentle enough to cleanupholstery.http://buyshockitclean.com/
  57. 57. Shock It Clean Extreme is an even stronger version of the multi-purposecleaner that can take care of any mess you throw at it.http://shockitextreme.com/
  58. 58. Angry Birds Digital Sales Agency -ASEAN