12.learning among im cs 27 april 2013 imc singapore_lydia goh


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12.learning among im cs 27 april 2013 imc singapore_lydia goh

  1. 1. 1Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore)A member of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes
  2. 2. 2About IMCS:Institute of Management Consultants(Singapore)• Independent non-profit professional organization• Registered and gazetted on 9th October 1992,replaced the Association of ManagementConsultants (AMC), formed in 1986• A full member of the International Council ofManagement Consulting Institutes (ICMCI)
  3. 3. 3Objectives of IMCS:Institute of Management Consultants(Singapore)• To promote the skills and knowledge ofmanagement consultancy• To adopt the highest standards of conduct bymembers of the management consultingprofession
  4. 4. 4Our Vision and MissionOur VisionTo be an internationally recognized authority for thedevelopment and certification of all professionalmanagement consultants in SingaporeOur MissionTo be a world-class resource partner and centre ofexcellence and innovation for management consultingknowledge and best practices in Singapore
  5. 5. 5Our Values• Our Values– We adhere to and uphold the highest levels of ethicaland professional conduct– We make value-added contributions to the businesscommunity and national development efforts– We adhere to our social responsibility to ourmembers, the community and the nation
  6. 6. Our Council• President: Mr. George Wong• Immed. Past President: Mr. Philip Kee• Vice President: Ms. Lydia Goh• Hon. Secretary: Mr. Kelvin Chan• Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Pradeep K Chatterjee• Council Members:– Dr. Adrian Chew– Mr. Lim Poh Khai– Mr. Suhaimi Salleh6
  7. 7. 7Certification and Membership• IMC (Singapore) has established a process tocertify management consultants in Singapore• Several classes of membership:– Honorary Fellow– FIMC– FCMC– CMC– MIMC– Associate members (AMIMC)– Student members-FCMC & CMC members: 65Ordinary members: 103Total members: 168
  8. 8. 8Membership Services (1)• Continuous professional education and trainingprogrammes• Conferences, seminars, workshops and otheropportunities for professional development andparticipation in IMCs business developmentprogrammes• Mentoring/Apprenticeship Programmes for juniorconsultants through collaboration in joint projectassignments
  9. 9. 9Membership Services (2)• Members Evenings for networking and sharing ofknowledge, information and experience• Representation of members collective views andinterests to appropriate parties and authoritiesboth at National and International levels• eNewsletters on consultancy news and theInstitutes affairs• Members Business Development Programmes
  10. 10. 10Stakeholders Services• Conferences and business forums• Collaboration with the Institutes members• Management training programmes (specialisedcourses)
  11. 11. 11Stakeholders ServicesManagement consultancy services in the following areas:• Productivity & Quality Management• Business Excellence• Business Continuity Management• Financial Management• Business Process Re-engineering• Information Systems• Publication of research papers online• Integrated Management Systems• Human Resource Management• Customised management consultancy training programmes• Marketing & Sales• Strategic Business Planning• R&D Technology• Change Management• Branding• SMART Initiative• Lean Management• Casetrust Accreditation• Organisation Development
  12. 12. 12Organizational Structure of IMCSfor CMC CertificationBOARD OF GOVERNORS(5 Professional / IndustryMembers + President IMCS)Continuous ProfessionalEducation (CPE)CMC CERTIFICATION BOARD(13 Professional / IndustryMembers + Membership Chair)CMCAssessmentVetting &EndorsementDisciplinaryActionsIMCSCOUNCIL(8 Members)ICMCISecretarial &Admin.Finance /TreasuryInternationalNetworkingMembershipDevelopmentMembershipChairIMCSSecretariatPolicies &GuidelinesTrienniumAssessment
  13. 13. 13Roles of Board of Governors• To oversee the long-term direction of the Institute andthe performance of the CMC Certification Board• Advise on the strategic directions and governance of theInstitute• Oversee the integrity and professionalism of the CMC-CB• The Board shall meet at least once a year to review andcomment on the progress of the Institute and of theCMC-CB
  14. 14. 14Roles of CMC Certification Board• CMC-CB established for the purpose of certifying CMCs. The policiesand guidelines which shall include:– criteria for certification of CMCs guided by the relevantprovisions of IMCS Constitution– disciplinary proceedings against CMCs– design and development of course curriculum relating to CMCcertification– accreditation of training providers for courses relating to CMCcertification• CMC-CB shall be run independently in terms of operatingautonomy• Meet at least 3 times a year or as required• The CMC-CB shall report directly to the Board of Governors.
  15. 15. 15Ordinary Member (MIMC)Admission Requirements• Age of 21 and above• Not an undercharged bankrupt and has never been convicted in any Court ofLaw or detained under the provision of any written law• Shall sign a declaration that he/she shall be committed to the Institute’s Codeof Professional Conduct and Ethics• Actively engaged in management function for at least 5 years ormanagement consultancy activities for at least 3 years AND has satisfactorilycompleted the Management Consulting Skills (M1) course or equivalent; ANDcan demonstrate his/her competency and experience in at least one of thefields of specialist management consulting activity listed in the InstitutesBody of Knowledge and Experience;• OR - Actively engaged in management function for at least 3 years ormanagement consultancy activities for at least 1 year AND has successfullycompleted the Institutes Graduate Certificate in Management Consultancy(GCMC) or any other approved course(S) conducted by the Institute
  16. 16. 16Certified Member (CMC) Admission Requirements• Age of 21 and above• Not an undercharged bankrupt and has never been convicted in any Court ofLaw or detained under the provision of any written law• Shall sign a declaration that he/she shall be committed to the Institute’sCode of Professional Conduct and Ethics• Actively engaged in Management Consultancy for 1200 hours per year for3 consecutive years, immediately preceding the date of his application• Submit written description of at least 3 independent managementconsultancy assignments from 3 different client organizations• Demonstrate his/her competence and experience in ManagementConsultancy, as set out in the Body of Knowledge and Experience• Submit a detailed application form for Certified Membership covering hisManagement Consultancy training and experience which information mustbe confirmed on the application form by two Fellows or Certified Members• if he/she does a degree or equivalent professional qualification, can provideevidence that he/she has been engaged in a management function for anadditional 5 years or in management consultancy activities for anadditional 3 years, in addition to the requirements for an OrdinaryMembership (MIMC) of the Institute
  17. 17. 17CMC Certification Application ProcessStage ActivitiesStage 1: Application Application submits Application form and SupportingDocumentsStage 2: Assessment byMembership CommitteeApplicant attends 1~2 hours interview withMembership Committee Panel on Eligibility and Waiverof Training ModulesStage 3: Training andExamsApplicant attends CMC Assessment Workshop and passExam and Workshop Assessment. (70% required topass each assessment area)Stage 4: Vetting andEndorsement by CMC-CBVetting of Applicant Details and Assessment Reportsubmitted by Vetting Committee. Endorsement ofApplicant.Stage 5: Approval by IMCSCouncilEndorsed Applicant submitted to IMCS Council forapprovalStage 6: Issuance Certificate (Valid for 3 years) / Logo issuedCMC details posted on IMCS websiteRecertification 120 CPE hours over 3 years. CMC pays recertificationfees. New certificate issued (Valid for 3 years)
  18. 18. 18Code of Professional Conduct• Terminologies• Responsibilities to the Profession• Responsibilities to the IMCS and members• Responsibilities to the Client (In relation to theengagement)• Responsibilities to the Client (In relation to independenceand potential conflicts of interest)• Responsibilities to the Client (In relation to dealings withthe Client and the Client’s staff)• The IMCS shall be empowered to issue, rescind andamend Practice Regulations from time to time under thisCode, which shall be binding on the Members
  19. 19. 19CMC Continuous Professional Education(CPE)Recertification as CMC, 3 years after certification:StructuredLearningUnstructuredLearningTotalPractising CMCs45 hours min.(15 hrs peryear min.)Balance to makeup to requiredtotal.120 hrs per trienniumNon-PractisingCMCs20 hours min.Balance to makeup to requiredtotal.60 hours per triennium
  20. 20. 20Structured Learning Activities (1)• Courses conducted by or under the auspices ofrecognized professional bodies within their ContinuingProfessional Education programme• Studies undertaken for the purpose of preparing for apost-qualification course• Studies undertaken after qualification with a view topreparing the candidate for a post graduate degree• Suitable courses conducted by a university or anacademic institution• Relevant courses conducted by a university or a firm inpublic practice or by a business organization• Relevant courses conducted by a private educationalestablishment of a standard comparable to thosedescribed in (A) above
  21. 21. 21Structured Learning Activities (2)• Correspondence courses, audio tape or video tape packages, coursesof programme texts or other individual study programmes whichrequire participation by the member• Writing of Technical articles, papers or books• Working as a lecturer, instructor or discussion leader on structuredcourse (repeat presentations of the course would not be consideredfor this purpose)• Participation in conferences, briefing sessions or discussion groupswhere technical materials is prepared by the member• Service as a member of a technical committee of a professional body(to the extent that technical material is prepared or reviewed by themember)• Service as a member of the examining board of a recognizedprofessional body (to the extent that technical material is preparedor reviewed by the member)• Conducting of updates, reviews and research for technical manuals /handbooks.
  22. 22. 22Unstructured Learning Activities• Reading of technical, professional, financial or businessliterature• Use of audio tapes, video tapes, correspondence courses,etc (where no participation is required)• Participation at meetings, briefing sessions or discussiongroups where no technical material is prepared by themember• Service as a member of a technical committee of aprofessional accounting body or individual firm (where notechnical material is prepared for review by the member)
  23. 23. 23Application and Maintenance Fees* All fees are in Singapore DollarsMIMC CMC FCMCApplication Fee $100 $250 N.A.Training / ExamFee$1,300$1,200 (Non-Mem.)$980 (Member)N.A.Membership /Certification Fee$270 / yearMembership /Recertification Fee$270 / year
  24. 24. 24Fellow CMC Admission Requirements• Has been a Certified Member of the Institute for at least10 years• Has been actively engaged in Management Consultancyfor not less than 10 years immediately preceding the dateof his recommendation• Is deemed by the Council to have served the professionof Management Consultancy with distinction• Admission to this class of membership shall not be byapplication but shall be by recommendation of theCouncil (in its sole discretion) of eligible CertifiedMembers for election to membership
  25. 25. 25Goals• Advance the recognition and public image of IMCS• Attract and Retain quality members• Promote diversity of talent, expertise and experience• Provide business and networking opportunities formembers• Build a strong sense of teamwork, engagement andinclusiveness• Form creative collaborations with other consultants orprofessionals on projects of mutual interest
  26. 26. 26secretariat@imcsingapore.orgwww.imcsingapore.org26Thank You!