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Consultants And The Consult Scheme


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The Consult is the only accreditation scheme designed specifically for Sole/Freelance Consultants, Associates and all consulting firms of any size. The client, it is Quality Assurance for Consultants offering consultancy services

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Consultants And The Consult Scheme

  1. 1. International Association of Medical Technology Consultants & the Consult Accreditation Scheme Dr. Gabriel Adusei Founding Member IAMTC
  2. 2. The Preview • The following presentation is a curtain-raiser of the current and future developments in industries where consultancy services are offered It is put together by Consultants for Consultant and their respective clients
  3. 3. Who is to watch this presentation • Every professional who offers consultancy services • Every professional who seeks for consultancy services • Planners and Decision-makers • Stakeholders • In other words - Everybody
  4. 4. The Consult Accreditation Scheme & The “Consult” mark
  5. 5. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • Healthcare & Medical Technologies Industries – Do you use a Consultant for any of your organisation’s projects or processes? If the answer is YES, have you checked that the Consultant is IAMTC approved and has the “Consult” mark? • Consultants – Got the expertise and competency? Flaunt them with the “Consult” – it’s beyond the industry’s expectation. There are several benefits for Consultants in the Healthcare and Medical technologies industries.
  6. 6. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • What is it? – The "Consult" accreditation scheme provides a number of benefits for the consultant, client and the industry as a whole. – It is a simple process that goes beyond the Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001:2008. – Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001 is no guarantee of technical competence and other elements that may affect the quality of service provision in consultancy, hence the “Consult” scheme.
  7. 7. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • What is it? – It incorporates Technical Competence, Risk Management, Project Management, Post- implementation Sign-off and Post-consulting services surveillance as well as Independence, Impartiality and Integrity. – The accreditation process determines the technical competence, service provision efficiency and integrity of the consultant or organisation providing the consultancy service.
  8. 8. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • Who is it for? – For all consultants and professionals offering consultancy services – For the clients receiving consultancy services • What is it? – The "Consult" is the only accreditation scheme designed specifically for Sole/Freelance Consultant, Associates and all consulting firms of any size.
  9. 9. The Consult Accreditation Scheme: The Scope • Which industry is it for? – For the all industries • The scope – The scheme covers consultants in all industry sectors where consultancy services are offered
  10. 10. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • Why the Consult Accreditation Scheme – The new developments and evolving nature of the regulatory requirements in industries are such that companies requiring the services of another have to establish their competence and efficiency that assure any project task will be accomplished successfully, on time and within budget. – It is also acknowledged as a key element in Risk Management in offering and seeking for consultancy services
  11. 11. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • What is it trying to achieve? – The "Consult" - It is a scheme of evaluation of service offered by MedTech Consultants to the industries. – The "Consult" mark is awarded by IAMTC to participating consultants and companies that complete services evaluation programmes. – The scheme involves regular and annual service assessment according to the standards set by the IAMTC and relevant affiliated regulatory bodies. – The scheme is based on selected ISO standards, guidance documents and other relevant publications.
  12. 12. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • Benefits to the Organisation – Recognition as a leader in professional and technical consultation in fields of expertise – Demonstrates your commitment to supporting the development of your people – Empowerment of Consultants to be proactive in their professional development – Attraction of high calibre contracts – Differentiation from competitors with when tendering – External benchmarking and validation of your professional development scheme – Improved quality assurance, resource allocation to projects, skills gap analysis and succession planning – Can be used to help gain ISO9001:2008 accreditation
  13. 13. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • Benefits to the Consultant – Assurance of your employer's commitment to your professional development – Assurance of client’s confidence in your expertise and efficiency to successfully complete and sign off projects – A proactive role in your professional development – Confidence that your employer's development programme meets high standards that are independently validated by an regulatory body
  14. 14. The Consult Accreditation Scheme • Scheme Benefits to the industries – Assures the quality of service – Provides a benchmark of standards in service provision – Facilitates the development of people and organisations – Provides quality monitoring effectiveness and efficiency – Provides networking opportunities – Participants of the Scheme are required to achieve uncompromisingly high standards and to continually assess, and where necessary, improve the quality of services throughout the period of accreditation. The scheme benefits consultants, clients, and the consultancy profession as a whole.
  15. 15. The “Consult” Mark • What does it stand for? – The certification mark entitled the "Consult" is for all consultants offering a wide range of consultancy services to clients in various industries. – The Consult mark is awarded to professional consultants who undertake and complete the professional evaluation programme under the accreditation scheme that confers quality assurance.
  16. 16. The “Consult” Mark - How to Attain and Maintain • The Provisions – There are associated training programmes that help to attain the consult mark by meeting the set requirements of the scheme. – Regular and Annual assessment provide the necessary requirements and recommendation to maintain the highest quality consultancy services – It complements other ISO Quality Management Standards such as 9001, 13485, 10014 and 14001 with added benefits
  17. 17. Hiring a Consultant? Or Are you a Consultant? Look for the Consult Certification Mark For more information visit:
  18. 18. Thank You