Erasmus for Entrepreneurs Programme


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Vesna Torbarina, Head of European Enterprise Network, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Croatia

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  • Advertising and promotion services make up for 14% of current exchanges. Well represented business sectors are hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel services and wellness (10%), IT, office and communication equipment, services and supplies (9%), legal, fiscal and consultancy services (8%), education and training services (8%).
  • Erasmus for Entrepreneurs Programme

    1. 1. Services of the CCE through the projectERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSVesna Torbarina, project managerCroatian Chamber of Economy
    2. 2. ... In order to facilitate the exchange of experiences, learning and networkingof new entrepreneurs during a time period they spend with a moreexperienced entrepreneur in another country.Why Erasmus for young entrepreneurs?Enhances entrepreneurship and internationalizationFacilitates access to new markets and potential businesspartner searchEnables experienced entrepreneurs to develop new business connections andlearn more about business opportunities in another country
    3. 3. Main Actors InvolvedEuropeanCommissionSupport OfficeIntermediary OrganizationsHost EntrepreneursNew Entrepreneurs
    4. 4. Croatian Chamber of Economy (CCE)as an intermediary organizationIntermediary: any institution whose regular activity is providing business supporton a national, regional or local level.The role of CCE:• Placed directly by the European Commission• Professional support before, during and after the exchange• Active research for suitable new entrepreneurs (NE) and host entrepreneurs (HE);• Assessment of the quality of the applications;• Organisation of a mutually beneficial exchange for the NEs and HEs;• On-site support of the NEs.• Promotion of the program “ERASMUS” on a national and local level
    5. 5. •Get experience & advicefrom seasonedentrepreneur•Develop internationalcontacts•Get knowledge aboutforeign markets•Providers, clients, co-venturing opportunitiesBenefits of New and Host Entrepreneurs•Access new skills andinnovative knowledge•Work with a young freshmind contributing newideas•Gain knowledge andintelligence about theforeign markets•Opportunity to establish anew business partnershipwith an entrepreneur fromanother countryBenefits for NewEntrepreneursBenefits for HostEntrepreneurs
    6. 6. How does it work?STEP 1: ApplicationSTEP 2: MatchingSTEP 3: Contracting and preparationSTEP 4: Stay abroad
    7. 7. IOSTEP 1: Online application• Application from NE;• Application checked by IO;• HE states interest toparticipate;• File is checked by IO.NEHEwww.erasmus-entrepreneurs.euIO
    8. 8. NEIOSTEP 2: Matching• Matching of NE and HEwith the help of the 2 IOsSTEP 3: Contracting andpreparation• HE, NE and IOs establishagreements;• NE does pre-departureinduction;• NE receives a grant.IO HE
    9. 9. NEIOHESTEP 4: stay abroad• Duration: 1-6 months;• On-site support providedby the host IO to the NE;• Reporting about theexchange.IO
    10. 10. How to register?• Interested new and experienced entrepreneurs apply for the programme viathe website:• As part of registration new entrepreneurs and host entrepreneurs choosethe Intermediary Organisation active of applicant entrepreneurs
    11. 11. The on-line applilcation formconsists in 8 parts:1. Welcome2. Your profile3. Motivation4. Languages5. Business sector6. Geographical preference7. Duration and period of the exchange8. Selection of IO and submission
    12. 12. Consortium partnersFUERMCEEIMMurciaKDRIUSzékesfehérvárMISETMikkeliRRCKoperHGKZagrebF.I.L.S.E.Genova
    13. 13. MOST POPULAR DESTINATIONSUK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and The Netherlands
    14. 14. Experiences of the beneficiaries – new entrepreneurs„It was an exquisite opportunity which I recommend to every beginnerentrepreneur or to those who intend to become ones. In the future I hopeto become a host entrepreneur myself in order to transfer my knowledge tonew potential businessmen in the EU.”Lucian Avadani, UK“The exchange allowed me to learn about the working system of Gustometria. I reallyappreciated working with the host company’s staff and I thank them for their warmwelcome! ” Anna Giulia Ingellis (Italy) NE“We were very happy to have Anna Giulia here at Gustometria and we are currentlyinvestigating together the best way to promote my product in Southern Italy.”CarlosBisquert (Spain) HE90.4% has declared that the participation in this program has motivated them tostart their own business93% has declared that experience aquired through this program significantlyhelped them in development of their own business
    15. 15. Experiences of the beneficiaries - host entrepreneurs„It is always great to adopt new ideas. Organizations can sometimes become staticand passive. New people always bring new ideas and it can only contribute to thedevelopment of your company, no matter how successful you are."David Dale, UK94% has declared that working with new entrepreneurs has been successful87% has replied that working with new entrepreneurs has contributed to thedevelopment of their business
    16. 16. Contact in CCE:www.hgk.hrVesna TorbarinaTajana Kesid ŠapidIno BuljanGojko Jelavid
    17. 17. Call for proposal in 2010 (CIP program):European Network of Female Entrepreneurship AmbassadorsMain aim: Inspiring Croatian women to become entrepreneurs byengaging Ambassadors of Female EntrepreneurshipDuration: 24 months (December 2010 – December 2012)Croatian Ambassadors:we planned to have only 10 but in the project implementation, wenoticed high motivation of 30 “potential” Ambassadors
    18. 18. Activities: • 10 inspiration seminars (2 in each region)• 408 women reached by inspiration seminars (vs.300planned)• On the basis of the seminars, we determined themain problems for the motivated group• prepared curriculum for the 3-day tailor-madeeducational workshops (start-up) which were held inthe second year of implementation• 5 start-up workshops (1 in each region)• very high interest for the follow-up workshops: 240women participated ( vs. 150 planned)
    19. 19. 6 success stories so far!• 3 women established a company• 3 women established a craft• A lot of networking and new ideas• New business relationshipsResults
    20. 20. Thank you for your attentionQuestions?Vesna Torbarina, advisor for EUCroatian Chamber of Economy