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Question 6 Evaluation


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Question 6 Evaluation

  1. 1. Question 6) What have you learn’t about technologies from the process of constructing this product
  2. 2. Pre Production : IMDB and YouTube-Over the period of time we were in the stages of pre production , production and post production of our film we used asignificant range of technological programmes and machines.-For the development of the idea the use of youtube and such websites as IMDB contributed towards the enhancement of ouridea , and the general construction of our idea. This allowed my group and myself to dig up details and elements of other filmswhich is the same genre.-IMDB provides information into every possible detail into a film , which can strongly could have and has had a positiveimpact on a film. Through the use of this website in the pre production stage of our film , we gained an interpretation towardsthe impact it has , through the outline of the film and the other details it provides.-Previously I had some form of knowledge with the likes of YouTube however, I did not acknowledge how much it can provideand in a sense enhance the film, creating an improvement. For instance, when looking into other gangster films, such as ‘TheDeparted’, we gained an interpretation through clips presented on YouTube into such elements of a film as titles.-Additionally through the construction of the film , YouTube provided us with access to upload videos where we could gainfeedback therefore developing ideas and allowing us to download videos, which could be modified or analysed for the benefitof the film. I was unaware of both of these accessible options on YouTube.-Furthermore Youtube meant by looking at a lot of clips we can in fact generate various ideas through the combination ofseveral elements of the film or other services which youtube provide.-Overall I would say these were two highly informative and useful websites, which had a useful contribution towards our final
  3. 3. Pre Production: Celtx-IMDB and YouTube were not the only forms of technology in the pre production stage of the film which we were unaware ofand how they could have a severe impact and contribution towards the construction of our film.- Celtx gave my group an indication towards how not only scripts are laid out but all the small details people do not recognisesuch as the shots , mis en scene of a specific part of the film . For instance below are screen grabs I have taken of thehomepage of Celtx, you will find there is a large list of established well known films where there scripts are available forviewing.- Despite how irrelevant the genre is we looked at the first film given to us , this being ‘ A Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ , thisprovided us with a clear insight towards what the description is necessary over the creation of the script. Giving people theopportunity to understand what almost the most essential elements are to incorporate in a film , through the presentation ofsuccessful scripts was something we were all unaware of.-As you can see Celtx not only contributed to the enhancement of quality and detail of our script , but also provided access tothe likes of Storyboards , which also meant a positive development in other parts of the film leading to the construction of ourfinal film, as over the course of creating this our overall ideas were expanded making the film much better. Below is anexample of two of my groups storyboards.-Along with our storyboards , below are examples of firstly a page from the actual script of ‘Corporate Identity’ and theinfluence we had from Celtx showing the homepage and the script for ‘The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz’.
  4. 4. Pre Production: Blogger-Blogger was a form of technology which we were all instantly introduced to at the beginning of the year.Blogger enabled us to post all progress and research we have had made throughout the gradual development of our film, which could beresearching into films related to our genre, changing certain parts of the film such as the storyline or just simply adapting on what is a currentidea and expressing it through a variety of ways.-Blogger was a website which I had vaguely heard of but had absolutely no acknowledgement of the service it provides and the general effect itcan have on our 2 minute opening sequence, as we are able to utilise the fact Blogger saves work no matter the scale or size. This allowed us to capitalise on any research we found could be relevant , blogger was a simple and informative way of us going back to work to help us on filming sessions and editing. - For instance a moodboard, is research and a method which can outline all intentional themes and aspects of the film. -However due to the efficiency of our work as a result of having 3 people working in one group the our mood board was finished relatively quickly, leaving a big gap between the time period the mood board was completed and the time we filmed. As the moodboard was quite essential Blogger contributed towards us saving the mood board as a file then referring to it whilst filming , assuring ourselves that we stuck to every aspect we said we would. -Throughout the thorough detailed pre production of our film, Blogger had a fairly big impact to assure quality was sustained entirely for everything we did. -To reiterate the usefulness of this technology I have taken a screenshot of one of my blog posts which shows one of the many forms of research we undertook as a group before actually filming this being the Location Lists. - As ‘Corporate Identity is both shot outside and inside it is very important that our suburban atmosphere is set through one of the 5 possible locations.Through the use of Blogger here our group were able to lay out the list of locations in a certain way so that they could each individually
  5. 5. Production: Sony HD Camera-For the production stage of our film there was not an entirely wide range of technologies we used but however the one’s which we did use we discovered that not only did it have several additional features to them which we became conscious of. But we wereaware of the general importance of the equipment.- Specifically the Sony HD Camera which we used as this was the device whereby all our footage would be captured and what it would look like was both dependent upon the angle is was held which you can see from the images in the middle of the image, and the quality it provides.-One negative out of what is many positives with this camera, which we discovered and is also a problem we revisited constantly is that the battery power on the camera is poor. Over the course of around 30 minutes the camera would have significantly lowbattery forgetting that it had been charged for over 24 hours. This problems caused a disruption in our filming which caused intime, making us unable to record everything we intended to in a total of four filming shoots.-On the other hand it is questionable that the quality we gained from this camera made up for its one fault. This is shown through the footage we gained in the screenshots on the right.- After becoming more adjusted with this camera , how it works and what it provides , we are all relatively happy withthe footage we gained from a form of technology whichpartially determines how the film comes out.
  6. 6. Production: Zoom Recording -The second of the two pieces of technology which we became more aware of after creating our 2 minute opening sequence is Zoom Recording. - We discovered that zoom recording would provide the group with the access of close ups being done at a far more convenient fashion -This was achieved when we filmed in the sink, for the purpose of the blood being visible when coming of the knife. Finally the zoom recording’s use is maximised to a very beneficial extentZoom Recording was instrumental in After turning around his environment as his overall environment is finallywhat is our final clip of ‘Corporate is slowly becoming established along set. This is also the only shot wherebyIdentity’, where the audience are with his facial features and emotions of Vincent is sitting still, as it isgiven a slightly clearer insight ‘Vincent Smith’. Zoom Recording meant very easy to say that the film is shot attowards the personality of our main we were able to perform this shot at a steady a fast pace. This sequence justifiescharacter. The shot starts off zoomed pace, making the atmosphere slightly more both the enhancement of the group’sin behind the head of the main intense and therefore adding to the conventions knowledge/confidence in technologycharacter. of this genre. and how useful the like’s of zoom recording is.
  7. 7. Post Production: Final Cut Pro-In the post production stage of our film Final Cut Pro is a further application we became familiar with, as this was our chooseof software to edit on. It is important to choose the correct editing software as it dictates the outcome of ‘Corporate Identity’.Initially Final Cut came across as daunting to use, but we managed to overcome the complexity of it and gained a vastunderstanding of it.This section of Final Cut The screen on the leftshows all footage we have, shows the film, givingmaking it easier to us a direct view inchoose all the footage we what the film looksacquire when actually editing like over the period ofand giving us a clearer and time it is beingperspective on what footage edited. Final Cut Proto use. provides us with the novelty of rewinding, fast forwarding,playing and pausing all the footage whenever, making it simpler to spot any possible faults. What fundamentally takes up majority of the Final Cut Software is the editing panel where the film is created and formatted to the way in which one intends too. Here is a screenshot of the film, shown in their clips differentiated by the size and placement. The layout of the film can be altered through the bar at the very bottom of the screen as it can be maximised or minimised. By editing Final Cut Pro became more familiar as time went on allowing it to be maximised to its full
  8. 8. Post Production: SoundTrack ProThe final form of technology which became very useful and has lead to a drastic alteration of the quality of sound isSoundTrack Pro. Previously we were unaware of this software but since we had been informed on what it provides, which wefound we could alienate the film for the better, we did not have second thoughts on using it. This is the main feature of Soundtrack Pro and probably most important aspect as just like Final Cut Pro this is where the placement and modification of sound takes place. Sounds can be placed inWhen deciding on where to place the sound in around 5 different columns making a longSoundtrack Pro, a video of the film is provided process but creating a positivewhich enables us to perfectly match on the sound contribution.edited in with the film, making sure mistakes willbe at its minimal. It is really important in alsotrialling sounds over certain areas of the film.This issomething we discovered from Soundtrack Pro to bevery useful.This is a very effective and main part ofSoundTrackPro as it provides all sounds which can be placed inthe film creating an improvement. Though we didknow to a certain extent what sounds are providedwe had no clue into the variety. For instance as ourfilm is partially set in a suburb there are soundsavailable in a normal suburb.