Wish you were here                             By                    Olivia Unterhalter                  An original scree...
1   INT. KITCHEN.DAY                                              1    Mrs Evans a 30 year old lady wearing glasses is in ...
CONTINUED:                                               2.                           MRS EVANS                 Hi honey, ...
CONTINUED:                                             3.                       MRS EVANS                  (Enthusiastic) ...
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Wish you were here


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first draft script for the opening two minutes of a new feature film

Published in: Education
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Wish you were here

  1. 1. Wish you were here By Olivia Unterhalter An original screenplayHampstead Fine Arts 2012 Olivia Unnterhalter c/o Hampstead Fine Arts 24 Lambolle Place Belsize Park London NW3 4PG
  2. 2. 1 INT. KITCHEN.DAY 1 Mrs Evans a 30 year old lady wearing glasses is in the Kitchen. She is recording herself. Mrs Evans is missing her husband. ANNA Calm and relaxed) Hi Honey, It’s me Anna. We all really miss you. We wish you didn’t have to be in Japan for business for three months. Your family love you and I just thought we could keep you up to date by sending you a video message everyday. (Slighty unsure) I bought this new camera...not sure how to use it but I’ll do my best.2 EXT.PATIO.NIGHT 2 Mrs Evans is lying dead on the floor outside. She is covered in blood3 INT.STAIRCASE.DAY 3 Flash back. Mrs Evans is filming again. She is walking up the glass stairs in her house, she is making small talk with the camera. Anna’s feet walking up the stairs while she is talking. ANNA (Calm and relaxed) ...I’ve been sorting out the stairs. I got the carpenter to come over and fix it yesterday. (Slightly annoyed) The price was ridiculous, but now I feel safe when Ben runs down the stairs. Anna finishes walking up the stairs and towards the corridor4 INT.CORRIDOR TO PLAYROOM. DAY 4 Mrs Evans is still filming. She points the camera at the corridor. She is in the door and opens the corridor to the playroom. When she walks in she films her son Ben. Ben is a young 10 year old boy who is playing the xbox (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. MRS EVANS Hi honey, here’s your son Ben glued in front of the TV as usual. Ben, what are you playing there? Say hi to the camera Ben. Your dad will be watching this. Mrs Evans films more closer to Ben. But Ben is too fixated on his xbox game to look at the camera. Ben quickly looks at the camera BEN EVANS (Uninterested) Hi Dad Ben focuses back to playing his xbox game. Anna turns to face camera. ANNA (Off hand and dismissive) All the boys are obsessed with this new fifa game John.5 INT. PLAYROOM NIGHT 5 Flash forward. Ben is lying on the floor dead in the playroom, he is covered in blood. There are toys and games scattered around the room. We see teddy bears in a circle around the boy.6 INT.CORRIDOR TO BEDROOM 6 Anna films herself walking through the corridor towards her daughter Ellie’s room. Anna is facing the camera. MRS EVANS (Excited) Oh Ellie’s just won an award at school for being a top student, but she’s too embarrassed when I praise her for it... Mrs Evans walks into Ellie’s room holding the video camera. We see Ellie’s room. Ellie is on her iPhone texting and doesn’t notice her mum entering. ELLIE (Sighs) Mum, get out. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. MRS EVANS (Enthusiastic) Say hi to the camera Ellie! Your dad is going to be watching this!Ellie looks at the camera, smiles and waves, but is holdingthe iPhone in the other hand. ELLIE (Sweetly) Hi DaddyFreeze frame on Ellie.