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Lucky guy


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Lucky guy

  1. 1. Lucky Guy By Helena Burroughs original screenplayc/o hampstead fine arts c/ocollege hampstead fine arts college 24 lambolle place belsize park nw3 4pg
  2. 2. INT.BATHROOM.EVENINGA man and woman dressed nicely are in a blue bathroom.TITLE:She is doing her makeup and hair at a reasonably neatdressing table. Designer brand wash bags and jewellery areon the table as well as general makeup items and a redlipstick and broken powder.TITLE:She is wearing something sexy and is n attractive woman. Heis wearing smart dark clothes. Hanging up a red towel can beseen amongst others. LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) Some people would say im the luckiest guy in the world)The girl starts to play with her hair whilst he’s looking ather LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) I have a beautiful girlfriend, an amazing home and a good career. Sometimes I think I’m being ungrateful...Shot of him standing and looking at her LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) But there’s something that no one close to me can see...Girl doing eye makeup LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) I have something to tell but no one to tell it to... but you. So forgive me if I don’t spare any detailsGirl doing lipstick (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) Some people would say I’m wrong and shouldn’t have lied to everyone.Girl looks at herself in the mirror. Louis looks complacent. LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) I suppose I shouldn’t haveGirl looks in the mirror and smiles because she notices himlooking her. Louis doesn’t notice for a few seconds butsmiles slightly awkwardly back. LOUIS: (v/o) (Pensively) Well I’m going to tell you the story of me...And maybe you’ll actually feel bad for the luckiest guy in the world.