Question 6


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Question 6

  1. 1. what have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product? Technology has been an enormous benefit for me and it has resulted in a higher quality film. The use of both open source and closed has resulted benefited my film in both post and pre pre production.
  2. 2. Pre production research art of the titleFor my research I Looked into the opening twoof other films of the same genre as mine. I usedthe website called This is awebsite that showcases the opening titles ofmany films. This website helped me refine myideas for the style of my film and also helped mefind the conventional pace and editingtechniques for my genre.
  3. 3. Pre-production planning celtxCeltx is a software that allows you to createscripts. It is an open source software that allowsyou to create scripts with great speed and ease.This was useful as It meant we could put moretime into the production of the film that wewould have had to spend writing scripts
  4. 4. Production equipment camera• The camera we used to film our opening sequence was a cannon Eos 5d. This is a very high quality camera. The quality of the camera helped make the final product look more professional. For many of our shots we used a macro lens. This lens is a very close up lens with shallow depth of field. The depth of field helped create the enigma of the final piece.
  5. 5. Post production editing software• To edit our opening we used Adobe premier pro. This is a paid for software made by adobe and it is a rivaling software to final cut pro. It is a reasonably easy programme to use and some of the effects on it helped to create a more flowing and better looking film. Some of the footage we took was shaky but with the effect warp stabilizer we were able to make our shot steadier and also help build more of an enigma and give our film an eerie feel
  6. 6. Editing software adobe after effects• Adobe after effects is a software that allows you to create visual effects. I used this software to create both of the opening titles of our opening sequence. After effects is difficult to use and has a very high learning curve but you can find online tuition on websites such as video co-pilot which shows you step by step how to create titles and effects for your film.
  7. 7. Editing software Soundtrack Pro• Sound track pro is a aplle product that allows you to watch your film while seeing the timeling of sound. It has a wide library of sound and combined with free sound sharing websites we managed to find all the sound effects we needed. Soundtrack Pro is easy to use and helped raise the quality of are film with near professional sounding sound.
  8. 8. Overview• The technology we have available for use today has meant that we have been able to create a much higher quality of product and create it with a certain amount of ease.