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SEO & Content Areas for Growth in 2019

  1. 8 Common Technical SEO Issues We See Areas I will discuss tonight… Content Assets & Landing Pages Link Acquisition & Outreach Other Growth Areas
  2. 8 Common Technical SEO Issues We See:
  3. 1. Poorly Formatted Schema Markup
  4. 2. Test 100’s of website pages for speed issues -
  5. – downsize images
  6. – Find non-used scripts on your website and remove them
  7. 3. META Keywords used at scale can be spammy
  8. 4. Missing Meta Description or Titles on key internal pages
  9. 5. Broken internal links. You need to go over these one by one and fix the pages internally.
  10. 6. Issues with canonical tags
  11. 7. Legacy link acquisition can also cause a concern. Further analysis of the link profile is usually needed for new clients on Ahrefs and Majestic.
  12. 8. I would recommend companies schedule weekly crawls of your website using Sitebulb or Screaming Frog. If you want to learn more about technical SEO we wrote a 6,000 word guide on the topic -
  13. Content Assets & Landing Pages
  14. Use the tool for keyword research –
  15. Looking at competitors rankings –
  16. Key landing page analysis shows further with additional context added on a landing page level –
  17. traffic
  18. Growth from Skyscraper Content Assets. We made 6 skyscraper assets. Growth from 50k Ahrefs to 244k Ahrefs. Skyscraper Technique
  19. 10,000 word article highly researched and on topic. Multiple versions targeting relevant customer content. Skyscraper Technique
  20. Statistics Content Assets – 17,000 links to asset
  21. Seasonal Content no matter what niche you are in
  22. News Jacking Content Asset Donald Trump – 3,140 links
  23. In depth guides – 330 links
  24. VS. Landing Pages – Driving Thousands of Visitors
  25. Comparison Content
  26. – longtail landing page solution.
  27. Link Acquisition & Outreach
  28. Question? Who gets better results males or females for outreach?
  29. James Agate – Email Study theories-to-the-test-with-some-real-world-data Male vs. Female emails, what is more effective?
  30. James Agate – Email Study theories-to-the-test-with-some-real-world-data In-house vs. Agency Email what is more effective?
  31. Facebook About Us section +
  32. Always check your email deliverability if you are going to send pitches.
  33. Always ensure you follow up. 12 million email study Backlinko.
  34. Week days are important for email outreach, not weekends. 12 million email study Backlinko.
  35. 10am is the best time to send an email, in the target site’s OWN time zone. Mailchimp email study. optimization-system/
  36. Creative Outreach Emails -
  37. So much better than random outreach emails which are not relevant at all. And land straight in spam.
  38. $1,500, $2,000 for a AVERAGE guest post =( SEOs need to start thinking like PR’s.
  39. Offer Student Discount Common question - How do I acquire .EDU OR .GOV links?
  40. Offer Staff Discount
  41. A strategy Real Insurance has used is by building gym equipment in local council areas. This gym equipment was linked to a micro site which acquired government links. This campaign secured several .GOV links for the site.
  42. Use a tool like and say this link on your page is not accessible but our link is. You need the right Hook. Government websites won’t act unless they have to.
  43. Quote from friend in USA with well known agency – “We’ve seen a few link penalties involving scholarship links.”
  44. Reverse Image lookup who is stealing your content on
  45. Use reverse image search on Google.
  46. Example for CBA 163 links to Twitter. Look at who is linking to your social media accounts. Ask for links back to your company website.
  47. Other Growth Areas
  48. Hands up who has installed Bing Webmaster Tools in Australia?
  49. Both clients we work with in the Australian market generated over 10,000 visitors a month from organic search via Bing.
  50. + Kevin O’leary Cost $700 to make a custom custom call out video by Kevin. Kevin. Used it in advertising and remarketing + April fools.
  51. 2.9k Claps on content asset.
  52. Ahrefs +
  53. Many websites are using emojis in SERPS. Some stick, some do not.
  54. Many websites are using emojis in SERPS. Some stick, some do not.
  55. To wrap things up….remember good SEO can take months or years to achieve growth. But it can pay off in a HUGE way.
  56. Key points from tonight – - Get Technical SEO right from the start and monitor it on an ongoing basis. - Get the right Landing pages + Content Assets in order for SEO growth. - Ensure you know the right time to send emails. - Look for link acquisition wins. - Look for Growth wins, but ensure you focus on overall strategy.
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