SEO is NOT dead, you are just doing it wrong!

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Mar. 9, 2013

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SEO is NOT dead, you are just doing it wrong!

  1. SEO is Not Dead, you are just doing it wrong! By James Norquay SEO Sydney Meet Up 7th March 2013 Private Consultant – Online Marketing & SEO Enterprise to SME Level Consulting
  2. About Me – James Norquay • 7+ years experience in SEO & Online Marketing • Lead SEO Strategy for these enterprise companies in the past, plus many more SME businesses. • Currently Consulting for Start ups and SME's to drive ROI from Online Marketing channels mainly SEO & Social. • Regular Poster on Search Engine Land, SEOmoz, DnTrade and any other Search related website.
  3. Many people think SEO is Dead!
  4. But SEO is NOT dead if it is done correctly! 400,000 unique organic SEO visitor’s increase comparing: January 2012 to January 2013!!! This is a current client!
  5. But Low Quality SEO is DEAD! A low quality SEO strategy and low quality link building campaign can have this type of negative effect on your websites organic traffic. This is not one of my clients !
  6. So how do I do “SEO” in todays market?
  7. SEO Planning • Business Planning • Website Audit • Back link Analysis • Keyword Research • On Page/ Off Page Content Analysis • Link Building
  8. Setting up an Advanced Keyword Research Methodology It is important to focus on conversions and SEO difficulty for specific keywords, if you can work on this from a paid search point of view and social it will make keyword Research even more effective. keyword-research-tips-and-ideas-14216
  9. Technical SEO audits are still important! Example technical audit report from Neil Patel
  10. Track Your Site in Google Webmaster Tools on a daily basis!
  11. Leveraging PPC Data Leverage PPC data to assist keyword research. Leverage PPC too see what is working and what is not working and use that data to supplement your SEO campaigns. Good Article Here: adwords-data-for-seo-unlocking-the- ultimate-keyword-research-treasure- trove-arrrgh
  12. Link Building – Quality not Quantity Link building has changed it is more important than ever to implement a high quality link building strategy which is future proofed.
  13. Quick Ways to gain Quality links Make sure you include embed Track brand mentions via Google Alerts! sections on Image and video content! Competitive Link Research is highly important!
  14. Track Mentions & Ask for Links http://freshwebexplor
  15. Quick Ways to gain links High quality profile sites and high quality content!
  16. Be Creative with content to gain links!
  17. Make Content People Want to read, link too and SHARE!!!
  18. Don’t over do things Interflora was penalised heavily by Google for placing over 150+ similar Advertorials. Don’t use similar copy on a huge number of websites. Always remember to keep your link building efforts having a natural focus.
  19. Don’t use spammy link building You will probably receive this warning from Google if you do:
  20. Setting Up a Content Calendar! Create Branded Content For key holiday events: • Valentines Day (not like Interflora) • Christmas • Easter Holidays • Talk like a pirate day! • Any significant company date e.g. been in business 20 years!
  21. Make sure you implement correct Mark Ups & Meta Data Google+ Mark-up (Rel=Author).. Facebook Meta OG Mark Up Data.. Twitter Card Mark-up.. Also Making sure title and meta mark ups are the correct size!! More Information: webpage-should-have-in-2013/
  22. SEO Training For All Staff It is important to get all key staff involved in the SEO process. Training needs to be held for content writers, designers, social media teams and any other key stake holder in the business.
  23. Track Algorithm Changes View it online here:
  24. Setting SEO Forecasting Advanced Methodology : Drive more ROI for SEO by making SEO forecasting spread sheets!
  25. And Remember with SEO you get what you pay for!
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