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Back to Front Vision for Mithi's Collaboration Environment


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Mithi Software, an award-winning company, distinguishes itself in providing Cloud Email, Collaboration, and Archiving Solutions, which help substantially lower costs & improve productivity. Its software has been adopted by organizations of all sizes and spread across many enterprise segments such as healthcare, R&D establishments, financial services, education, government, BPOs, software, defense, manufacturing, banks, NGOs, Agro-industries, logistics, media, Internet Service Providers, infrastructure, retail, energy & power, transportation etc. Learn more:

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Back to Front Vision for Mithi's Collaboration Environment

  1. 1. Back to Front vision for Mithi’s Collaboration environment
  2. 2. Schematic of the Collaboration environment
  3. 3. Peripheral Security ClrStream Email Security & Disaster recovery Email-a vector of choice for hackers/malicious content Key Uses:  Spam control Virus control Ransomware protection Mail Filtering Mail Routing Top Features: Reputation filtering Malware detection Spam management Mail Filtering Mail Policy Mail Routing Productivity Tools SkyConnect Email Platform Email is your 2nd ID after mobile number Key Uses: Corporate Email communication Top Features: Secure Reliable Scalable Durability 99.999999999 Co- existence Thunderbird Integration API integration Mobility Ideolve Collaboration Platform Un-complicating Team Collaboration Key Uses: Reduce Email clutter Manage Complexity & Open Ended Work Manage Ideas and Innovation Manage the Creative Processes Top Features: Context Based Collaboration Integration with Email Easy Activity Based Navigation Tag Based Organisation API integration Data Security Vaultastic Archival Platform Data is the new OIL Key Uses: Knowledge Base Compliance Migration Recovery Top features: Cross Platform API Integration Independent Data Durability 99.999999999 Secure Live Data Source with Ediscovery Integrates with Collaboration/KM Platforms Tamper proof end user self service portal Elastic
  4. 4. Data Security with Vaultastic?
  5. 5. Data is the new OIL
  6. 6. 6 top reasons a business should archive email 60% Critical data is in Email. Do more with it. Discover useful information, Recover ‘lost’ information, Uncover valuable data, Gain insights Improve Mail service & End point performance Hierarchical Storage Architecture, to leverage hot, warm and cold store segments Hint: None of these can be achieved with backups
  7. 7. Manage Risks and ensure Compliance Store email in highly durable Tamper Proof vaults, Search and Export selectively. Simplify Email Data Management Durable and Elastic storages, DIY portals, automation and ediscovery are newer ways to manage email data 6 top reasons a business should archive email Hint: None of these can be achieved with backups
  8. 8. Email Data on Tap All mail across any period are available online, are maintained in a search ready format and can be found in a few seconds. No tapes to be restored, no disks to be mounted, no syncing to be done. 6 top reasons a business should archive email Hint: None of these can be achieved with backups Migrate with Ease Migrating Large Volumes of Data is slow, challenging and vendor dependent. Access archived email during Outages, Down times and Migrations
  9. 9. Your Vision for Data management You want to come to work every day and know that • A copy of your data has been automatically secured reliably • Your end users are empowered to help themselves locate, extract and use historical data, for improved productivity • You can scan data of all users in your entire organisation to find useful information, analyse communication for quality and other metrics and respond to compliance requests.
  10. 10. • Designing for Reliability, Security and Disaster recovery • Capex intensive with a High startup cost due to Upfront provisioning • No Elasticity, No Scalability • Manageability and 24/7 Monitoring The obstacles to realise your vision
  11. 11. Our Vision Data is Safe, Secure, Always Online & Useful based on fundamental principles of Easy Data in for storing it safely on the cloud as an immutable alternate copy Keeping all data online, search ready and accessible at all times Securing it with tamper resistant controls and Providing simple methods for Easy Data out of any size.
  12. 12. How does email archiving work?
  13. 13. Key considerations: Choosing an Email Archival solution Always Archive on a separate operational Infrastructure Go cloud to gain from Elasticity, Scale, Reliability, Security and Performance Go for Zero infrastructure and simplify management Go SaaS to gain from guarantees via SLA Ensure tools for easy data retrieval in bulk for any size Ensure Integration possibility using API to build specific business applications
  14. 14. Ensure all email always online and search ready Ensure data safety by storing all data in immutable and tamper proof vaults End user access via a self service portal to improve productivity Use Ediscovery regularly to leverage all that accumulated data Automate all integrations with primary mail platform. Recognise that Archive and Backup are different Integrate Discovery and Collaboration to share and discuss specific breaches and useful knowledge pieces Best Practices with Email Archival
  15. 15. Why Vaultastic?
  16. 16. • Pay as You Go • Self Service • No Hardware • Zero Management overhead • SLA backed warranties • Strong Data Integrity • Extreme Data Durability (99.999999999%) True SaaS
  17. 17. Growing rapidly at the rate of 3GB per second Hosted on AWS, leveraging core AWS services to achieve unprecedented scale, performance and reliability. Cloud Native Application
  18. 18. Secure Platform Strong Global Certifications, Millions of customers, SLAs, Shared Security Model, Encrypted Storage Secure Application Tamper Proof Archives, Encrypted Vault, Encrypted transmission, Role based admin, Strong Audit trails. Total Security
  19. 19. Works with Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Mdaemon, MS Exchange, Postfix, Office 365, G Suite and other on-premise as well as cloud email solutions Cross Platform
  20. 20. • Options for Bulk data import and Export using AWS Snowball • Individual users can Export data in PST or EML • Historical email data in EML or PST format can be uploaded to Vaultastic Easy Data in Easy Data out
  21. 21. • All mail always online, search ready • Search for any mail of any period in a few seconds Leverage all that accumulated data to drive decisions e EDiscovery
  22. 22. • Pay only for what you use • Unlimited storage on core plans to simplify provisioning Flexible Mixed Plans
  23. 23. Ediscovery in action Live uses
  24. 24. • Powerful Indexed search across archive mailboxes • Find any information, no matter how old, in seconds • Leverage all that accumulated data to drive decisions, gain insights • Respond to compliance requests instantly e What is Ediscovery?
  25. 25. • Show me all mail sent by Rohit to external domains and which contain a pdf attachment • Show me all inbound mail in April to my domain • Show me all communication between Mary and Acmecorp for the last 7 years. • Show me all mail where an attachment contains “contract” e Sample Ediscovery Queries
  26. 26. Analyzing quality of communication of customer facing staff Analysing and collaborating on search results using Ideolve Automated breach discovery, using stored queries with a large set of keywords Supervising communication by sales staff, by controlled group ediscovery A Wealth Management company in USA largest Mercedes Benz dealer Ediscovery in use by our customers
  27. 27. The Future of Email Archival “By 2019, 75% of organizations will treat archived data as an active and “nearline” data source, and not simply as a separate repository to be viewed or searched periodically, up from less than 10% today.” - Gartner
  28. 28. Team Productivity with SkyConnect and Ideolve
  29. 29. • <new infographic> • Email is part of your ID • 4 billion people use email • Most business is transacted on email • 126 messages are expected to be sent and received, on average, per business user per day, by the end of 2019 – Radicati Email is your identity
  30. 30. Bullet Proof Security Security Sky Connects offers bullet proof security with a Multi Layered Application and System security cover. • Authorization Control • Access Control • Password policies • Firewall • Mail Policy • Encryption Account Lockout • Best of breed Spam, Virus & Ransomware Protection • Audit trails, Activity Report • Secure Mail Relay (SMTP) • Role Based administration • Detecting & Neutralizing DDOS attacks • Spoof prevention • Tamper Proof Archival via Vaultastic
  31. 31. Guaranteed Performance SkyConnect offers high uptime, guaranteed and fast mail delivery with near zero false positives. • 99.9% Uptime • 99% + Spam blocking • False positive <0.0003% • Email delivery latency < 1min • 100% Virus blocking • Quarantine management • Mail trace for the domain • Zero Ransomware Data Durability of 11 9’s • AWS Cloud Native application Inbound/Outbound mail scanning • Lightning fast mail delivery • Class leading SLA with warranties • Cloud watch, Digital Eyes & Ears • Rapid recovery from breakdowns • Backups on ultra reliable AWS cloud
  32. 32. Coexistence for the Extended Enterprise Scenario #1 You are already using a cloud based service like Office 365 / G Suite but with limited coverage of your team and would like to extend it to cover all or most of the team without incurring high costs. Solution Extend your G Suite or Office 365 network with SkyConnect for a wider coverage for your enterprise. Gain productivity and lower your operational costs.
  33. 33. Simplifying & Fortifying your Email Set-up Scenario #2 You have an in-house set-up and would like to enhance it’s performance or gain the cloud advantage without having to overhaul the system. Solution Gain the cloud advantage by extending your Exchange / Lotus based email network using the co- existence support provided by SkyConnect.
  34. 34. Simplifying & Fortifying your Email Set-up Scenario #3 You’re looking to simplify your email setup and/or secure your email data for your existing set-up. Solution Do away with a ton of software and hardware devices with these security and archival services • ClrStream-Add Peripheral Security to your Mail setup with 99%+ Spam Blocking • Vaultastic-Most Secure Email Archiving Solution -Backup for Office 365, GoogleApps & Exchange mails on the cloud
  35. 35. SkyConnect - Email & Team Communications E Mail Accessible from popular chat apps on the desktop, mobile devices and via browsers. Chat Accessible from popular chat apps on the desktop, mobile devices and via browsers. Calender Accessible via popular calendar apps on desktop, mobile devices and via browser. Contacts Shared and Personal Contacts, Accessible via apps and browsers. Integration Open Standards & APIs based interface to integrate collaboration features with business apps.
  36. 36. SkyConnect - Distinguishing Features Assured Privacy High performance Quick Start Policy Easy Integration Easy Management Low Operational Cost Flexible Storage Option Flexible Purchas e Options No Virus No Ransomware Auto Scale Thunderbird Integration Mobility Guaranteed Delivery Access Control Low Maintenance Life Cycle Support Smart Pricing
  37. 37. Un-complicate Team Collaboration Using email for team collaboration creates a cluttered mailbox which severely impacts productivity
  38. 38. Reduce meetings & Make team collaboration more productive
  39. 39. Reduce mail traffic and cut time to find usable information
  40. 40. Accelerating knowledge exchange and development
  41. 41. Ensure faster, more effective response
  42. 42. Build a deeper team engagement
  43. 43.  Email security, continuity and durability solution for your MS ExchangeOffice 365, MDaemon, Postfix, PostMaster, Zimbra & other mail solutions  ClrStream can protect your email servers from Spam, Virus, Ransomware and DDOS attacks. It can also provide email Continuity when the primary mail server is unavailable or down Fortify your email server setup with ClrStream
  44. 44. Cost effective Email Security + Email Service Continuity Reduced bandwidth consumption on primary data center Reduced Mail server load Zero hardware and software upgrade Assured 99.99% availability and 24x7 Support Can work for any mail servers including Office 365, MS Exchange, Zimbra, etc. Zero monitoring
  45. 45.  Mail flows through SkyConnect and Trend Micro HES cloud into the on-premise mail server.  Similarly, Outbound mail will be routed via the Sky Connect servers and Trend Micro HES onto the destination domain. The outgoing mail will be scanned for viruses.
  46. 46.  Access to inbound and outbound email of the last 7 days, and the ability to reply/ forward these email, ensures that your business is operational even if your primary mail server is down
  47. 47. Products from Mithi Recent awards and Recognitions Core Partnerships Buy On Mithi is a Flexible, Stable, Technically sound Cloud Partner
  48. 48. • Vaultastic storage grows at 3GB/second • 500K business users globally trust Mithi • 2 million+ mails daily • Warranties on Spam, Virus, False +ves, Mail Latencies • Zero Ransomware or Malware reports from our customers Preferred by Leading Businesses
  49. 49. You Ask We Answer