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Watson kista summit 2018 box


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File share and sync (bara) är så 2017!
Att dela filer bekvämt och säkert var bara början. Box har gått vidare till att integrera delade filer i applikationer och processflöden, och revolutionera både internt och externt arbete. Hur kan det revolutionera för dig?
Talare: Jan Hygstedt, Director Nordic, Box
Presentation från Watson Kista Summit 2018

Published in: Technology
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Watson kista summit 2018 box

  1. 1. Watson Kista Summit 2018 En mötesplats för nya möjligheter 6 – 8 februari, 2018 IBM Client Center
  2. 2. Jan  Hygstedt  –  Box  Nordics Together, Transforming Work in the Cloud
  3. 3. The  IBM  |  Box  12-­‐year  Strategic  Partnership   IBM  and  Box  will  jointly  develop  a  porDolio  of  soluGons  to  redefine   everyday  work  with  Watson  in  the  cloud. IBM  and  Box  will  deliver  these  soluGons  globally,  bringing  people   and  content  together  through  secure  collaboraGon  with  Box. Superior  protecGon  of  content  globally  on  IBM  Cloud.
  4. 4. Your  Journey  to   DigitalizaGon
  5. 5. Digital   transformaGon  is   pressuring  every   organizaGon Businesses •  Business  processes  flow  throughout  the   extended  enterprise •  Customers  expect  modern  services •  Need  to  innovate  at  faster  pace Users •  Increased  expecta;ons •  Mobile  produc;vity •  Need  to  collaborate  across  every  team IT  organizaGons •  Mired  in  support  for  mul;ple  legacy  systems •  Increased  need  to  support  regulated  and  highly   sensi;ve  content •  New  security  threats  emerging
  6. 6. Work  is  fragmented Processes  are  disconnected Data  is  insecure FTP Email Email FTP FTP Email Email Email Email ! ! !
  7. 7. What  if  you  had     one  plaDorm  for  all   content  to  deliver  a   unique  Customer   Experience? Enables  collabora;on  and  process     across  the  extended  enterprise Secure  and  compliant  for     every  industry  and  geography Integrated  with  the  apps  you     already  work  in Designed  for  the  needs  of  end     users,  developers  and  IT
  8. 8. Our  mission  is  to  transform     the  way  people  and  organizaGons  work
  9. 9. Content Metadata Collabora;on Workflow Zones KeySafe Protec;on  Policies Governance Compliance Insights API Box,  one  plaDorm     that  works  for     all  your  content: •  Agile •  Customer  Centric •  InnovaGve •  Content  is  created  for   and  by  real  human   beings
  10. 10. Over  1,000  integra;ons  into     third-­‐party  applica;ons Adds  security  into  every  content   applica;on,  automa;cally SDKs  and  UI  Kits  to  extend     Box  into  your  custom  apps Box   apps Custom     apps Connected  to  all     your  applicaGons
  11. 11. 80K Customers 67% Fortune  500
  12. 12. Office  of  the  CIO,  helping  global  teams  work  be9er  together  with  smart,   secure  file  sync  and  sharing  –  anywhere,  on  any  device  –  using  Box.   Empowers  teams  to  work  more  efficiently,  while  meeDng  strict  security   protocols.   Achieves  significant  cost  savings  through  lower  on-­‐device  storage   requirements.   Boost  engagement  b  making  it  easier  for  staff  to  work  across  locaDons  and   Dme  zones.   “Box  is  a  perfect  example  of  the  beauty  of  SaasS”       -­‐  Fletcher  Previn,  VP  Workplace  as  a  Service,  IBM    
  13. 13. Analysts  agree  content  management  markets  are  evolving… EFSS  becoming  Content  CollaboraGon ECM  becoming  Content  Services SOURCE: Forrester  Wave™:  Enterprise  File  Sync  and  Share,  Cloud  SoluGons,  Q1  ‘16 SOURCE: Forrester  Wave™:  Enterprise  Content  Management  -­‐  Business  Content  Services,  Q2  ‘17 SOURCE: Gartner  Magic  Quadrant  for  Content  CollaboraGon  PlaDorms,  July  2017.
  14. 14. Secure  document  vaults Content  submission  and  approval Field  worker  enablement Custom  digital  apps External  and  team  collabora;on Mobile  produc;vity Real-­‐;me  notes  for  teams Cloud  file  shares ProducGvity     and  collaboraGon Engaging     digital  experiences Intelligent     business  processes Document  reten;on  and  disposi;on Document  workflow Simplified  digital  asset  management Custom  process  integra;on The  Cloud  Content  Management  Journey  to   DigitalizaGon
  15. 15. ProducGvity  and  collaboraGon Access  and  edit  any  content  from  any  device Collaborate  across  your  extended  enterprise Streamline  team  workflows Work  with  all  your  favorite  apps Consolidate  IT  infrastructure
  16. 16. Intelligent  business  processes Automate  complex  document  workflows Simplify  digital  asset  management Enable  modern  methods  of  data  capture Ensure  informa;on  security  and  governance Make  content  more  accessible
  17. 17. Increase worker efficiency and quality by bringing automation to repeatable processes Free scarce resources from time-consuming administrative tasks Take immediate action on issues and bottlenecks Box Relay Making it easy for everyone on your team to build custom workflows Keep files securely in Box
  18. 18. Engaging  digital  experiences Embed  content  management  into  any  app Integrate  with  backend  systems Improve  developer  produc;vity Build  custom  apps  that  reach  any  end  user Leverage  scalable  pricing  models
  19. 19. Files  &     Folders Search Collabora;on  &   Sharing Metadata Users  &   Permissions Preview Content   Services Enterprise Services Compliance Governance In-­‐Region  Data   Residency Data   Protec;on  Policies Encryp;on  Key   Management Insights
  20. 20. Third—Party   Apps Admin  Automa;ons  &   Scrip;ng Employee   Apps External   Apps Security Services Back  Office  &  LOB   Systems Machine  Learning Services
  21. 21. Upload Download Preview CollaboraGon Search Metadata These  Are  Just  Some  Of  Our  Features… Comments Audit  Trails RetenGon Policies Legal  Holds Permissions Elements
  22. 22. DigitalizaGon  made  Intelligent
  23. 23. En;ty  analysis Topic  extrac;on Concept  detec;on Sen;ment  analysis Image  labels Handwri;ng  detec;on Audio  analysis Video  analysis Intelligent  Security … Intelligent technologies Box Skills Framework Image  intellegence Video  intellegence Audio  intellegence Custom  skills …
  24. 24.              BOX  SKILLS IMAGE  INTELLIGENCE Detects  individual  objects  and   concepts  in  image  files,  captures  text   through  opGcal  character  recogniGon   (OCR),  and  automaGcally   adds  keyword  labels  to  images.
  25. 25.              BOX  SKILLS AUDIO  INTELLIGENCE Transcribes  speech  to  text,  enabling   you  to  search  and  navigate  your   audio  content  with  ease.
  26. 26.              BOX  SKILLS VIDEO  INTELLIGENCE Video  analysis  provides  text   transcripGon,  topic  detecGon  and   indexing,  and  facial  recogniGon.
  27. 27. Top-­‐Ger  support  and   advisory  services Integrated,  enterprise-­‐grade  support Ongoing  partnership  on  account  growth Accelerated  ;me-­‐to-­‐market  transforma;on
  28. 28. User  Security •  Enterprise  iden;ty  management  integra;on •  Granular  access  and  collabora;on  controls •  Na;ve  device  &  mobile  controls Enterprise  Controls •  Seamless  reten;on  management •  Defensible  eDiscovery  with  in-­‐place  legal  holds •  Automa;c  content  policy  enforcement Infrastructure •  Mul;ple  data  centers,  99.9%  SLA,  op;onal  in-­‐region  data  storage •  Full  encryp;on  in  transit  and  at  rest,  op;onal  customer-­‐managed  keys •  Penetra;on  tests  and  secure  so`ware  development  lifecycle Compliance Comprehensive  security  and  compliance
  29. 29. Document  reten;on  and  disposi;on Automa;c  security  classifica;on Full  ac;vity  audit  trails  and  logging Defensible  eDiscovery   In-­‐place  legal  holds Transparent  informaGon  governance
  30. 30. Box  is  GDPR-­‐ Ready Box  has  BCRs,  the  gold  standard  for  personal  data   protecGon. In  Aug  2016,  Box  received  Binding  Corporate  Rules   (BCRs)  as  a  controller  and  processor,  and  can  legally   transfer  personal  data  from  the  EU/EEA  to  the  US.     The  GDPR  recognizes  BCRs.     With  BCRs,  Box  is  well-­‐posiGoned  to  address  GDPR   (effecGve  May  2018).  BCRs  are  the  only  named   instrument  for  personal  data  transfer. BCRs  are  acknowledged  by  several  countries   worldwide. Box  BCRs  have  been  approved  by:  the  UK  ICO,  the   Spanish  DPA,  the  Polish  DPA.    The  Japanese  PPC   acknowledges  the  value  of  BCRs.
  31. 31. Box  Governance  Value Simplify  compliance  and   minimize  risk  of   viola;ons  and  fines Sunset  legacy   reten;on,  storage,   and  ECM  systems Work  in  the   background  on  the   system  your  users   already  know  and  love Reduce  complexity   and  costs  of  holding   content  for  li;ga;on Integrate  with  the   systems  and  devices   already  in  use Add  a  lot  more  value  to  your  investment  in  Box
  32. 32. In-­‐region  storage  meets  local  regulaGons United  States Canada Ireland United  Kingdom Germany Japan Australia Singapore
  33. 33. The  Choice  for  Companies  Transforming  their   Business
  34. 34. The  Cloud  Content  Management  Company
  35. 35. Why  IBM  and  Box Transform  work  for  your  industry  by  delivering  the  right  informa8on  to   your  people,  customers  and  partners  wherever  they  are Reduce  risk  with  best  in-­‐class  security,  compliance,  and  global   availability Joint  development  ac8vi8es  to  deliver  new  innova8on  for  content  rich   applica8ons   1   2   3  
  36. 36. APPENDIX
  37. 37. ReinvenGng  business  processes  for   employees  and  partner  network •  Used  Box  to  cure  "an  outbreak  of  consumer  sharing   tools"  for  broad  internal  and  external  collabora;on •  Replaced  bulky  physical  auto  show  binders  of  highly   confiden;al  informa;on  with  iPads  and  Box  for   Execu;ves.    "They  loved  it!" •  Box  Consul;ng  implemented  HR  file  room  migra;on     for  move  from  California  to  Texas,  now  all  HR  files  are   digi;zed,  indexed,  and  properly  governed •  Using  Box  to  share  and  collaborate  with  dealers,     more  external  collaborators  than  internal  users! &
  38. 38. Self-­‐service,  guided  analy8cs   capabili8es  with  data   connectors  to  Box Find  hidden  paCerns  in  the   data,  reveal  correla8ons  and   expose  them  in  an  easy-­‐to-­‐ understand  manner Iden8fy  the  pulse  of  an   audience  by  revealing  insights   in  every  relevant  conversa8on   across  any  social  channels   (Watson  Analy,cs  for  Social  Media)   Watson A new way to work in the Insight Economy
  39. 39. Seamless  infrastructure  that   brings  together  content  that’s   on  premise  and  in  the  cloud Enable  end  users  to  find  content   they  need,  regardless  of  where   it’s  stored Provide  a  collabora8ve   content  experience  for  all   content  enterprise-­‐wide IBM Content Navigator Unified access to on-premise and cloud content
  40. 40. Collaborate  with  external  par8es   and  customers  from  inside  the   case  environment Boost  speed  and  accuracy  with   users  easily  upda8ng  info  or   outcomes  as  part  of  case  work Increase  agility  by  crea8ng  a   case  when  adding  content  to   the  flexible  Box  plaKorm IBM Case Manager Better, faster outcomes to business processes Add  tasks  in  box  directly  from   Case  Manager  boos8ng   produc8vity
  41. 41. Assess  and  understand   unstructured  content  you   have  before  migra8on Understand  data  already  in   Box  and  be  able  to  categorize   it  appropriately Perform  eDiscovery  on  your   on-­‐premise  data  sources  and   Box  in  a  unified  way     IBM StoredIQ Smarter data classification and migration
  42. 42. Connect  with  like-­‐minded   colleagues    in  Communi8es,   Ac8vi8es,  Blogs  and  Wikis Share  exper8se  and  discover   new  insights  to  achieve   business  success   Use  Box,  seamlessly,  within   the  context  of  your  ac8vi8es   IBM Connections Cognitive-based enabler of faster collaboration, productivity boost and drive innovation
  43. 43. Collaborate  with  simplicity,   clarity  and  on  your  own  terms. Leverage  insights  gained  from   human  interac8ons  to  think   and  create  in  an  ac8onable   environment. Use  Box,  seamlessly,  in  this   environment. IBM Verse Helping users quickly find and focus on what content is most important, empowering greater collaboration
  44. 44. Empower  sales  teams  to  access   knowledge  they  need  to   become  top  performers Integrates  sales  documenta8on   and  user  data  to  make  intelligent   content  recommenda8ons Easily  share  content  with   customers   IBM MobileFirst for iOS Expert Seller integrated with Box
  45. 45. Independent  key  control   management  empowering  your   organiza8on  full  control Preserves  cloud  benefits  without   compromise Full  lifecycle  encryp8on Box KeySafe Full control over your encrypted content Customer Logs Unchangeable  audit  log  for   governance
  46. 46. IBM MaaS360 Keep mobile content secure Single  console  to  control  and   manage  all  apps,  including   Box Enforces  policies  to  ensure   data  is  securely  based  on  a   user’s  role  or  device  security   posture Pre-­‐integrated  with  Box  API’s
  47. 47. ProducGvity     and  collaboraGon Engaging     digital  experiences Intelligent     business  processes The  Cloud  Content  Management  Journey •  Box  deployed  to   knowledge  workers       •  ConsolidaGon  of  file   servers  and  unsancGoned   file  sharing •  Box  powers  content  for   internal  apps  and  mapped   to  governance  model   •  ConsolidaGon  of  legacy   ECM  systems   •  Box  powers  content  for   external  facing  apps     •  ConsolidaGon  of  file   storage  across   development  plaDorms
  48. 48. Box  PlaDorm Core  Box ProducGvity   &   CollaboraGon Intelligent  Business Processes Engaging  Digital Experiences ProductUsage CCM Stage Back Office Applications Custom Applications So  Where  Does  PlaDorm  Come  In?