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Open Course Data at Loughborough University

These are my slides from the JISC Open Course Data programme Technical Day in London on 20th June 2012.

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Open Course Data at Loughborough University

  1. 1. Open Course Dataat Loughborough University Martin Hamilton
  2. 2. Open.Lboro
  3. 3. Open Course Data projectJoint effort from Academic Registry,Marketing and Communications and ITServices. Exploring whether Terminal Four Site ManagerCMS can be canonical source of coursemarketing information. Looking at process simplification moregenerally.
  4. 4. Data Mapping
  5. 5. Data Mapping<dc:identifier></dc:identifier>Marketing – web-prospectus<dc:identifier>LL17</dc:identifier>LUSI<dc:title>BSc (Hons) Geography with Economics</dc:title>LUSI has: BSc Geography with Economics 3Website: Typed<dc:subject>Geography with Economics</dc:subject>This should be programme name initially but can be expandedLUSI: vle_programmes_v long_titleWebsite: Typed
  6. 6. Site Manager CMS
  7. 7. Site Manager CMS
  8. 8. Formatting as CSV
  9. 9. Formatting as CSV
  10. 10. CSV as a Starting Point...
  11. 11. Slurping that CSV...
  12. 12. Structured data
  13. 13. Baby Steps
  14. 14. Next StepsKey point: Does CMS approach work for folkinvolved in course marketing? Also for consideration:● Useful data that isnt in our prospectus?● Composite fields and programme variants● Output directly from CMS as XML?● Prospectus app development● Wider process simplification stuff  
  15. 15. Next Steps
  16. 16. Next Steps
  17. 17. Next Steps
  18. 18. Next Steps
  19. 19. Open Course Dataat Loughborough Martin Hamilton