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Como crear un psd blog


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Documento qu muestra como crear un Blog a pie facilmente en Photoshop espero les sirva mucho esta muy interesante

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Como crear un psd blog

  1. 1. Create new document, I've used 1280*1500px size, with resolution 72 px/inch.<br />Fill background layer with dark-blue color.<br />In the top of page create rectangular in a new layer and fill it with linear gradient just like in the screen shot below.<br />Draw a new rectangular for header in a new layer using Rounded Rectangle Tool (Radius - 16px).<br />Duplicate created shape into a new layer, cut out the bottom part just like in the example below . Draw rectangular with curl side using Pen Tool and Convert point Tool . Load selection Ctrl + Enter for this shape and cut out selected area.<br />Apply the following layer style adjustments to created layer.<br />Insert leaking splatters image or draw it yourself using round brush, play with size dynamic settings.<br />Correct it shape using Warp transformation. Edit > Transform > Warp Transformation.<br />Merge to layers.<br />Add decor details to the same layer.<br />Duplicate created shape, remove layer style effects from duplicated layer. Load selection for it. Ctrl + Click.<br />Save selection, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur (10).<br />Add paint splatters to duplicated layer.<br />Erase paint drops area using soft Eraser Tool.<br />Apply Gradient Overlay Blending Mode to this shape.<br />Add paint splatters to bottom rectangular using Brush Tool<br />Apply Gradient Overlay layer style effect.<br />Load selection for blue shape.<br />Create a new layer, apply splatter and splash brushes to selected area in a new layer.<br />Apply the same layer style effects as to the white shape with leaking splatters.<br />Type blog or web site name.<br />Rasterize type, add Layer Mask to this layer.<br />Go to Layer Mask thumbnail apply splatter brush to it.<br />Return to Layer thumbnail, add small paint splatters to letters.<br />Apply the following layer style effects to letters.<br />Create a new layer, place it below letters layer.<br />Draw new splatters.<br />Apply layer style effects just like in the examples below.<br />Apply the Gradient Overlay and Bevel and Emboss effects for "Blog".<br />Create big rectangular for content area. Fill it with e7e2d5 color.<br />Select the top area of created rectangular and fill it with following gradient.<br />Here are layer style effects for search box.<br />Layer style effects for search box.<br />Add boxes with examples of information into your blog page.<br />Add splatter spots to content area.<br />Apply the following style adjustments to this element.<br />Add content categories.<br />Use white stroke(1px) and drop shadow effects for images.<br />And here is result!<br />Click for larger view!<br />