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Skills development- Popsplash

  1. 1. The screenshot to the left shows the use ofthe eraser in Photoshop.The eraser can be changed size and also thehardness/softness of the eraser can bechanged.It simply works by erasing the area which youdon’t want.
  2. 2. The screenshot to the right showsthe use of the quick selection tool.This tool works by selecting a largearea and then you can simply pressthe delete key to remove theselected area. It selects the area tothe closest edge of a differentcolour.
  3. 3. The screenshot shows the use of thegrid in Photoshop. This is a really usefultool to have during design work becauseit helps to align photos, texts or otherdesign points of the magazine.
  4. 4. The screenshot above shows the use of colour overlay. This is really useful ontrying to colour an image which is of different shades or has different sections. Itworks to change the colour of the whole selection, rather than just a particularpart.
  5. 5. The screenshot to the left shows the useof a brush in Photoshop. You can downloadmany different brush designs from theinternet, which you then save and importinto Photoshop. I chose this brush, andsimply chose the paintbrush tool onPhotoshop and chose to use this brushdesign instead of the normal straightbrush.