Abstract Halloween Tutorial


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Abstract Halloween Tutorial

  1. 1. Tutorial Details:Program: Adobe Photoshop CS5Difficulty: IntermediateTechnique: CompositionStocks:mediafire :http://www.mediafire.com/?a5yezd75ijzophkmegaupload :http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1P97TBVH(All stocks use are available in the link above)This Tutorial is based on Color balance, Hue/Saturation, Blending Modes and Compostion. You willlearn how to create this professional layout and enhace your compositing skills. Some of the stocksuse were black and white but I added colour to it to make this tutorial easier for those who wish toattempt it.Step 1Create a new file 8.5inches x 11inches with dpi 300Color Mode: RBGBackground Contents : White(Note this is a preset in photoshop better known as U.S. Paper)
  2. 2. Step 2Now Drag the gradient stock onto the canvas and resize (Ctrl + T) it to fit like shown in the picture below.
  3. 3. Step 3Now were going to add the witch into the scene and resize her (Ctrl + T) and place her to thecenter of the canvas at the point where the cirle glow originated.Step 4Now it time to add the aqua abstract object. Were going to rotate it 90 degrees to the left and place thelayer under the witch layer. Now it should look like this.(Note you should Rasterize the layers so it will be editable to work on in the future)
  4. 4. Step 5Now its time to add in the halloween pumpkins. Position the first pumpkin like this .Now were going to duplicate this layer and go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal
  5. 5. Now we should position the 2nd pumkin like shown below also merge the layers and placing thembelow the abstract object. Too merge layers hold ctrl and select the layers and then right click and selectMerge Layers. The end result should be looking like this.Step 6As you can see its starting to look pretty good note all we have been doing thus far is creating thelayout.Now its time to work on the color scheme for this design were going to add a paper texture above all
  6. 6. the layers and set the blending mode to overlay and erase the part where is covering the witch.As you can realize the color of the pumpkins have change giving the pumpkin a rich color now thistechnique is use to add either color or pattern to a object.Lets continue now!!Remember the gradient layer from earlier on? Well we are going to duplicate it and place it above alllayer and change the blending mode to overlay and change the FILL to 47%This is to darken the edges. Results should look like this.
  7. 7. Next : we are going to be working on the edges creating a frame.Step 7Now were going to add Crumpled Grunge Paper stock in and scale it to fit the screen (Ctrl + T)Then were going on the tools palette and select the Magic eraser tool.Now were going to select the white area on the Crumpled Grunge Paper stock. It will delete most ofthe white area on the stock now we its time to apply these blending settings tothe layer. Blending Mode : Overlay Fill : 34%After applying these settings take the erase tool and erase (using soft brush) any fragments left behindin the center of the design.Current ResultThe color of the abstract object is totally off and not blending in to the scene its time to deal with thismatter. Next were going to be using hue/saturation &color balance.Step 8Hue/Saturation & Color Balance
  8. 8. (Abstract Object)Now were going to duplicate the abstract object and go to (incase you make any mistakes)Image >Adjustments> Hue/Saturation now.Apply these settingsSelect the abstract object go to Image> Adjustments>Color BalanceThis window should pop up
  9. 9. Now apply these settingsShadowsMidtones
  10. 10. Highlights Hue/Saturation & Color Balance(Witch)The witch is still not blending in to the scene so we have to fix that solets use color balance again Edit>Adjustments>Color BalanceShadow
  11. 11. MidtonesSorry but Ive made a mistake change the -19 to -15Highlights
  12. 12. Preview
  13. 13. Step 9There are 2 ways of doing this next step, this can be done either using photoshop or illustrator but iprefer to do it in illustrator. You can use which ever one your more comfortable with. Create a new fileand draw this using the line tool.
  14. 14. Add it to the design and place it as shown below.Its coming along nicely now time to add in some details. Lets use a cloud brush, to add in some clouds tothe scene. I did not include any brushes but you can use any cloud brush you have or download one atdevaintart. Create a new layer and add clouds in those areas.
  15. 15. I would really like to put in some more clouds but before I can do that a few minor changes and touchups must be made lets start with the abstract object. Duplicate the object and move the layer above thewitch layer and hide the layer.Should be looking like this.Now lets go back to the original, we have to erase certain portion of the abstract object using a softbrush. Take your time and proceed with this step. See below to know where needs to be erase.
  16. 16. Now lets add some clouds in that areaPerfect!!Now lets make the copy abstract object visble once again and erase areas to get the result shown below.
  17. 17. Now thats looking beautiful.Step 10In this step we going to cover to things the witch needs a golden tone so we will add the paper andchange the blending settings to soft light and opactiy to 51% place it to cover the witch and use a softbrush to get rid of the unwanted region and the witchs face.Also apply these Color Balance settings.ShadowMidtones
  18. 18. Lets change the -31 to -13HighlightLets make that +34 insteadPreview
  19. 19. Step 10Lets add in a few more stocks. Lets start with the bird stock.Now lets add in the orbs. Firstly locate the orbs and open it in Photoshop. Go to the channel palette andhide RBG and make alpha visble use to magic wand tool to select the orbs.
  20. 20. Now drag it in. Now place the orbs and position them like shown below.Step 11Lets add in the abstract spheres and a text.
  21. 21. Use the text tool and type "Halloween" use IMPACT FONT (grey) and rasterize the layer making iteditable (duplicate it before moving on) use the magic wand tool and select each letter now hide thelayer and hit shift+ctrl+c and the hit ctrl+v. Now move the layer.Now go to the original and apply these blending settings.
  22. 22. Now use the text tool and type "abstract" IMPACT FONT (grey) and repeat the last step. Use theseblending settings.
  23. 23. Now the last thing go to the witch layer and go to Image>Adjustments>Shadow/HighlightsAdd a Triangle into the design and place it as shown below. Select the Polygon Tool and change the sidesto 3 and select shape layers.
  24. 24. Settings after selecting polygon tool (change to 3).Now add these final Color balance settings
  25. 25. Add a little saturation and use the eraser tool do a little touching up move round some of the objectslike shown in the final result and your done.Note: Your final results all depends on saturation you gave the design where you place the objectsand how you resize the objects.Final Results
  26. 26. Tutorial created by Stephon SimeonCreative Innovator of Hyend Design SolutionThank you for attempting and viewing this tutorial.