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Wolves by


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Wolves by

  1. 1. Wolves are good hunters. They hunt their prey. They huntfor deer, moose, elk and bison. They also eat beavers,rabbits, and mice. Wolves hunt in packs. Females usuallydo the hunting because they are faster. A wolf pack practicestheir hunting skills and always works together.
  2. 2. A gray wolf‘s kingdom is Animalia. That means it is amember of the dog family. A wolf is the largest dog specieson earth.
  3. 3. Wolves are expert communicators. They communicate to raise young,hunt and protect their territory. When they howl they are sayingsomething to another wolf. They also use whimpers, whines, growls,barks and yelps. Wolves also communicate with their bodies a lot likepeople do. Wolves are very smart and communicate to their family andfriends.wol
  4. 4. Wolves run fast. They run up to a speed of 65kilometers per hour. Wolves can coverhundreds of miles in a day.
  5. 5. Wolves live up to 7 to 10 years.
  6. 6. Wolves can get ill. They can get ill by roundworms, tape worms, flat worms, mange,mites, ticks, fleas, distemper, cataracts,arthritis, cancer, rickets, pnuemonia ,andLyme disease.
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  8. 8.  A wolves habitat is mostly anywhere. They live in more places than any mammalother than humans. Wolves can even be found in the Arctic. A wolf protects its territory against all otherwolves.
  9. 9. People kill wolves because theywhat there fur.