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(CISO Platform Annual Summit) Scaling Appsec Program With Cyber Range


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Scaling Appsec Program With Cyber Range by Ed Adams (President, Security Innovations), Satish Janardhanan (Head Of Application Security, Accenture)

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(CISO Platform Annual Summit) Scaling Appsec Program With Cyber Range

  1. 1. Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation Satish Janardhanan, Head of Application Security, Accenture Technology
  2. 2. A simulation platform that enables cybersecurity teams to train and develop cybersecurity expertise and manage workforce planning
  3. 3. Security Team
  4. 4. • Attacker mindsets • Engaging and fun environment • Master by doing • Educational experience for all skill levels • Assess individual & team performance • Identify areas of improvement • Map learning paths • Create security culture
  5. 5. Sample - Java Developer Fundamentals • Fundamentals of Application Security • Fundamentals of Secure Development • Fundamentals of Secure AJAX Code Secure Coding Concepts • OWASP Top Ten: Threats & Mitigations • Creating Secure Code – Java Foundations • Creating Secure Ajax Code – Java Foundations Advanced Concepts • Creating Secure Java Code • Creating Secure jQuery Code • How to Create an Application Security Threat Model 1st CMD+CTRL event 2nd CMD+CTRL event • Run Shadow Bank which spans vulnerability types and skill levels • Run additional team events to demonstrate and expand the skill set