Outside Consultant - Organizational Behavior Project (Massage Envy)


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Small organizational behavior project presentation on how to better serve the employees of a small massage chain

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Outside Consultant - Organizational Behavior Project (Massage Envy)

  1. 1. A Hands On Approach Putting Our Backs into Customer Service
  2. 2. Overview Issues/Problems Questions & Survey Process Survey Answers & Interpretations Team Solutions & Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction
  4. 4. Staff Issues
  5. 5. Management Interview High Turnover Rates “...lucky to get workers to last 3 -6 months...” Young & Inexperienced “...most barely out of high school...” Intense & Stressful “...such a tough job...” Training May Lack
  6. 6. Team Engagement
  7. 7. Staff Breakdown Separate Staff Into Two Junior/Senior Staff Members Combat Communication Issues Hierarchy/Personality Problems
  8. 8. Questions/Categories Individual Questions Categories Examined Demographics Personality Training Technical Ability Management Issues
  9. 9. Survey Kickoff Two Sets 15 Senior, 32 Junior Level Google Doc Launch Ease of Use, Automated Surveys Two Week Time Frame
  10. 10. Answers - Junior Employees It’s not the Training, It’s the Right Training/Trainer Listening To What Employees Need Very Important
  11. 11. Answers - Junior Employees Figuring Out a Way to Take Away Customer Stress Bring on the Tasks, Task Masters How Does Massage Envy Bridge Pay Divide
  12. 12. Answers - Senior Employees Prepared/Calm Management Training Lacks/Hiring Techniques Weak
  13. 13. Answers - Senior Employees Positive/Happy Atmosphere But Lurking Stress Customer Complaints/ Staffing: Manager Stressors Future Bright But Never Enough Money
  14. 14. Interpretation Training Needs a Revamp Money an Issue, Could Have Other Awards Individual/Team Growth Needs to Be Optimized
  15. 15. Solutions Training Program Guide Continual Training Rewards Programs Local/Regional/Got Your Back Growth Program Team Building Events
  16. 16. Training Program Book Career Tracking Guide Junior Employees Track Own Career Progress Senior Employees Ensures Subordinates On Track (Thomas Building Block of Reward) (Kelly's Model of Attribution)
  17. 17. Continual Training Bi-Monthly Follow Ups Addresses Sales Pitch & Customer Issues Management Focus On Junior Employees (Contingent Consequences in Operant Conditioning)
  18. 18. Rewards Program Local/Region/National Awards System Got Your Back Employee Recognition System Actions Acknowledged for Junior/Senior Employees (Herzberg's Motivator-Hygiene Theory)
  19. 19. Growth & Idea Program Plans & Guides Written for Junior Employees by Senior Staff Internal Training from Local to National Training Builds from Inside Out (Model of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy)
  20. 20. Team/Location Building Fun Functions and Outings Bowling/Pizza Parties Neighborhood Sponsorships (Model of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy)
  21. 21. Conclusion Great Exercise, “Had Teeth” Found Some Surprises Management Happy &Locations Going over Implementation
  22. 22. Thanks Questions?