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Integral Capitalism


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An Integral Exploration of the Future of Capitalism

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Integral Capitalism

  1. 1. Integral CapitalismCan All Consumption Survive?
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Boom and Bust
  4. 4. The Future of CapitalismSTEEP Trends
  5. 5. Can we create a sustainableeconomic system that willallow for humane agendasfor all life and our Earth?
  6. 6. Integral Approach
  7. 7. Integral Approach
  8. 8. Interior/Individual- “I” I Individual S ec “Free” dom Fiefdom Ti on e r Global Eyes d F Worry in Splendor Econ Apathy T i r Gekko Gods i s e Live “____” Dream t Interior r Eat First, Think Later
  9. 9. Exterior/Individual- “IT” IT Individual n d Enoughness c o e r S ie Meek Freak Progression Obsessor T Lover Stuff Fluff t s Science Farmer r r Exterior Find Your i Niche F ie T Functioning in Herd
  10. 10. Exterior/Group- “ITS” ITS Group F A Tribe Called Us T i Let’s Trade r & Feudal i e Farms t r Make/Mate Nationstate Industrial Engines Corporatacracy S Capital Ti ec Glocal Interior er on d Neobarterisms Planetary Capitalism
  11. 11. Interior/Group- “WE” WE Group Mother and Earth tDuty s Godly r r i God & King/God & Country e F Me Go, We Go Corporate Interests i T n d Whole Foods Industry o Interior c DIY Culture e r S WeeGo We Go, i T
  12. 12. Individual ExteriorInterior Group
  13. 13. Individual ExteriorInterior Group
  14. 14. Key Insights- Interior Individual Bind and Evolution- Me Go, We Go to We Go, We Go- From Person to Planet- The Bind of Science and Corporation- Lack of Broad “It” Behavior forSustainability
  15. 15. A Soliliquey“Money has lost its narrative is talking toitself...the glow of cyber capital. So radiant andseductive...Does it ever stop? Does it ever slowdown?...The idea is time. Living in the future….Look atthose numbers running. Money makes time. It used to bethe other way around. Clock time accelerated the rise ofcapitalism. People stopped thinking about time andconcentrated on hours. Measureable hours…it’s cybercapital that created the future...time is a corporate assetnow...the present is harder to find…” - Cosmopolis, 2012
  16. 16. Can We Break Out ofthe Future and Fallinto the Present?