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Market research

  1. 1. Chloe Whittle Market Research For my market research I have conducted a survey in which I asked different people about my chosen genre of film. I found out a great deal about people’s opinions of zombie horror and it has now given me more information into what to include in my film and what the audience expects to see. For my first question I asked for the age of person to define what age range watch zombie horror more. Most the people who answered the questionnaire were 17-18, which suggests to me that most these people are in some form of education. For my second question I want to know if people enjoyed zombie films. I did this by giving them different options on how much they liked zombie films from love-dislike, I also gave people the option of never watched just in case people had never watched a zombie film.
  2. 2. Chloe Whittle From my results I have found out that most people like zombie films or think it’s okay. This has also proved that my age range of people do tend to enjoy zombie films. Now I’ve found out what people think about zombie films I needed to find out more information on what people to expect to see in zombie films. For next question gives people the option of selecting certain things or items they expect to see in a zombie film. From my results most people expect to see blood, gore, weapons or for the make up to be well presented. Each one of the options people have chosen I will certainly feature in my film because its what people expect to see and its part of the codes and conventions of a zombie film.
  3. 3. Chloe Whittle I wanted to develop further in the prosthetics of a zombie film and wanted to know if people thought the makeup and special effects where important. From my survey I can tell all the people that took part do think that make up and special effects are a massive important feature to a zombie film and therefore I will have to make mine very good in
  4. 4. Chloe Whittle order to make my short film work. I also wanted to know peoples favourite choice of zombie films and TV shows. I included TV shows because of the fact that the Walking Dead has become a very successful and popular zombie TV show. Looking at the results we can see that Shaun of the dead is the most popular choice. This tells me that zombie films and TV shows don’t always have to be serious but they also can be funny which is also proven with the success of Shaun of the dead.
  5. 5. Chloe Whittle From one of my earlier questions I found out that people expect to see weapons in zombie films so therefor I wanted to know what kind of weapons people would expect to see. Surprisingly to me the most selected choice was a basketball bat, however looking further into it in Shaun of the dead his main weapon of choice was baseball bat so this might theories why people choice this as the most popular weapon. For my final question I wanted to what people thought of different zombie films/TV shows and the style. From my research I can see that people have the majority of the same opinions about the choices I choose. No body rated the choices as rubbish so therefore once again the zombie theme must be enjoyable to people. One of the highest rating films in my survey is 28 days later which averaged at about a 5. Shaun of the dead came at a close second with dawn of the dead and world war Z. Each one of these films have their different ways in which they portray a zombie apocalypses.
  6. 6. Chloe Whittle