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Exit poll results


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Exit Poll Results

Published in: Education
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Exit poll results

  1. 1. Exit Poll Results Lauren Allard Exit Poll Results For this assignment I had to create an Exit Poll on Survey Monkey for the films Blair Witch and Bridget Jones’s Baby. Both films being completely different genres both aimed at a completely different audience. I created an Exit Poll with ten different questions that are all related towards each film, questions that could work for both films that the audience watched. I sent the survey to twelve different people, in these twelve people a mixture of audience members who watched Blair Witch and another who watched Bridget Jones’s Baby. The twelve people being of different ages, ethnicity, social class and gender which can give me an amount of answers from different types of people. I asked the audience a series of questions related to the film, asking them of their personal opinion of the film, what film genre they prefer, what attracted them to the film, what star rating would they rate the film they watched, what type of social media they use the most and also if they would see this movie again. I got exactly 12 responses from the audience which is what I was aiming for, giving me a good enough amount of responses from the target audience for both films. 100% of the audience that went to watch both Bridget Jones’ Baby and Blair Witch are all in the age group 11-18 year olds. I asked the audience what their gender is, asking the audience this question can help tell me when I look into the individual responses, it can tell me what some Men think of Bridget Jones and what Girls think of Blair Witch. Since both films tend to be aimed at a specific gender, it would be interesting to think what the gender that is opposite to the target audience thinks of the film. When asking this question 41.67% of the audience is Female and the remaining 58.33% of the audience is Male, and 0% of the audience put Other. I gave the other option just in case any members of the audience wished to identify as Transgender. My third question was asking the audience what the audience’s current occupation is. With this question I let the answer be a written response, since I didn’t think that listing out a large list of occupations would make it easier for the audience when it came to giving their responses. 10 members of the audience labelled themselves as Students, while 1 other
  2. 2. Exit Poll Results Lauren Allard labelled themselves as Unemployed and the final member of the audience labelled themselves as a Student with a Part Time job. All members of the audience are students which is what the filmBlair Witch was aimed at, the film is mainly aimed at students and teenagers going into young adults. Where Bridget Jones’ Baby is mainly aimed at an older audience due to it being the third film in the series, it would be aimed more at an older audience that has possibly watched both of the first two films and would be interested in the recent movie which came out about a decade after the sequel. For Bridget Jones this will give me opinions from people who are not a part of the target audience, which instead of getting the opinion from an older audience, I will be getting the opinion from a younger audience. Which will tell me what this generation thinks of this film. My Fourth Question was asking the audience what their favourite film genre is, since some members of the target audience are going to watch a Horror and some others a Comedy, it would be good to know what their favourite film genre actually is, since there was only an option of two genres for this task. I gave a list of film genres, as well as giving a ‘Other’ option for anyone who might have a different taste in films. Out of the list I gave out I got these results.  Horror – 25%  Comedy – 25%  Romance – 0%  Action – 8.33%  Adventure – 0%  Sci-Fi – 8.33%  Romcom – 0%  Thriller – 16.67%  Animation – 8.33%  Fantasy – 0%  Other – 8.33% More members of the audience preferred Horror and Comedy. The three most popular genres for this audience is Horror, Comedy and Thriller. My fifth question was ‘Did you enjoy this film?’. This question would let me know how many members of the audience enjoyed the filmthat they watched without giving their written opinion of both films. Out of the 12 responses that I got 66.67% voted yes and the remaining 33.33% of the audience voted No. From looking at which members of the
  3. 3. Exit Poll Results Lauren Allard audience saw Blair Witch and Bridget Jones, the audience members from Bridget Jones mostly voted Yes, they enjoyed the film they watched. Whilst the 33.33% of the audience were mainly from Blair Witch. Some audience members from Blair Witch did vote yes along with some members from Bridget Jones, but most of the Blair Witch audience did vote no for their opinion of the film. The Sixth Question I asked was ‘What is your personal opinion of the film you watched?’, this question can give me the audience’s written opinion of the film they watched instead of just giving a yes or no answer like with the previous question. Here are the responses I got from the audience that saw Bridget Jones.  “I loved the Characters and the Storyline”  “Marvellous”  “I thought it was a great film”  “It was good until the final 5 minutes” And the responses from Blair Witch.  “Jump Scare’s and Entertaining to Watch”  “It was Okay”  “The film was boring overall boring. The Horror element wasn’t scary and the plot was near enough non-existent”  “Scary but the storyline wasn’t the best”  “Boring Storyline, scary jump scares”  “It was a bit boring in my opinion”  “Very similar to the first film” Both films got their positive and negative responses, some people thought that Bridget Jones was great but others thought that it was good but only until the remaining five minutes of the film. Some members of the audience enjoyed Blair Witch, but a majority thought that the storyline was poor and that the only thing that made the filmslightly scary was the jump scares. My seventh question was ‘What attracted you to the film’, both films had many ways of attracting their audience, making them want to see the film. I gave the audience a list of ways that both films were advertised, these are the responses I got.  Cast Members – 8.33%  Teaser/Trailer – 50%
  4. 4. Exit Poll Results Lauren Allard  Original book (Films based of a book/book series) – 0%  Director – 0%  Word of mouth – 16.67%  Social Media – 8.33%  Other (Please specify) – 16.67% o “Legacy” o “First filmwas good, so I wanted to watch the second” The most popular way of the audience being attracted to the filmwas by the films Teaser/Trailer, the short pieces of footage in the trailers wanted them to see the film. But for others it was because of how much they liked the original movie. For my eighth question I decided to let the audience give another opinion of the filmthey watched through a star rating, I wanted the audience to not only give their personal opinion but also give their star rating on what they thought of the film they watched. 8.33% of the audience gave the film they watched one star. 33.33% of the audience gave the film they watched two stars 25% of the audience gave the filmthey watched three stars. 25% of the audience gave the filmthey watched four stars. 8.33% of the audience gave the film they watched five stars. Most of the audience decided to give the films either three or four stars. The ninth question was ‘What type of social media do you use?’ the audience members all use social media, and both films that they watched have been advertised on most of the popular forms of social media. Including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I decided to ask the audience what pieces of social media they use the most. These are the responses I got from the audience…  Twitter – 18.18%  Instagram – 27.27%
  5. 5. Exit Poll Results Lauren Allard  Facebook – 36.36%  Snapchat – 18.18 One member of the audience left a comment saying “All of the above”. Overall Facebook was the most popular form of social media that the audience members use the most out of the list I provided. The final and tenth question being ‘Would you see this movie again?’, even though I got the audience’s personal opinion and star rating of both films. I decided to ask this question to know if any members of the audience would consider watching the film that they watched again. For this question I gave three options. Yes, No or Maybe. 30.77% of the audience said that they would watch the filmthey watched again. 30.77% of the audience said that they wouldn’t watch the film they saw again. And the remaining 38.46% of the audience said that they might watch the filmthey saw again.