[Challenge:Future] Art class


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[Challenge:Future] Art class

  1. 1. It’s a journey in my world … and … You are welcomed … It’s the way we welcome our guests
  2. 2. My name is Mariana, I live in Bulgaria,. I’m 24 years old. I’m a history teacher in a primary school in the village of Gostilitsa , which was established 161 years ago. In recent years the school has been functioning as a boarding school with 50 children occupying the hostel – the children are from disadvantaged Roma, low – income families, with 86% single parents, and the long – term unemployed.
  3. 3. The families of these children can not afford to cover the cost of the children’s schooling, for this reason children from these groups, are likely to drop out of school, at an early stage.   It provides an opportunity for disadvantaged children to experience and enjoy a more productive, beneficial, and happier childhood.
  4. 4. It provides shelter, food and educational materials to the children. In this way the school is a practical example for ethnic integration and tolerance amongst all ethnic groups. The children are amazing – they have different talents. I’m one of the 12 teachers in the school. We are young ambitious professionals and we are very caring, devoting time and love to the children.
  5. 5. My idea is to help to these children with establishing an art class which will have different activities – like theater lessons, learning music and dances, art, psychology games. This class will help to prevent the aggression and bad influence in their families.
  6. 6. We have a lot of celebrations - Christmas, Talents’ Day , March 1, Spring Celebration, plays and scenes from fairy tales Dancing evenings
  7. 7. In search of a treasure Halloween in a class Ecology lessons
  8. 8. This is the fairy wall that I made to the children near the entrance to our school . We have writers … and drawers…
  9. 9. This is a picture from the last day of school. Children don’t want to have a vacation because they want to be with us. I could organize a summer school to see them smiling. We cook together… and pray together.
  10. 10. My real mission is to help them to be better people, to can decide what is right and what is wrong and when I’m doing this work it’s my best reward. If you want to support my cause and my kids vote for us and for the future, because they deserve.