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Theobroma presentation

  1. 1. Product launchTHEOBROMA CHOCOLAT 1
  2. 2. AGENDA1. Presentation : Véronique Blanchet and the team behind Theobroma Chocolat2. Company Profile • History and awards • Mission and values (DNA Pleasure & Health)3. Products presentation by collections - (features, advantages and benefits) • Original collection (7 skus + Maple) • Ethic Collection (4 skus) • Gift collection ( 5 skus)4. Questions 2
  3. 3. 2. COMPANY PROFILEHistory & Awards Vigneault Chocolatier, is a Canadian owned company known for being one of the few processing plant in Canada dedicated in producing chocolate. In business since 2007, Vigneault Chocolatier, under the trademark Theobroma Chocolat, has made its path being one of the best organic and fair-trade certified gourmet chocolate. After its first year on the market, Theobroma Chocolat won the international Grand Award in the Trends & Innovation category at SIAL Montreal 2008, thanks to its innovative & creative 100% natural and organic fine chocolates, praised by the finest connoisseurs in the world. Awarded for the price of Food Innovation, once again in 2011, Theobroma Chocolat has been nominated for this price at SIAL Montreal 2012. 3
  4. 4. 2. COMPANY PROFILEMission The word Theobroma , meaning “Food of the gods” in Greek symbolize how Theobroma Chocolat is dedicated to producing a variety of organic and natural chocolates with an unequalled and innovative quality. The chocolates produced in our laboratory are unique, made from premium organic ingredients and inspired from European processing, providing a unique texture, mouthfeel and flavour. The innovative and creative spirit Theobroma Chocolat gives chocolate lovers the opportunity to experience cocoa under multiple natural and healthy flavours. Health & Pleasure, that’s what Theobroma Chocolat is about.Innovation & passion Theobroma Chocolat collections are made with pure, natural and entirely organic elements. Customers can experience a Canadian organic chocolate finely grounded in a thick and long format which provide an outstanding snap. 4
  5. 5. 3. PRODUCTS PRESENTATION BY COLLECTIONSORIGINAL COLLECTION (7 skus + Maple) PRODUCT FEATURES Theobroma Chocolat Pledge of Quality High quality standards also comes with reliable certifications. This is why Theobroma Chocolat is :  Gluten-Free and Organic  Soy lecithin is tested in labs to certify its GMO Free 100% Natural  Eco-friendly by it’s recycled cardboard and water-based ink 5
  6. 6. PRODUCT FEATURES Canadian Product Awarded packaging; unique and vibrant with eye catching colours All natural (no preservative or additive added for a premium flavour profile) Unique triangle shape with chunks of real fruits providing a burst of flavours 35 g format SRP : 2,29$-2,49$ 18 months shelf life* *exception: Coconut, 12 months Éco-Organic shipper (30 each ; 72%-coconut-raspberry -espresso), 120 unités 6
  7. 7. DISCOVER THEOBROMA CHOCOLATLIKE A CHOCOLATE CONNAISSEUR… This triangle thick shape impact beautifully the snap of this premium chocolate. Theobroma Chocolat smooth and creamy texture of finely ground chocolate particles will instantly covert the palate for a memorable mouthfeel. Theobroma Dark Chocolate 72% A beautiful black glossy color gives this type of chocolate a long-lasting and bright effervescence. The scent of this chocolate is one of a kind, with a mix of fruity and bitter sweetness. Its a well-balanced chocolate that is both rich and intense. Theobroma Dark Chocolate 60% This dark chocolate has dark brown highlights. The scent is characterized by fine touches of real fruits, coconut or espresso flavours. You will love this well-balanced dark chocolate with its perfect acidity. 7
  8. 8. THEOBROMA CHOCOLAT ORIGINAL COLLECTION Dark Chocolate 72% Rich in cocoa, Theobroma 72% dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants. Biting into each piece will give you a unique taste of bitterness & consistency.Dark Chocolate 60% & CoconutThe Theobroma Chocolat Coconut bar has been delicately developed. Theunique taste and perfect harmony of the bitterness of the cocoa with thesweet coconut will delite your palate. Dark Chocolate 60% & Raspberry What a mix! This is perfect symbiosis: crunchy texture & silky melting chocolate. This unique mixture allows you to explore new taste possibilities. Theobroma Chocolat most popular flavour, try it -you will love it!Dark Chocolate 60% & BananaWhen this most popular fruit is matched with the best chocolate recipes, youmust expect something really good. So good, that any chocolate lover willwant another. Dark Chocolate 60% & Espresso The Biscotti reinvented…the crunchy caramelized texture of the Arabica coffee beans will delight all your senses.Dark Chocolate 60% & CranberryEnjoy the exquisite combination of soft tartness and dark chocolate. Is therea better way to get antioxidant ? Dark Chocolate 60% & Orange You will appreciate this special recipe where the mixture of dark chocolate & orange gives the chocolate lovers taste buds a thrill impossible to miss. 8
  9. 9. SPECIFICATIONSIngredients list:Organic cocoa mass, organic sugar cane, organic cocoa butter,organic chunks of fruit, soy lecitin (GMO free).PRODUCT UPC INTRODUCTION INNER CASE72% Dark Chocolate 831436001015 Winter 2008 Pack Quantity 12X35gCoconut Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% 831436001022 Winter 2008 Size (inches) Height : 8,5 Length: 3,75 Width : 3,5Raspberry Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% 831436001046 Winter 2008Banana Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% 831436001060 Winter 2008Espresso Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% 831436001077 Winter 2010Orange Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% 831436001084 Winter 2010Cranberry Chunks Dark Chocolate 60% 831436001091 Summer 2011 9
  10. 10. 3. PRODUCTS PRESENTATION BY COLLECTIONSETHIC COLLECTION (4 skus) PRODUCT FEATURES Theobroma Chocolat Pledge of Quality High quality standards also comes with reliable certifications. This is why Theobroma Chocolat is :  Gluten-Free and Organic  Soy lecithin is tested in labs to certify its GMO Free 100% Natural  Eco-friendly by it’s recycled cardboard and water-based ink 10
  11. 11. PRODUCT FEATURES Higher cacao content (75% - 80%) that the original line (60%- 72%) Crunchy texture because of the rosted almonds in 3 out of 4 Skus of this collection Fair Trade certification Format 35 g SRP : 2,99$ (0,50$ higher than the Original line) Shelf life: 12 months* *exception: Pure 80%, 18 months Éco-FairTrade shipper (30 each; 80%-Almond & Coconut, Almond & Cranberry, Almond & 11 Apple Cinnamon), 120 unités
  12. 12. SPECIFICATIONSIngredients list:Cocoa mass**, sugar cane**, almond*, cocoa powder**, cocoa butter**, maple flakes*, chunks of fruit*.(**Fair Trade & Organic - *Organic). *No soy lecithinPRODUCT UPC INTRODUCTION INNER CASEAlmonds & Apple Cinnamon Dark 831436001015 Winter 2010 Pack Quantity 12X35gChocolat 75%Almonds & Coconut Dark Chocolat 831436001022 Winter 2010 Size (inches) Height : 8,575% Length: 3,75 Width : 3,5Almonds & Cranberry Dark Chocolat 831436001046 Winter 201075%Pure 80% Dark Chocolat 831436001060 Winter 2010 12
  13. 13. 3. PRODUCTS PRESENTATION BY COLLECTIONSGIFT COLLECTION (5 skus) Eco-Fairtrade Collection Box, 3 bars Eco-Organic Collection Box, 5 bars (dark 72%, coconut, raspberry, espresso, banana) (Dark 80%, Almonds & Coconut, Almonds & Cranberry) Sweet Maple Butter Canister, Minis Chocolat Box 3 flavors assorted, 10 mini bars 12 mini bars (Contains 4 each: Dark 72%, Raspberry, Orange) Minis Chocolat Box Sweet Maple Butter, 13 12 mini bars
  14. 14. CONTACT INFORMATIONMANUFACTURER Theobroma Chocolat | Vigneault Chocolatier Ltée 1990 - 128 Cyrille Duquet, Québec, Canada G1N 4K8 T: 1.866.980.4250 418.780.4250 | F: 418.780.4715 Contact: Jean-René Lemire, Vice-President, Veronique Blanchet, National Sales & Marketing Manager 14