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overview of indian biscuit industry

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Marketing biscuits

  1. 1. Overview of biscuit industry in India Rajat Khera Gaurang Chauhan Abhinav Rao Joydeep Sharma Gaurav
  2. 2. Overview of biscuit industry in India:• The Rs. 4,500 crore Indian biscuits market has grown at the rate of 12-14 percent year on year. Britannia is highest selling in terms of value, followed by Parle and ITC.• The biscuit industry is estimated to grow over 15-17% in the next few years.• The per capita consumption of biscuits in India is 2.0 kg.• The biscuit market in India is extremely price sensitive. With Parle providing most of its biscuits in the range of Rs. 4.00-6.00, other players in the market cant think of increasing the prices.• Role of distribution channel is very crucial for any FMCG product. Britannia and Parle have got more or less a very wide coverage for their products in whole of India.• ITC already has a good understanding of distribution channels. The company uses its existing network of convenience stores - the companys name for the hole-in-the-wall pan-beedi shops - for Sunfeast.
  3. 3. Sector-wise Distribution• The organized biscuit manufacturing industry‘s annual production were around 1.1million tons in 2003-04, 1.25 million tons in 2004-05, 1.4 million tons in 2005-06, 1.6million tons in 2006-07 and 1.7 tons in 2007- 08.• The unorganized sector consists of small bakery units, cottage and household type manufacturing their goods without much packaging and distributing their goods in the surrounding areas.Lower overheads due to limited local area family management, focused product lines and less expenditure on marketing help the unorganized sector to grow
  4. 4. Eat Healthy,Think Better Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao
  6. 6. THE ORIGIN OF EAT HEALTHY AND THINK BETTER• Consumers seek foods that complement their lifestyles while offering convenience, variety and economy, over and above health and nutrition.• Britannia had the ability to resonate with the changes in consumer needs-needs that have varied significantly across its 100+ year epoch.• IN 2002 Re-birth - new corporate identity Eat Healthy, Think Better lead to new mission: Make every third Indian a Britannia consumer’• Britannia saw the writing on the wall. Its "Swasth Khao Tan Man Jagao"(Eat Healthy, Think Better) encapsulating the core essence of Britannia - healthy, nutritious, optimistic - and combining it with a delightful product range to offer variety and choice to consumers .
  7. 7. GOODIES SECTIONBritania offers products with a minimum cost of Rs.2 taking into consideration of all its customers.
  8. 8. ProductsTiger Banana- Britannia Tiger Banana packedwith IRON ZOR and goodness of Banana isaccessible to all, being available inconvenientpacks priced at Rs.2, Rs.4 and Rs.10. IRON ZOR helps make mind sharper andbody stronger.NutriChoice SugarOut Sounds like yesterdaywhen people commented that healthy foodsmeant compromising on the taste. The productis not just sweet but tastes great, and yetcontains
  9. 9. More Products……• Treat Fruit Rollz Want to know a little secret? They make the besttiffin treats! Fruit Rollz isindeed a yummy snacking option for kids, while keeping the Moms assured about the goodness provided by the fruit filling.• Britannia 50-50 Pepper Chakkar - The tangy and• distinctivepepper flavoured biscuit, is truly a• case of leveraging the marketingmix to best• advantage
  10. 10. • Since its inception in the year 2000, Bisk Farm has been recognised for its delectable biscuits, cookies, cakes and rusks. The brand is owned and marketed by SAJ Food Products (P) Ltd, a part of the Aparna Group of Companies.• Bisk Farm has carved a niche for itself in the market in a fairly short span of time. It is ranked amongst the top 3 bakery brands in the markets where it competes.• Bisk Farm is presently available throughout Eastern and North Eastern India, and parts of South, Central and North India. The company eventually aims to market its delicacies across the country.• In addition, as part of its drive to establish a presence across India, Bisk Farm has invested in state-of the-art manufacturing facilities in Eastern and South India.• Bisk Farm Just Baked is another ambitious part of the brand’s endeavour to share its goodness directly with the consumer. It showcases the Brand’s array of freshly baked Savouries, Danishes, Special Cakes, Pastries, Breads and other Confectionery items, along with a great ambience.
  11. 11. Choko Squares Hidden Chocolate Squares just keep springing up in every bite. Chok Squares is chocolate redefined. Purist’s would still like it christen it as ChokoliciousDigestiveRich in fibre , nature fresh . Digestive is the biscuitthat balances your hectic and chaotic life style .Gives you back the punch to carry on.Just GingerIf there was ever a biscuit , that spelledClass , it would inevitably be Just Ginger.This biscuit has a die hard following.
  12. 12. Champ This Glucose biscuit is meant for the Champion . Champ is for the budding champions , the energizer to push you further. Cashew + For those are Nuts about Cashew . This premium biscuit Cashew + , is truly a connoisseurs delight.MilkuitMilk was always healthy , but it nevertasted better that now . Milkuit thedelicious taste of health.
  13. 13. RUSK This unique Cake Ruskit is both innovate and teasing. Leavesyou wondering if you were indulging in a Cake or enjoying a Bread Ruskit. The best of both worlds blended together.
  14. 14. CreamBiscuits
  15. 15. Countlines Life is not always sweet. Namkeenz is meant for those who believe that a bit of salt adds the zest for living into our lives.Pure chocolate in every bite ,Choco will give you a high everytime you bite into this delicacy.Rounded to perfection , Tid Bit isan evergreen biscuits and itcertainly a boon for all sweetbiscuit loving children.Kids go crazy when it comes to Jungle Bites. This animal and birdshaped biscuits is often the best solution for fretting motherwhen children refuse to eat.
  16. 16. Retail Business• Bisk Farm entered the retail space with Just Baked in 2009. Just Baked is an endeavour to indulge the consumer in a premium Bisk Farm experience. Presently operating in the city of Kolkata with 22 outlets.• Just baked concentrates on their snacking haven, by providing the urban consumer space to take a break from the hectic fast life. These Just Baked outlets have a subtle, understated and a contemporary décor appealing to all. The decor exudes the premiumness of the delectable Savouries, Confectionaries and Breads topped off with a range of hot and cold beverages.• The BISK FARM portfolio has a lot more to offer with its complete range of packaged products. Moving further, Just Baked aims to build on their expertise and expand to 100 outlets in and around the city of Kolkata. Thereby establishing a prominent presence in the retail space.
  17. 17. “Jo de jitne ki sakti”
  18. 18. The Beginning• ITC Limited is an Indian public conlomerate company headquartered in Kolkata,West bengal, India. Its diversified business includes four segments: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards, Paper & Packaging and Agri Business.• ITC entered the biscuits market with sunfeast brand in July 2003. The ITC website says:“Sunfeast’s brand essence, “Spread the Smile” connotes happiness, contentment, satisfaction and pleasure. The mascot Sunny reinforces the emotional aspects of the brand.” Tagline of Sunfeast Glucose Biscuits is: “Jo de jitne ki sakti” i.e. “one that gives the power to win”. So, once again it is using emotional appeal.• Reason for Entry into Biscuits Food segment is Rs.50,000 cr which was increasing at the rate of 17-19 % in which 6% is FMCG (Branded and packaged) India will have more organized and branded food product categories. It will cause a dual effect: Increase of in base of biscuit segment and Increase in percentage of branded food categories
  19. 19. Products• Sunfeast Special Butter Cookies• Sunfeast Special cookies are baked with real butter and the finest ingredients to give a mouth-watering treat that makes every moment special.• Sunfeast Special Choco Cookies• Sunfeast Special cookies are baked with real butter and the finest ingredients to give a mouth-watering treat that makes every moment special.• ITC Sunfeast Dark Fantasy ChocoFills• Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills is the latestand the most premium exquisite combination ofluscious chocolate filling enrobed within a perfectly bakedrich cookie outer.An offer that fully epitomizes the brand promise"Pure Indulgence"
  20. 20. Other Products....• Sunfeast Special Tasty Choco Cream Biscuits• Delicious value for money cream biscuits with a thick layer of cream sandwiched between two biscuits• Sunfeast Snacky Salted Masty Crackers• Bigger than most others in the saltedbiscuit category, Snacky is light and crispy like no other. Sunfeast Snacky Chilli Twist Crackers Bigger than most others in the salted biscuit category, Snacky is light and crisp like no other.
  21. 21. InnovationSunfeast range of biscuits is competitively priced and would include two new productinnovations - Orange flavoured Marie and Butterscotch flavoured Cream biscuits launched forthe first time in the Indian market after 12 months of product research and development andextensive sampling across 14,000 consumers. Dream Cream split cream variants are available inChoco-Vanilla and Strawberry-Vanilla flavours.
  22. 22. Promotion• Advertisement & promotions: 35-40% of turnover Sunfeast school programme: cover 1000 schools across country, to familiarize children with sunfeast brand name and sunfeast mascot.• Brand ambassador: shahrukh khan & surya (south actor) Official sponsor of WTA tennis championship-sunfeast open. Launch of Sachin’s Fit Kit, the first product co-created with brand ambassador. Other activities: On buses, print media ,hoardings, TV and radio advertisements• The Sunfeast Open was an annual WTA Tennis Tounament that was started in Kolkata in 2005. The event was a Tier III-tournament with a prize money of USD 175,000 and was played on indoors greensetThe 2008 tournament in Mumbai, was to be held outdoors in the premises of Cricket club of India.• 14 manufacturing units The company has extended its manufacturing capacity by setting up three new biscuit plants in UP and West Bengal to focus on supply chain management strategy to enhance product freshness, market servicing and margins.
  23. 23. Priyagold biscuits Ballabh prasad agarwal is the founder director and promoter of the company. Was incorporated in November 1992. It comes under Surya food & agro ltd. Trademarks are “hak se mango” and “priya gold” Won a tender floated by Indian railways catering and tourism corporation ltd. Received international quality crown award in london.
  24. 24. STP ANALYSISSegmentationPremium segment• Standard segment
  25. 25. Targeting• Age group• Health conciousious• Taste preference
  26. 26. Positioning• Add campaignPaanch rs me milta haiPriyagold butter bite biscuits
  27. 27. Current Market Scenario• According to A.C Nielson, Parle has overtaken Britannia in the biscuits market which is Rs 15,000 crores plus in terms of revenue. Parle has close to 45% share of the biscuits market while Britannia has 38% share. For years, these two companies were tied in market share with 35 % share each.• The Rs 3,600-crore premium cream biscuit market has turned hyper competitive with Cadburys Oreo and ITCs Sunfeast brands biting into the share of Britannia Industries, and Parle Products planning to enter super-premium creams.• GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare: Junior Horlicks Biscuits-toddler biscuit category.• PepsiCo India Launched biscuit brand Aliva, it will be produced by food division Frito Lay India.• United Biscuits (UK), world’s third largest biscuit company, is set to enter India market.• Shakti Bhog plans to enter biscuits segment.
  28. 28. Conclusion• India’s lower and middle class segment will continue to hold the key to success of the biscuit industry in India.• Distribution (in rural markets) and advertising (in urban markets Innovation) and launching of new brands are being adopted by the companies to grab the market.• The companies have added new variants into their existing brands including stylish packaging.• One factor on which smaller players like Bisk Farm, Priya Gold, etc., are leveraging is the "quality". Since most of the bigger players like Britannia and ITC outsource their manufacturing, there is difference in the quality of biscuits contrary to these firms who do the production in-house.• The focus on urban markets have also contributed significantly to the growth of the biscuit industry.• Standard grocers are the leading distribution channel, with one third of the Indian biscuit market, by value. Traditional grocers are the only other channel to take a double-digit share.