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Gingras xo full range 21st feb


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Gingras xo full range 21st feb

  1. 1. Pierre worked for over 30 years refining and perfecting his vinegarrecipe to get to what we have today.Following serious back surgery Pierre decided it was time to retire andspent 5 years looking for the right people to sell to.The current owners David and Bertrand had decided to leave therecorporate jobs and were looking for a business to work with, one thathad a great product and that involved some farming, so in October2010 Pierre passed the company, Vinegar house and farm over toDavid and Bertrand.Pierre has been actively involved in working with the next generation ofvinegar makers and drops by once a week for consultation, to thankPierre for his trust David and Bertrand named the vinegar after itsfounder GINGRAS .” Gingras vinegar was started by on the Gingras family farmby 4th generation Pierre Gingras in Rougemont Quebec.
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  3. 3. Oils and Vinegars in total represented $2.5B in retail sales in the USin 2010.Within vinegar BALSAMIC has been driving value with a higher($12.30) average price point.Apple Cider vinegar has been growing in value but no brand isproviding a premium benchmark .Apple Cider Vinegar needs a brand todrive premiumization of the categorytowards a balsamic price point.Source Mintel and AC Neilson
  4. 4. Adding value and innovation to the AppleCider Vinegar category with a simpleproposition.
  5. 5. Taking apple cider vinegar to new places Two ingredients:- Apple from our own Farm .17 varieties of apples 5500 trees.- Time – aged up to 12 years in ourFrench Oak Cellar then blended toperfection by our cellar master.Adds the extra to ordinary in any mealor savory cocktail.- available in 200mL and 500mL-
  6. 6. - available in 200mL - Infused with Fresh CanadianRaspberries.Same great tasting GINGRAS XOat its heart.Patiently crafted with skillfulblending to deliver a zestysmooth flavor.
  7. 7. Gingras XO extra matured in Bourboncasks for up to 1 year. Apple CiderVinegar as youve never tasted before.New, Unique and exciting propositionto add value and bring new consumersto the category.Available March 2013 in 200mL.
  8. 8. What is it ?-Award winning GINGRAS XO or GINGRAS XO Raspberry infused encapsulatedin a Seaweed Shell.- Its Vinegar CaviarWhat it does?- PIXOing your food adds a new dimension of flavor as you bite into the pearlsWhat to do with it ?- Add to a cracker with cream cheese.- Sprinkle on a salad.- Give bite to a cocktail.Merchandise PIXO pearls as an accompaniment to cheese andcrackers
  9. 9. Holiday gifting optionCustomizable giftingTwin pack can be offered in any combination- Original + Raspberry, Bourbon x2 etcMinimum Quantities and pre ordering required with your distributor
  10. 10. $3 million dollars already invested inEstablishing North America’s largest vinegar cellar.Scalable operation that can provide volume and maintain an age claim.Commitment to category leading rate of sale*Commitment to support the brand with Demo’s and PR to driveconsumer awareness and rate of sale from the shelf.*Specialty vinegar category