Major brand of biscuit and bread in india


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Major brand of biscuit and bread in india

  1. 1. Presented by Pankaj Singh Batch 2011-13Vamnicom,pune
  2. 2.  The biscuit Industry in India accounts for a total turnover of ` 3000crores. India is considered to be the third largest biscuit manufacturer inthe world only after USA and China. Indias biscuit industry iscategorized into the organized and unorganized sectors. The organizedsector of the Indian biscuit industry accounts for 65% and theunorganized sector accounts for 35% of the total turnover
  3. 3. Based in Bangalore Britannia Industries Ltd is reputed as being one ofthe top biscuit brands in India. The company was established way backin 1892 and till today has managed to maintain a distinctive position inthe Indian biscuit industry specially with its most popular brand calledTiger. Britannia holds a 38% market share in the biscuit industry in India.Britannia Industries Ltd. : Net sales for FY 2008-09 are Rs 3,112.2 Cr. ForFY 07-08 biscuits recorded sales of Rs. 2,329.9 Cr.Key Products Tiger, Good Day, Bourbon, 50-50, Treat, Milk Bikis,Marie Gold, NutriChoice, Timepass, Little Hearts
  4. 4.  Founded in 1929, Parle Products Pvt. Ltd ranks among the top biscuitbrands in India. The company has 7 manufacturing units of its own and51 manufacturing units on contract. Accounting for about 30-35% ofmarket share in the biscuit industry . Key Products : Parle - G , Hide and Seek ,Krackjack ,Hide & Seek Milano,Magix ,Digestive Marie ,Monaco ,Parle Marie ,Kreams ,Milk Shakti ,Parle20-20 Cookies ,Golden arcs ,Nimkin ,Kreams Gold ,Chox ,Monaco Jeera
  5. 5. Surya Food & Agro Ltd manufacturing and sells biscuits under the brandPriyagold. Counted as among the top biscuit brands in India Priyagold isconsidered to be one of the best evening tea biscuits. The Company hasthree manufacturing units located in Greater Noida, Lucknow and Surat.Key Products : Classic Cream , Butter Bite ,Kids Cream ,Bourbon ,BigBoss ,Marie Lite ,Magic Gold ,CNC ,Cheese Cracker ,Snacks Zig Zag ,Don,Coconut Crunch ,Cheez Bit Classic Salt ,Chatpata
  6. 6. The famous ITC Group ventured into the biscuits market in July 2003with the introduction of the Sunfeast range of biscuits. Sunfeastcurrently holds a market share of ~10% is surely on its way to becoming atop biscuit brand in IndiaKey Products : Sunfeast Milky Magic ,Sunfeast Marie Light ,SunfeastGolden Bakery ,Sunfeast Dark Fantasy ,Sunfeast Dream Cream ,SunfeastSnacky ,Sunfeast sweet n salt ,Sunfeast Nice ,Sunfeast Benne VitaFlaxseed Biscuits ,Sunfeast Special
  7. 7.  Anmol Biscuits Ltd : Anmol is a popular brand of eastern & northernregion, having manufacturing facilities in W.B & U.P. Key Products : Lemon Mazaa , Funfill Choco Vanilla , Yummy - MilkCream , Tip Top Kajoo Kurkure Masala, Coconutty , Thin Arrowroot ,Marie,2 in 1, Butter Bake , Cream Cracker , Dil Khush , Dream Lite , E-Time, Funfill Orange , Funfill Rich Chocolate ,Golmol ,Jadoo ,Marie Time ,Snackles ,Milk Made
  8. 8. 15% 2%4% 7% 38% 34%
  9. 9.  Bread is a hygienically manufactured and packed snack food productavailable at comparatively cheap prices. Major consumers of bread arepeople from the lower middle class and economically weaker segmentsconsuming more than 90 per cent of the bread industrys totalproduction. Bread is low margin-high volume based processed food andbread making is a labor intensive process
  10. 10.  The two major players i.e. BIL & MFIL are having a market share of 10-12 percent and 7-8 percent respectively. Apart from these two, there arefew large regional players such as Spencers in South India, Vibbs inMaharashtra, Kitty and Bonn in Punjab, 365days in DelhiNCR, Haryana, etc and Harvest Gold and Perfect in Delhi & NCR