Gingras xo + rasp


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Gingras xo + rasp

  1. 1. Gingras vinegar was started by on the Gingras family farmby 4th generation Pierre Gingras in Rougemont Quebec. Pierre worked for over 30 years refining and perfecting his vinegar recipe to get to what we have today Following serious back surgery Pierre decided it was time to retire and spent 5 years looking for the right people to sell to The current owners David and Bertrand had decided to leave there corporate jobs and were looking for a business to work with, one that had a great product and that involved some farming, so in October 2010 Pierre passed the company, Vinegar house and farm over to David and Bertrand. Pierre has been actively involved in working with the next generation of vinegar makers and drops by once a week for consultation, to thank Pierre for his trust David and Bertrand named the vinegar after its founder GINGRAS ”
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  3. 3. CATEGORY HIGHLIGHTSOils and Vinegars in total represented $2.5B in retail sales inthe US in 2010.Within vinegar BALSAMIC has been driving value with ahigher ($12.30) average price point.Apple Cider vinegar has been growing in value but nobrand is providing a premium benchmark . Source Mintel and AC Neilson Apple Cider Vinegar needs a brand to drive premiumization of the category towards a balsamic price point.
  4. 4. A NEW PROFIT OPPORTUNITY Premium packaging at a competitive price point 500mL 200mLCreating more value from Apple Cider Vinegar
  5. 5. GINGRAS EXTRAOLD A VINEGAR OF DISTINCTION The ABC of GINGRAS EXTRA OLD A pples, grown traditionally by the forth generation of GINGRAS on our estate located in the famous cold climate of Rougemont QC, Canada, are the heart of GINGRAS EXTRA OLD Apple Cider Vinegar. B arrel fermentation, aging process of up to 12 years in French Oak Casks and skillful blending of each individual cask-character result in the outstanding GINGRAS EXTRA OLD Cider Vinegar. C omplexity and intensity of flavor with an incredible smoothness are the hallmarks of our gourmet Canadian Cider Vinegar. GINGRAS EXTRA OLD puts the “extra” in “ordinary”. Exclusively made with two all natural ingredients: Apples and Time.
  6. 6. Introducing Raspberry Infused
  7. 7. A STRONG COMMITMENT BEHIND THE BRAND $2 million dollars already invested in Establishing North America’s largest vinegar cellar. Scalable operation that can provide volume and maintain an age claim. Experienced management team Bertrand Deltour, President - Experience of working in over 50 countries with Moet Hennessy. David Gare, VP Sales and Marketing - 10 Years of key account management with Diageo in North America and Europe. Robert Tepper, National Sales Manager USA - 35 year track record of successfully launching new Natural and Specialty Foods in the USA.