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Marthas presentation small

  1. 1. Baking Mixes4407 Giannecchini Lane, Stockton, CA 95206
  2. 2. From our Family to yours Martha’s is a Second Generation,Family owned business, steeped with old fashioned goodness.
  3. 3. First Cafe  1979 the Martha’s family opened its first In Cafe in La Jolla, CA and where they first createdAll Natural, Tasty and Healthy Menu items that offered customers an alternative to most Restaurant foods that have excessive
  4. 4. Martha’s Beginnings Restaurant foods that have excessive preservatives, sodium,fat and empty calories. Customers of the cafes wanted to have our products in their own home, so Marthas All Natural Brand of Gourmet Baking Mixes was launched.
  5. 5. • Marthas Sources Items that are All Natural , No Preservatives• Family Owned Operated, Second Generation • In Business Over 20 Years• New Sales Force Utilizing Sunrise Marketing • HUB Zoned Certified • Customer Service Oriented • We Stay True to Our Brand and Quality Martha’s Integrity
  6. 6. • NO preservatives • NO trans-fats • NO additives • NO added colors • Just NO chemicals at all • NO HasslesMartha loves the word NO! Just old fashioned goodness
  7. 7. Our “Compass” begins with our mission. Martha’s mission declares our purpose as acompany and serves as our guideline in which we weigh our actions and decisions. To always serve, value, and respect our customers. To use quality and consciousness in our operations and supply chain. Our Mission:
  8. 8. People: Every job is important and everyone counts. Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value. Planet: Act in an Environmentally Responsible Manner in reference to our packaging, manufacturing, transportation and representation. Productivity: Be results oriented; we challenge ourselves by setting and achieving ambitious goals Portfolio: To bring to our customers a diverse and successful brand Our Vision:Martha’s vision serves as the framework for our Compass and guidesour business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable quality and growth.
  9. 9. Accountability: Follow through on what you have promised. Be accountable for our actions and inactions Integrity: Strive to maintain high standards for honesty and integrity in all business dealing and in our working relationships. Collaboration:Only by the company doing well can the people do well and share in the success of a growing enterprise. Passion: We must bring our hearts and minds to work Quality: It is our history of performance and our reputation of excellence that sets us apart. Do what we do and do it well every day. Diversity: Possess a worldly view. Live Our Values: Our values serve as a Compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.
  10. 10. Community SupportMartha’s participates with local charities that enrich local underprivileged children.
  11. 11. PackagingMartha’s utilizes Innovative Sustained Packaging for Food Service. Martha’s offers a range of packaging, from Retail Bag/Boxes to Five Pound Bags, and a Twenty Five Pound Reusable Containers
  12. 12. Retail ProductsBaked from Scratch Taste
  13. 13. Our RetailProducts
  14. 14. SWEDISH OATMEALNUTRITION FACTSServing Size: 40g of mixServings per Container: 250Amount Per Serving:Calories 140Calories from Fat 20 % Daily Value* ® PANCAKE MIX # of Pancakes Pancake M ix M ilk Eg s g g D I RECTI ONS ently reblend dry ing 9 18 1 cup 2 cups 1 cup 2 cups 1 2 redients before meas 36 72 4 cups 8 cups 4 cups 8 cups 4 8 uring Food ServiceTotal Fat 2g 3% M elted Butter or Oil 2 tbs 4 tbs 1/ 2 cup p p 1 cupSaturated Fat 0g 3% M ix together and let stand 10 minutes Add water if neces ary . sCholesterol 0mg 0% All of our Retail Products are available in 5lb to thin. For bes res t ults cook on medium heat, or 325°. ,Sodium 470mg 20 % Cook until nicely browned. Enjoy with fres fruit, maple s h yrup,Total Carb 27g 9% applesauce, or your favorite yog urt.Dietary Fiber 3g 10 %. WAFFLES & C OOKIES T OO ..CREAM TOGETH ER:1/ 2 cupSugar 3g (1 stick) softened butter, 1 eg , 1/ 2 cup brown s ar, ts g ug p.Protein 5g cinnamon. BLEND T OGETH ER WI TH : 2 cups M artha’s Swedis Oat- hVitamin A 0% meal Pancake M ix M I X I N BY H AND: 3/ 4 cup rais ins and/ or walnuts,Vitamin C 0% 1 cup chocolate chips. Drop cookies 1” apart on & f latten to 1/ 2” with aCalcium 10 % and 25 sustainable packaging. We have over 20 fork. Bake at 375° for 10-12 minutes until g olden brown, M akes 2 dozen.Iron 8% Thank you for serving our Products!* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 caloriediet. Your daily Values may be higher or lower de- Manufactured for:pending on your calorie needs. Martha Olson’s Great Foods, Inc., Sutter Creek, CA 95685Ingredients:Rolled Oats, Enriched Wheat Flour 800.973.3966(with Niacin, Iron, Thiamin,Riboflavin)**, Golden GranulatedSugar, Oat Bran**, “Aluminum Free”Baking Powder, Pure Vanilla Powder,and Sea Salt. **Organically Grown and processed Net Weight 400 oz. (25 lb) (11.34 kg) years of providing Restaurants with our Bakingin accordance with the California FoodAct of 2003 UPC 7-38005-51101 Mixes.
  15. 15. • Quarterly Promotions Available • Advertising Dollars • Participation in Food Shows • Demos • Shipper Program • Holiday One Time Buys • Free Fills Based on Product SalesPromotions That Work
  16. 16. Technology QR (Quick Response) CodeMartha’s continually seeks out new technology to enhance our Company’s business platform. We use Social Media, Email, IPads andIPhones, Globalization, and web to support our staff in their every day operation of the company to support our Customers and our sales team.
  17. 17. Audited Warehouse With Score in The Top 10% Warehouse Martha’s is continually striving for the top scores in all of our operations. We actively interact with the governing institutions thatoversee our Industry. Our 30,000 square foot warehouse is AIB and Silliker Approved.
  18. 18. Baking MixesThank you for your interest in Martha’s All Natural 4407 Giannecchini Lane, Stockton, CA 95206