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Marketing Management PPT on Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning


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Marketing Management PPT on Segmentation,Targeting and Positioning

  1. 1. Marketing Management Presentation on STP By: Arijit,Debasmita,Damyanti,Amitesh, Sayantoni,Deepanjan,Shouvik, Somenath & Devshuvro.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION:  Milk chocolate for eating was first made by Cadbury in 1897.  In June 1905 George Cadbury Junior, introduced its first Dairy Milk bar.  Became the company's best selling product by 1913.  Fruit and Nut was introduced as part of the Dairy Milk line in 1928, soon followed by Whole Nut in 1933.  By this point, Cadbury's was the brand leader in the United Kingdom.
  3. 3. CADBURY INDIA: Established in India: 1948.  Manufacturing facilities at: 1) Thane, 2) Induri (Pune), 3) Malanpur (Gwalior), 4) Bangalore 5) Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) Operates in India in 4 categories viz. 1) Chocolate confectionary 2) Milk food drinks 3) Candy 4) Gum
  4. 4. Products(Impulse category):            Dairy Milk. 5–Star. Perk. Celebration. Temptation. Éclairs. Gems. Halls. Bubbaloo. Bourneville. Dairy Milk SILK.
  5. 5. Positioning strategy: More for the same: As we are offering the same quality same taste at a economy price. Brand strategy: We will position our brand at its attributes that is its innovative ingredient and good taste. And strong beliefs and values as Cadbury’s have many loyal customers. The product name is Enticing Treats means a mouth watering treat which is simply irresistible The brand is licensed and is a international brand.
  6. 6. Geographic Segments: • REGION: Chocolates are everybody’s favorite so there is no limit of region , it is used all over the world. • COUNTRIES: Perhaps categorized by size , development and membership of geographic region. • CLIMATE: Northern and southern.
  7. 7. Demographic Segments: • AGE: 5-60 years. • GENDER: Male/Female • FAMILY LIFE CYCLE: Young, Single, Married, Older • INCOME: As concluded from the survey that our prices are economical so everyone can afford it. • EDUCATION: Grade school or less, some high school, high school graduate, college graduate.
  8. 8. Psychographic Segments: • Attitude towards the product: The attitude towards our product is positive as people are very in trusted in our new product. • Life Style: Those are willing to experiment with alternate products in place of conventional food items, as the universe of chocolate consumption is changing from occasion led to more casual consumption.
  9. 9. Behavioral Segments: Occasions:We are targeting special occasions like New Years Eve and Valentines Day . Eid etc. Benefits: We are providing good quality product at economical prices. Keep the customers fitness in mind we are providing chocolate coated with nuts which will have a low calorie count. Usage Rate: The user rate is heavy in the behavioral segmentation of Cadbury dairy milk.