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BIM In Practice Seminar

  2. 2. About The Speaker • Group Manager Learning & Innovation at CCC • VP Marketing & Consulting Service at CCT • 25 years construction experience • Past GM of CCC EPC Oil & Gas unit • Led the establishment of BIM center in Cairo • Managed the implementation of project control systems at CCC • Founded Projacs office in Riyadh • Worked in the USA for major design and construction firms • Ph.D. Degree in Construction Management for University of California at Berkeley • B.Sc. Degree in Civil Engineering- Kuwait University
  3. 3. Company Introduction • Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) was originally formed in 1952 in Lebanon • CCC currently employs approximately 173,000 people in its worldwide operations • CCC is an ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company with the highest level of commitment to HSE • CCC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with the highest level of commitment to Quality • CCC is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company and applies the Information Security Management System (ISMS) to all company activities. • CCC is predominately a construction company, providing project management, engineering, procurement and construction services to the industry • Currently ranked 1st in the Middle East and 18th in ENR Top International Contractors (2018) 3
  4. 4. The CCC Family Fundamentals • CCC is a privately owned company with a unique set of cultural values and traditions embodying Integrity, Honour, Dignity, Trust, Loyalty and Hard Work • As a privately owned company, decision making is carried out quickly at the highest level • CCC has an open door policy to the highest level encouraging openness and transparency • Our extended CCC family is comprised of loyal long time members, highly motivated, skilled professionals with extensive proven expertise and experience with the majority dedicating their entire careers with CCC • Once awarded a project CCC becomes categorically committed to deliver the project to its Client on schedule to the highest HSE and Quality standards meeting or exceeding Contract Conditions and Specifications • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the CCC Corporate Vision undertaking the role of “Corporate Citizenship” to ensure that business values and behavior are aligned to balance between improving and developing CCC’s business, as well as improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families, local communities and societies 4
  5. 5. Major Ongoing Projects 5
  6. 6. Landmark Projects 6
  7. 7. • CCT is the primary technology provider of Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) since 1998. • Focused on Construction Management and Optimization Solutions and Services. • CCT resources are based in Athens, Beirut, Dubai, Egypt, and Canada. • With a growing install base outside of CCC, CCT has a full enabled marketing team and partnership network focused on selling customers throughout the world. • Recognized as a Leading CM Solutions Provider by several consortiums and organizations. Introduction CETI Awards from Fiatech 2010: “Optimization of Resources for Optimum Construction Timing” 2016: Technology & Knowledge Enabled Workforce Category Winner
  8. 8. Main Customers Include: – CCC in all sites (Europe, ME, Africa, Asia, Pacific, N/S. America). VBC (document control system) alone has been installed in over 150+ sites. – CCC JV’s with companies such as Bechtel, Almabani, Fluor, TAV, JGC, Technip, Chiyoda, Linde – Owner Operators: GASCO, ZADCO, Borouge, ADCO, Petroleum Development Oman, KJO – Sunway Malaysia – Engie Canada – Siemens PG, Germany – BEMCO, Saudi Arabia – Arabtec, UAE – NPCC, UAE – Morganti, USA – CCED, Oman – Sicon, Italy – ACWA Services, UK Customers & Countries
  9. 9. Solutions
  10. 10. BIM1..What is BIM?
  11. 11. Sponsors
  13. 13. BIM Staff allocation in Projects and Offices (Total 200) Building Information Modeling (BIM) CCT Group BIM Operations Backbone CCC has established professional BIM Centers - Centers of Excellence, where specialized engineers have been recruited and trained to be able to develop efficiently quality BIM. 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 150 200 200 200 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Algeria Cairo Marocco Oman Kazahstan Qatar UAE Athens Palaestine Cairo USA PROJECTS OFFICES 3017 50 44 10154 10 35 3 Athens: 17 Engineers Cairo: 35 Engineers Palestine:30 Engineers
  14. 14. BIM CENTERS ROLE • Enforce unified corporate BIM strategies and policies • Apply the same method of the recruitment and selection of BIM candidates • Deliver common education and knowledge among BIM Resources • Ensure the quality of the recruited resources and motivating them to adhere to the same QC processes and Workflows • Emphasize and grow ethics among team members • Ensures continuous development and education • Enable prompt BIM implementations in projects • Support the limited BIM resources on site during peak workloads • Maintain cost efficiency and competency relative to market standards • Ensure ROI for CCC and its Clients
  15. 15. BIM ACADEMY was established in 2011 in Athens. The Academy provides specialized knowledge to professionals in an academic environment from hands-on construction experience, BIM and IT skills. This results-in attaining quality and competent BIM resources who can take this technology to a true and effective level of implementation. The BIM Academy has assembled top quality BIM instructors through a rigorous selection process. BIM Academy Curriculum • 2D Environment and Construction Methodology • Engineering and Quantity Surveying Standards • 3D Environment and Introduction to BIM Methodology • Developing Comprehensive BIM (Architectural, Structural and MEP) • Standard Coding, Interoperability and BIM QA/QC Best Practices • Enriching BIM Data and Reporting to Meet Construction and O&M • Design Coordination, Clash Detection and the RFI Process • Drawings and Schedules Extraction from the BIM • Planning / Schedule Simulation (4D Workflows) • Rendering and Visualization • Visual Project Controls - Construction Methods • Project Data Repository, Maintenance/ Integration with FM/AM /O&M Modes of Cooperation with Clients The BIM Academy offers three modes for training delivery: • Comprehensive Class Room Education • Customized Class Room Education • Online Education Offered Through Our Academic Partner, Zigurat (Online Institute) – Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects Training Duration (typ): 3-6m References: Sunway, ADAC, TAV, Arabtec, Dubai-RTA, China State, Atlas, PK- Gulf, AlGhurair, Zigurat, Stanford University, Bentley Systems, etc. BIM Academy
  16. 16. OUR BIM JOURNEY • 1996: Award of Shaybah Civil Infrastructure project -3D structural steel models to manage steel procurement and fabrication.3D-models authoring for buildings from 2D drawings. • 1997: 1st BIM authoring to extract BOQs for luxury hotel &1.0M sqm mixed development in Cairo • 1998: Establishment of BIM center in Cairo –Offering BIM services on lump sum basis. • 2003: GIS Implementation –South Africa Mozambique Pipeline (SASOL) • 2005: C3D software first release. • 2006: Establishment of BIM center in the Palestine with the cooperation of Birzeit University • 2008: CCC assumed the leadership role with other partners of ENCORD’s 5Di initiative – • 2011: BIM Academy in Athens • 2013: First release of C3D Planner –a solution for BIM based project controls (planning & progress monitoring, cost control and Handover management) • 2013: The Be Inspired Awards -Midfield Terminal Building -Abu Dhabi International Airport Project “Innovation in Comprehensive BIM” Award • 2016: CETI award for “Technology & Knowledge Enabled Workforce” -CCC King Hussein Cancer Center –3D LEAN-based room completion system. • 2017: James Porter Award for Leadership in Innovation
  17. 17. So.. What is BIM? • Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle. – NBIMS – National BIM Standard – United States • BIM is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. The resulting building information models become shared knowledge resources to support decision-making about a facility from earliest conceptual stages, through design and construction through its operational life and eventual demolition. – ISO • A shared digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of any built object including buildings, bridges, roads, process plants etc. forming a reliable basis for decisions. – buildingSMART Alliance • The process of using BIM models to improve the planning, design and construction process is increasingly being referred to as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). – AGC The “I” in BIM and the required processes to create the shared digital representation of the facility to support decision-making are the key challenges. The BIM Team is the information backbone for the project
  18. 18. BIM Benefits 1 of 3 BIM Savings*: Design Phase Duration 30% Design Cost 8% Construction Duration 10% Construction Cost 3% University of Maryland Study
  19. 19. BIM Benefits 2 of 3 Study by Stanford University on 20 similar projects Project Types: (A) No BIM, little collaboration (B) Some BIM, some collaboration (C) All BIM, high collaboration RFIs, Change Orders Reduction
  20. 20. BIM Benefits 3 of 3 Stanford University Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE) figures based on 32 major projects using BIM indicates benefits such as: • Up to 50% elimination of unbudgeted changes. • Cost estimation accuracy within 3%. • Up to 80% reduction in time taken to generate a cost estimate. • A saving of up to 10% of the contract value through clash detections. • Up to 7% reduction in major time.
  21. 21. University of Cambridge. May 2018 Future cities and Building Information Management Final Report BIM Around The World
  22. 22. Why: • Improve project delivery in terms of quality • Enhance coordination and collaboration between stakeholders • Reduce time and cost • Standardize requirements and spec • Facilitate generation of BOQs. • Improve pricing accuracy
  23. 23. Opera Grand Tower Project - Dubai
  24. 24. King Abdul Azziz Center For World Culture (Ithra) (2017)
  25. 25. Barriers to BIM
  26. 26. Scalability?
  27. 27. BIM in Design
  28. 28. Project Planning Phase Destini Suite- Beck Technologies Rule Based Solution: • Rapid 3D modeling • Structural & energy analysis • Evaluate various alternatives • Construction simulation
  29. 29. Developer studied 13 different designs in 2 weeks including architectural, MEP, and construction cost and time Courtesy of Optima
  30. 30. Roof truss design for a fooball stadium in the M.E. Work by Flager & Haymaker in collaboration with Arup Sports, London An engineer with today’s tools cannot compete with an engineer with same tools that are integrated
  31. 31. BIM Implementation at CCC CCC had passed through different stages of BIM implementation as follows: • Building BIM models for final as-built drawings. • Building BIM for design Coordination. • Designing using BIM Technology to coordinate and generate drawings.
  32. 32. Challenges • How to develop work breakdown structure (WBS) to allow multiple designers from multiple disciplines to work on a single building BIM model? • How to extract detailed design drawings from BIM Models? • How to reflect BIM updates on detailed design drawings? • How to dynamically link detailed design drawings to BIM models? • How to optimize the use of BIM and maximize the benefits? • How to meet project engineering deliverable schedule? • How to integrate BIM models with main A/E firm 3D Design system (Geometry and information)?
  33. 33. BIM Execution Plan 1. BIM goals, objectives, and use cases 2. BIM team organization and roles 3. Modeling guidelines – List of Models, BIM Levels of Development (LODs) 4. Key work processes (authoring, drawings productions, coordination, BOQ extractions, etc.) 5. BIM quality control checklists (tagging, duplication, BOQ reports, etc.) 6. Reporting requirements 7. Interoperability requirements, EDI Requirements 8. List of software and hardware requirements 9. Model Development Plan/schedule. A plan defining how the BIM Model(s) will be developed to meet the Project Milestones BIM information exchange methods and formats. Model(s) review milestones, etc. 10. List of deliverables
  34. 34. Key Issues • Requirements/Specifications driven design • Design milestones definition (30%, 60%..) • Design workflows • Design coordination • Models ownership • Progress measurement • IT solution architecture • BIM Quality Plan
  35. 35. BIM Training • Training on new workflow and design process based on BIM technology. • Training on how to build intelligent BIM models for different discipline. • Training on how to extract detailed design drawings. • Training on how to reflect BIM updates on model. • Training on how to dynamically link detailed design drawing to BIM model.
  36. 36. Integrating BIM to Analysis Courtesy of Burohappold Engineering
  37. 37. Visualize the Design Integrating a new parking structure Courtesy of MAX BOGL
  38. 38. Automated Authoring Example courtesy Brett Young, BuildingsSP
  39. 39. BIM Quality Management Procedure To ensure the quality, accuracy and completeness of the information generated by each stakeholder involved in the development of the BIM platform, strict quality control procedures and methods are applied by the BIM centers teams prior to any official sharing of information. This includes the following QC check points/items: • Completeness of Information • Check lists • Discipline specific QC sheets • Visual checks • Standard checks / validation • Element validation • Integrity between geometry and data • Data updates (workflows, tools) • Model accuracy and tolerance • Interoperability • EDI compliance • Etc.
  40. 40. BIM Quality Procedures and Checklists
  41. 41. BIM in Construction
  42. 42. Construction BIM Model
  43. 43. Document Control Collaboration Transmittals RFI etc Quantity Take offs Workflow Tracking (Fab. Tracking) Batching Material & Logistics Control Quality Control Warehousing DRWGs & Specs Variations RFIs Submittal s MTO Estimation Budget BOQ Work Groups 3D Model Building Blocks Direct Cost Estimate Budget/ Cost Codes Time Attendance Actual Man-hours PO Register information Planning MTO, Objects & Workflows Planned Dates Actual Progress Talisman VBC REPORTS BOQ WBS Discipline Codes (Category) Actual Cost Subcontractors / Suppliers MTO MTO WBS & Cost Code QC Certification Doc Reg. Submittals Doc Reg. Material Delivery SMR, PO, Expediting Info Integration with other EDMS’s & procurement systems Estimation/Project Control Team Engineering Design Project Control Accounting Payroll Tags Site Invoices, JVs SMR, PO,MRR Material request Plant and / Maintenance PMV Cost Detailing HR Taliso/BBS DRWGs & Specs Atlas REPORT S Procurement Purchase Expediting QC, Punchlist & Handover Midas Armada Time Sheet PayIT Candy ProjMon HRMS TalismanPrimavera 3D Model Tekla/Triforma Site Progress Report C3D Planner / Pyramid / ProjMon Progress Correspondences, RFI, drawings ..etc..) CONTROL SYSTEMS Overview
  44. 44. BIM Controls Implementation MOO Project (Integration, Progress Collection & Reporting) MOO Project team August 2018
  45. 45. Outline  BIM Models Workflow  Models Development  BIM Deliverables  Tracking Variations  Procurement Packages  3-Months Look-Aheads  Enhanced Construction and Progress Layouts  BIM Output into Automation/Controls Input  (BIM Controls Methodology – Recap)  Data Integration  Mapping automated progress collection from IRs  GIS – Geographic Information Systems  Online smart maps on desktops, phones & tablets  Data retrieval and entry  Benefits
  46. 46. Models Development MM MOO_RNC_00_ARC-FIN_C-FLOR-00070 MemberMark MOO_RNC_00_ARC-FIN_C-FLOR- 00070 Room Name DRIVER WC Room Number 00070 Floor Finish FLH-110 Floor Area 6.730 m2 Screed 85mm Skirting - Start Date 23/4/2019 Finish Date 30/5/2019 BOQ Code P2.J.004.A Actual Progress 0% Activity Code DML0RNCBFF1060 MM MOO_RNC_01_ARC-FIN_C-WFIN-00070 MM MOO_RNC_01_ARC-PRT_C-BLCK-118
  47. 47. BIM Deliverables Rooms Numbers, Zones Quantities (MTOs) Finishes Type Shop Drawings References CAIs reference IFC references BOQ Codes As-Built data Payment Certificate BIM Outputs BIM Inputs Progress Activities Inspection Requests (IRs) Automation Automation QC Procureme nt Packages Variations Progress & Look Ahead 2D Constructi on Layouts As-Built data Payment Certificate Procurement Packages Variations Progress & Look Ahead 2D Construction Layouts MM MOO_RNC_01_ARC-FIN_C-FLOR-00070
  48. 48. Tracking Variations
  49. 49. Procurement Packages
  50. 50. 3 Months Look Ahead
  51. 51. 2D Construction Layouts-Wall Finishes
  52. 52. Progress Layout –Flooring
  53. 53. 2D Enhanced Construction Layouts Screed Layouts Finish Schedule MTOs Zoning Layouts Screed Schedule 2D Enhanced Finishes Layouts Automation QC Construction Planning Engineering Controls Management BIM Input BIM OutputLocations Screed thickness Total quantities Types Finishes zones
  54. 54. Progress (2D Layouts & 3D Models) Rooms Numbers, Zones Quantities (MTOs) Finishes Type Shop Drawings References CAIs reference IFC references BOQ Codes BIM Outputs BIM Inputs Progress Activities Inspection Requests (IRs) Automation Automation QC Progress & Look Ahead 3D 2D
  55. 55. 3D Progress-Flooring
  56. 56. BIM Output, Automation / Controls Input
  57. 57. C3D® Planner Key Features • C3D is highly customizable “nD” visualization platform for project management with fully integratable database driven backend. • 3D engine designed to handle large models and data. Works with several file formats from different vendors including IFC, Autodesk, Bentley, Tekla, Intergraph. • Built-in features for Advanced Work Packaging and Lean Planning. • Full integration with Primavera and MS Project. • 4D and 5D based Planning Tools integratable with several third- party systems. Designed to link WBS, project scope, schedules, material statuses… all the way to the release of Construction Work Order cards. • Flexible reporting tool incl. 3D-PDF output.
  58. 58. C3D Planner Data aggregation ability to any level of detail based on PCWBS, OBS, CBS, SBS, RBS, etc. Link 3D models to BOQ and related drawings, specs, etc. Impact Analysis of variations Linking schedule to objects/BOQ Develop Lean-Based plans. Print lean cards directly from C3D C3D® Planner Visualize progress on 3D, compare plan to actual and perform EV analysis Assign work package to foreman
  59. 59. Engineering C3D BIM Planning Procurement Certification QC Construction DCG DCG BIM Tagged Models Objects / Tags / Objects BIM Quantities Planning C3D Planner QS C3D Talisman Certification C3D ATLAS Visuals C3D Studio Object 1 Object 2 Object 3 Object 4 … Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Activity 4 … Operation 1 ---- BOQ Code 1 x Rate 1 Operation 2 ---- BOQ Code 2 x Rate 2 Operation 3 ---- BOQ Code 3 x Rate 3 100 % 100 % 100 % Qty 1 m3 Qty 2 m2 Qty 3 Ton Qty 4 m … Object 10 Object 11 Object 12 Object 13… Object 1 Object 2 Object 3 Object 4 … Object 10 Object 11 Object 12 Object 13… Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 … Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 …    System / Zone / Area Earned Value Schedule / WBS MTO Model Models & MTO’s Data Bank Engineering Register Procurement Register Completed For Handing over QS  Progress Reports  Inspection Reports  Engineering Status  S/C Scope  4D Analysis  Procurement Status  Site Work Orders
  60. 60. C3D BIM DCG BIM Tagged Models Objects / Tags / Objects BIM Quantities Planning C3D Planner QS C3D Talisman Certification C3D ATLAS Object 1 Object 2 Object 3 Object 4 … Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3 Operation 1 ---- BOQ Code 1 x Rate 1 Operation 2 ---- BOQ Code 2 x Rate 2 Operation 3 ---- BOQ Code 3 x Rate 3 100 % 100 % 100 % Object 10 Object 11 Object 12 Object 13… Object 1 Object 2 Object 3 Object 4 … Object 10 Object 11 Object 12 Object 13… Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 … Form 1 Form 2 Form 3 …    MTO Mapping Automated Progress Calculation from IRs Visuals C3D Studio Model Controls Automated Reports
  61. 61. Mapped IR Forms
  62. 62. Integration Outputs - 4D Simulations - Generating Payment Certificate - Automated link between site progress and inspections - Automated Inspection Progress Reports - Automated Progress Reports – From IR’s - By Activity, Object, Commodity, Area…
  63. 63. GIS Geographic Information System
  64. 64. GIS is… • Geographic information System is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of spatial or geographical data. • This information system integrates, stores, edits, analyzes, shares, and displays geographic information. • GIS applications are the tools that allow users to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information, edit data in maps, and present the results of all these operations. • This term is attached to many applications related to engineering, planning, management, transport/logistics, insurance, telecommunications, and other businesses. • GIS and location intelligence applications can be the foundation for many location-enabled services that rely on analysis and visualization.
  65. 65. GIS – Geographic Information Systems - Combines data gathered from various Systems into a comprehensive data warehouse which provides a smart control system using live online maps. - Online GIS maps can be generated and made accessible on computers or phones/tablets; providing visual on-demand information linked to location, progress, inspection, resources, quantities… data. - Simultaneously, this can be a 2-ways data sharing tool (to and from site) having the ability to feed on-the-spot data directly to the system.
  66. 66. GIS Integrated Controls Engineering ArcGIS Online BIM Planning Certification QC Construction DCG Comprehensive Online Portal ATLAS DB C3D DB VBC DB
  67. 67. Demo…
  68. 68. Recorded Demo from Mobile Device
  69. 69. Benefits • Integration of works • Unifying terms & codes • Having one main source of information • Faster / reliable / systematic • Visual & graphical analysis & output reports • Ability to study impact of variations on activities linked to model items • Automating reports • Automating 3-months look-heads
  70. 70. Building Information Modeling (BIM) CCC Group Object Naming: Asset Tagging Structural Object Tagging Objects are tagged based on agreed WBS ensuring uniqueness of each element.
  71. 71. BIM Based Material Take Off ROI : BIM Methods Reduced The Number of Quantity Surveying Team from 60 to 6 - 90% Saving in Direct Cost
  72. 72. Document Lifecycle Management and Traceability
  73. 73. Issam El-Absi, General Manager BIM CCC CentersBuilding Information Modeling (BIM) CCC Group OPENING SCHEDULE TRACEABILITY
  74. 74. Clash Detection  Reduction Of Costly On-Site Errors  Time Saving  Quality Improvement Of The Design  Making Reliable Decisions  Reducing Risks
  76. 76. Interface Plan & Logistics Plan
  77. 77. BIM Laser Scanning – As Built
  78. 78. ROI Innovative Methods For BIM Based Collaboration Collaboration i - Room Reduced The Cycle Of Critical RFI’S From 28 Days Down to (7 to 2) days
  79. 79. Finally..
  80. 80. BIM for FM and O&M • Why do we need systems to manage FM/ O&M? • Can BIM help? • Example data preparation
  81. 81. TIPS ON BIM IMPLEMENTATION - 1 1. Establish a clear BIM strategy: what processes are you trying to improve? Priorities? In-house vs. outsourcing? BIM organizational structure? Multi-discipline resources? 2. Be aware that most stakeholders have limited BIM capabilities 3. Invest in training: tailored training; lack of real BIM experts, learning curve 4. Establish clear criteria on level of modeling (LOD) @ different project phases 5. BIM authoring should be aligned with method of construction 6. Start BIM as early as possible (tendering phase). BIM is time consuming. Need to develop several automation tools to speed-up modeling.
  82. 82. TIPS ON BIM IMPLEMENTATION - 2 7. Establish clear data quality management procedures. Don’t rely on the software 8. Establish clear communication between BIM staff and site staff –consider having dedicated BIM coordinators in large projects 9. Get the right software. Be ready to face challenges in adapting the software to real construction requirements 10. Collaboration with other stakeholders is crucial to maintain accurate BIM data. Comprehensive project EDI is a must 11. You need clear procedures to manage changes. 12. Remember that your BIM data will become obsolete if you don’t keep updating it with actual installation information.
  83. 83. READING INTO CLIENTS REQUIREMENTS • Does the client have own standards for numbering components, 3D components library, components properties, 3D authoring & 3D collaboration software? • Does the client mandate that 2D plans and shop drawings are to be extracted from coordinated 3D models? • Does the client mandate that changes are to be reflected in 3D before issuing drawings? • Does the client require modelling of temporary works, logistics planning using 3D, planning, progress monitoring, procurement management,…? • Does the client require as-built BIM? What are his data handover requirements?
  84. 84. Standard Terms – Good To Remeber BS 1192: Code of practice – Collaborative production of architectural, engineering and construction information IFC: Industry Foundation Class is a neutral and open specification file format. The data model facilitates interoperability between object-based s/w platforms COBIE: Construction-Operations Building Information Exchange, a standard spreadsheet data format that controls the transition of as-built into O&M CDE: Common Data Environment, a single source of engineering information for the project. It is used to collect, manage and disseminate all relevant approved project documents
  85. 85. BIM Maturity
  86. 86. Finally.. BIM will reach mature phase, when: - All project/facility stakeholders adopt full BIM implementation. - Project Managers/ Asset Managers actively lead BIM implementation. - BIM creation/update is part of the work process of different project/ department staff. - Establish robust work processes to support quality project information base - Well-defined “temporal” data model, workflows and business roles - BIM truly describes how the project will be constructed (or facility operated). - Powerful software tools that can capture/link and manage effectively facility information. - ??
  87. 87. Thank you
  88. 88. Recommende d Actions A dedicated BIM organization is a must to manage the implementation of various initiatives at both corporate and projects levels. Corporate BIM Organizatio n Project- 3 BIM TeamProject- 2 BIM TeamProject- 1 BIM Team Core BIM Team Expand Assign . BIM Execution Plan . Communication Plan . Quick Wins . Corporate BIM resources . BIM standards . Best Practice Workflows . Training Program . BIM effectiveness . R&D . Project specific Workflows . Data interfaces . Construction BIM model . Establish Corporate BIM . BIM-based reporting Responsibilities Construction, Engineering, Project control, Data model, data architecture, IT software, & communication Skills . Identify candidates . Establish BIM Job Family . Setup Corporate team . Setup BIM teams for quick wins . Include BIM team in Org Charts