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Colorado Theia System Project


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The Colorado Virtual Studio System incorporates gated and monitored access to valued tools (production and post production equipment) in the creation of original student work. In order to access production equipment, students must present written work (outlines, then treatments, then screenplays) that serve as the blueprint to the final project (completed film). The student project leader assembles a team of specialists (actors, producers and/or directors, art directors, directors of photography, production managers, lighting and sound technicians, makeup, wardrobe, and set design trainees, logistical coordinators, production assistants, camera operators, location managers, etc.) required for successful project completion. However, within this system, project completion is not the mere lensing and editing of the proposed project. It is the delivery of the project to the consumer (audience) through a variety of venues. Consequently, the gated access to desired resources is contingent on market focus, just as it is in the real world.

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Colorado Theia System Project

  1. 1. Community College of Aurora
  2. 2. Digital storage of student projects with links to personal pages on TheiaSys. Work stored on the TheiaSys can serve out private links to potential employers, in addition to being part of the searchable in-house imdb account with real film links for students at CFS.
  3. 3. Ensemble interface for creating shared playlists. This can be used by faculty to support instruction, or by students to share work or work in teams.
  4. 4. Students generate credits on their individual users pages
  5. 5. The software also allows the upload of numerous file types, including a PDF file of a screen play which will live with the finished film on the server
  6. 6. The finished film is stored on the server in both compressed and uncompressed versions.
  7. 7. The film content can be viewed as linked through credits on TheiaSys personal pages.
  8. 8. Playback views of uploaded and credited content displays both compressed and uncompressed file
  9. 9. Instructors can create and store instructional videos for students and faculty. Videos can then be linked to online resources or sent individually to reinforce learning.
  10. 10. Students use the portal to view their uploaded projects at the end of the semester allowing seamless Faculty Judging. Each project is uploaded by course category, judged within that category, and tallied instantly to determine projects which will be shown at the Harkins Theaters.
  11. 11. Each site pages can be developed to be either static or dynamic with variable functionality.
  12. 12. Layout options include several search features
  13. 13. Global login screen provides access to all users of TheiaSys, while the search function is available in the top menu of each page with the option to use the advanced search features
  14. 14. Real and sandbox projects include all stages of production and development.
  15. 15. Production and postproduction elements can be managed individually or in groups
  16. 16. Details for individuals on each project can be broken down into sub-groups by project and availability.
  17. 17. TheiaSys users can view all available/unavailable equipment depending on their class experience level
  18. 18. Student identification page which is a part of a searchable database with a listing of the students credits with links to actual media. Students can also access blogs, forums and messages from the profile page.
  19. 19. Innovation Project by Colorado Community College System-Immersive and Game-Based Learning Faculty Challenge grant is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.