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Bedford College has developed a sophisticated Moodle plug-in to track students’ progress against criteria and units for BTEC qualifications. The system currently supports all levels of qualifications including Diplomas, Extended Diplomas, FDs, HNCs and HNDs. The system is currently being extended to accommodate other families of qualifications.

In addition to providing teachers and students with a graphical overview of progress in completing qualifications, the system also provides predicted grades based on prior qualifications and on current progress in meeting criteria.

Teachers are provided with tools that enable them to update progress, add comments at criteria level, customise qualifications and units, specify individualised programmes for students and view reports by class list, unit or student.

Presentation by Roy Currie

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Tracking BTEC grades in Moodle - Bedford College

  1. 1. Roy Currie, Director of Information & Learning Technologies, Bedford College
  2. 2. Background Migrated from WebCT/Blackboard Campus Edn. 4 to Moodle on May 11 2009 – Original plan was to go to Blackboard 9 Currently using Moodle 1.9.x Currently have  xxx active courses  xxxxx students
  3. 3. Key Features 1 All students have Moodle as home page NTLM/LDAP Single sign-on gMail intergration with automated provisioning of student email accounts Separation of content and cohort management through use of metacourses and automated course enrolment Chat is permitted and monitored Extensive customisation of ULCC community ePLP module and development of Grade Tracking system
  4. 4. Course StructureMeta courses with Hidden Child Students content Courses 201211 H203_09 201212 L2 Beauty H204_09 201213 201214 H204_10 201215 H205_09 L2 Hair 201216 H205_10 201217 H206_10 201218 201219 H207_09 L3 Beauty 201220 H207_10 201221
  5. 5. Integrating Communications Established account with gmail Used [StudentID] as address [Username] is staff email going to exchange Gmail accounts are automatically created when learners first log onto Moodle New mail notifications are pushed onto the Moodle home page Clicking on new mail links enables seamless transition between gMail and Moodle through single sign on
  6. 6. Enabling Chat Use of Moodle chat is permitted! This is monitored by Learning technologies staff Report for monitoring chat has been customised One-button ban has been implemented for chat abusers Student pictures are set as their ID pictures Students can hide their online presence from other students.
  7. 7.  Attendance & Punctuality  Predicted grades  BKSB results  Prior learning  Subject reports  Grade Tracking  Tutorial record  Target setting and tracking  Issues & ConcernsMoodle & ePLP
  8. 8. ePLP Customisations Attendance and punctuality information with trending on overnight update from student data system Integration with BKSB Prior achievement recording and grade prediction Ability to add document attachments to ePLP Course report recording Tutorial recording (some customisation of target setting) Ability to add issues and concerns (shared between teaching team but not visible to learner)
  9. 9. Grade Tracker Currently covers all BTEC diploma, HNC and HND structures C&G, VRQ etc. under development Set for learners by adding ‘Qualification’ to child course Units and Criteria can be edited and configured at individual learner level Ability to provide feedback at unit and criteria levels By course, learners or unit views available Range of reports under development ‘Assignment view’ and tie in with electronic assignment submission under development.