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BNC Direct-to-consumer Webinar - November 2015 - Brian O'Leary


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Brian O'Leary, principal of Magellan Media Consulting, presents eight methods book publishers can use to leverage content marketing for successful ROI, along with the tools to implement a successful content marketing strategy at your publishing house. In this free one-hour webinar, he describes the models most beneficial to publishers, ways to attract and retain an audience, and how to monetize the process.

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BNC Direct-to-consumer Webinar - November 2015 - Brian O'Leary

  1. 1. Today’s talk • How direct marketing is already shaping book publishing • How conversion architectures work for direct-to- consumer (DTC) marketing • Why publishers are well-positioned for DTC • What you can try now to prepare for DTC sales • How publishers can be good content partners for other companies
  2. 2. DTC is already shaping book publishing
  3. 3. Source: Mequoda Group How conversion architectures work
  4. 4. Why publishers are well positioned for DTC • Established as content curators • Recognize and know how to tell great stories • In the business of linking content to markets
  5. 5. Publishers are accomplished curators • Curation provides value to readers • DTC creates opportunities to interact more frequently with those readers • The combination showcases content depth • Content depth can also earn attention from target influentials, multiplying effectiveness
  6. 6. Effective storytellers … • Recognize and value high-quality content • Understand a target audience • Can focus on niches • Develop and nurture a unique style • Offer a clear point of view
  7. 7. Linking content to markets • Historically skilled at identifying target audiences • Comfortable using free (ARCs, galley, blads) content to promote paid sales • “Whoever decided to put chairs in bookstores was a content marketing genius” • The success of “Search Inside The Book” and its equivalents shows how this has migrated online • The value of tools like journey maps
  8. 8. –Joe Pulizzi, Founder Content Marketing Institute “If we only sell a book, we’ve failed.” But …
  9. 9. So what else is there? Recruit audiences interested in a topic, not just a format Offer multiple pathways to discovery and purchase Provide more than one opportunity to monetize an audience
  10. 10. What does the DTC opportunity represent? • A focus on content strategy, not just a new or different channel strategy • Imprints become platforms; focus is critical • Leverage both free (samples, gifts) and paid content
  11. 11. What to try now 1. Understand how search, social and referral marketing works 2. Inventory your content 3. Capitalize on the appeal of longer-form content 4. Measure what you do 5. Blog about the topics that matter to your targets 6. Think carefully about your calls to action 7. Nurture your infrastructure 8. Host a live event
  12. 12. Search, social and referral marketing • Learn how these things work • Put a senior person in charge (more than an IT assignment) • Regularly report and discuss best practices • Evaluate how ready you are to implement best practices
  13. 13. Inventory your content • Pick a niche to focus on • Review both published and marketing content • What could be packaged differently to better serve your target audiences? • What content needs an update to address a consumer audience? • Can you truly offer a critical mass of differentiated content?
  14. 14. Longer-form content • People do read longer-form content online • Search results favor relevant longer-form content • “What can we offer to attract & retain audiences?” (e.g., excerpts) • Test calls to action • Maintain or improve meta-tags and rich snippets
  15. 15. Measure what you do • Followers and subscribers • Engagement, via services like • Brand recognition • Return visitors • Untapped markets, especially outside your home territory
  16. 16. Develop a voice • Blog about the topics that matter to your audience • Cultivate a voice • Connect what you offer to the people who would value it • Test multiple forms of posts to see what resonates
  17. 17. Calls to action • “If we only sell a book, then we’ve failed.” • Obtain e-mail addresses • Cultivate new subscribers in a planned way • Learn first about interests and behaviors • Then, contact audience members with appropriate offers • Mine data for insight, ahead of revenue
  18. 18. Nurture your infrastructure • Make your content shareable (e.g., “Click to Tweet!”) • Optimize sharing buttons to reflect the platforms your intended audiences use • Make sure your site loads quickly • Make sure your site performs well on mobile platforms
  19. 19. Host a live event • Not as easy or straightforward, but in-person can inform your strategy in unexpected ways • Your authors are draws. Look for opportunities to make them stars. • Focus on an audience and its needs, not a format or just your list • Example: Harvard Common Press
  20. 20. Let’s take a break for questions before talking about becoming content partners.
  21. 21. Good content partners • Industries and niches that align with your list • Distinctive, high-quality content • Need not focus on the industry itself • Opportunity for publishers to bring their own DTC experiences to help a content partner
  22. 22. Top 10 content-marketing challenges Producing engaging content Producing content consistently Producing a variety of content Budget (lack of) Measuring content effectiveness Finding trained professionals Gaps in knowledge and skills Management buy-in Integration Technology issues 0% 15% 30% 45% 60% 45% 53% 58% 16% 22% 27% 30% 31% 40% 40%
  23. 23. Most frequently used content-marketing tactics Social media content Blogs eNewsletters Articles on website Case studies Videos In-person events Illustrations/photos Online presentations White papers Infographics Webinars/webcasts 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 59% 60% 64% 65% 68% 73% 74% 76% 79% 83% 87% 93%
  24. 24. The 12 most effective content-marketing tactics eBooks Webinars In-person events Videos Blogs eNewsletters Research reports Case studies White papers Microsites Online presentations Infographics 0% 17.5% 35% 52.5% 70% 65% 53% 55% 55% 57% 57% 58% 60% 60% 61% 62% 65%
  25. 25. Looking back … • Direct marketing is already shaping book publishing • Conversion architectures guide direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing • Publishers are well-positioned for DTC • Eight things to try now to prepare for DTC sales • Publishers can be good content partners for other companies