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Breaking Through Content Silos: Aligning Your Content Across Departments


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Customers and employees are happiest when they have context as well as content. Context requires a broad set of voices having one conversation. Too often, companies have initiatives in silos that yield duplicate, contradictory content that doesn’t serve the business’ main goals.

In this real-world study, learn how one company built a Community Interlock across all areas of the business, including Marketing, Engineering, Product Management, and Customer Success. With a minimum time investment, the Interlock yields rich community content, programming, and a feedback mechanism to share customer sentiment cross-functionally.

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Breaking Through Content Silos: Aligning Your Content Across Departments

  1. 1. Breaking through Content Silos Laurel Nicholes Director, Product Content Experience, F5 Networks Niki Vecsei Harrold Director, Community Strategy and Social Media, Transamerica
  2. 2. Agenda 1.Workforce Silos 2.Content Silos 3.Problem to solve 4.Content Potluck, defined 5.Getting Executive Buy-in 6. Find your Champions 7.How does Content Potluck work? 8. Gains for you and your audience 9. Success Stories 10.Best Practices Breaking through Content Silos
  3. 3. Workforce Silos Breaking through Content Silos • No longer an issue limited to enterprise sized companies • Silos grow because the need for speed trumps the need for knowledge sharing. • Which teams are effected most?
  4. 4. Content Silos Breaking through Content Silos • Workforce silos create content silos • Redundancies, misalignments on vocabulary, tone of voice, brand elements etc. • Customers don’t care who wrote what, they care that their problem will get solved.
  5. 5. Problem to solve…. Breaking through Content Silos 51% of companies surveyed do not ensure consistent content across channels.
  6. 6. Why? Breaking through Content Silos • No unified content strategy (42%) • Tool chains don’t connect (41%) • Manual Terminology management (71%)
  7. 7. Content Potluck Breaking through Content Silos ● Interlock between siloed teams. ● Mine your own content. ● Enterprise-wide content ideas ● Content managed from a centralized location ● No one can hide! ● Social Media promotion
  8. 8. Results? Breaking through Content Silos ● A rich assortment of content ● Support for different information foraging styles. ● Team and strategy is unified, but content format is diverse.
  9. 9. Solve the problem Breaking through Content Silos A single forum can address: ● Unified Content Strategy ○ Common content goals ○ Audience identification techniques ● Disconnected Tools ○ The current state ○ A roadmap forward ○ Build enterprise solutions together ● Terminology ○ Collaborative term definitions ○ Terminology compliance automation
  10. 10. Executive Buy In Breaking through Content Silos
  11. 11. Find your Champions Breaking through Content Silos ● Inventory current content owners ● Identify groups that have rich insights ● Who is passionate about customer experience? ● Identify barriers to entry
  12. 12. The right talent Breaking through Content Silos The best contributors: • Understood the audience • Created content that helped solve a problem Identify the profile or profiles of an ideal content contributor regardless of their “official” function or title.
  13. 13. The right profile Breaking through Content Silos Every community needs a wide variety of content creators, but they should share some key characteristics: • Show a passion for connecting with customers • Display deep interest in how our customers experience our product or service • They want to learn as much as they want to share knowledge • Have empathy for customer problems and a desire to help • Understand that helping one person online can organically scale to deflect hundreds maybe even thousands of identical support cases. • See community/content participation as a career advancement opportunity.
  14. 14. Get them to the table Breaking through Content Silos In these gatherings (preferably over lunch or breakfast) we discuss: • Content projects in flight, by team. • Content types currently in production • Publication dates, so we are constantly offering a steady stream of content to our customers. • Themes from customer support, customer visits, and community forums to spark new content project ideas. • Customer feedback from social media, communities and content portals.
  15. 15. A list to get you started Breaking through Content Silos Traditional Content Developers ● Digital & Product Marketing ● Information Development ● Product Management ● Training ● Knowledge Base Authors Broaden the scope: ● Professional Services ● Customer Service ● Sales Engineers ● Evangelists ● Engineers
  16. 16. How the Potluck works Breaking through Content Silos ● No slides! ● Discuss: ○ Projects in flight. ○ SR themes ● Build an editorial calendar. ● Identify gaps and solutions.
  17. 17. Interlock Agenda Breaking through Content Silos ▪ Set goals ▪ Track attendance ▪ Share and engage ▪ Assign action items
  18. 18. Editorial Calendar Breaking through Content Silos ● Color coded by content type ● Assigned to owners ● Hard delivery date with reminders
  19. 19. Gains for the customer: Breaking through Content Silos ● Real world, trusted content ● Diverse points of view ● Networking and career growth ● Rich variety of content types ● Platform to co-create ● Caveat: clearly mark corporate content.
  20. 20. Gains for you: Breaking through Content Silos - Grow content audience, community membership. - Real-time feedback - Sentiment analysis - Gap and depth analysis - Avoid duplication, build consistency - Content investment ROI
  21. 21. Proving Success: Content Potluck Breaking through Content Silos Content metrics: ● Unique views ● Time on page ● Video views ● Most liked (Kudoed) ● Content or author ● Traffic referral source Community: ● Change in returning vs. new visitors to site ● Traffic pattern within the community ● Depth of conversation threads ● Questions resolved by peers or SME’s ● Time to resolution
  22. 22. Success Metrics: Breaking through Content Silos Uptime Bulletin (pdf) to HTML: 111 views to 8,901 views Marketing video: 50 views vs. SME blog post: 10,005 views Social Media Sharing: 250% growth in engagement (raising 5.3x per post) AMA thread on average 4,053 views vs. regular pages ~2256 views (~80% growth) KP referrals are 3x likely to register on the community than other sources
  23. 23. Best practices for Content Potluck: Breaking through Content Silos ▪ Find diverse group of Champions ▪ Keep Champions engaged ▪ Keep the meeting periodical ▪ Share feedback on success and failure with the Interlock Group ▪ Identify rewards for participating
  24. 24. Contact us on social media or Breaking through Content Silos Do you have stories or projects to share about breaking down silos?
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention! Nikoletta Vecsei Harrold Director, Communities Strategy and Social Media, Transamerica @Nikschen avecsei Laurel Nicholes Director, Tech Comms Services, F5 Networks @LaurelNicholes choles
  26. 26. Appendix
  27. 27. Champion Engagement MBO’d & Recognition Badges User Meetups Super User programs AMA sessions Tweet Chat Facebook Live Blogs Champion Engagement Breaking through Content Silos
  28. 28. Use All the Content Now What? Syndicate your content for better exposure: ● Social Media ● Communities ● Webcasts/ Webinars ● Customer Meetings ● Channel/ Partner marketing ● Intranet/ Internal Wiki
  29. 29. Insert information about you/your brand we will design it if needed