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Managing Growth at Sanofi - How TrueSight Capacity Optimization Helped Align IT to Business


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Sanofi gained significant advantages from utilizing TrueSight capacity optimization for their IT infrastructure. Take a look at their IT strategy and how they instilled best practices with capacity optimization.

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Managing Growth at Sanofi - How TrueSight Capacity Optimization Helped Align IT to Business

  1. 1. Managing Growth at Sanofi: How TrueSight Capacity Optimization Helped Align IT to Business Chris Wimer Andrea Vasco October 2014 © Copyright 1 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Speakers Let’s introduce each other 2. Introducing Sanofi A few data points 3. How Sanofi is transforming IT Global Information Services Ambition 4. Capacity Management at Sanofi How capacity was beneficial, lessons learned and best practices 5. Next Steps An outlook on 2015 © Copyright 2 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  3. 3. Speakers Let’s introduce each other © Copyright 3 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  4. 4. Chris Wimer © Copyright 4 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc • Role: Global Capacity Manager • Company: Sanofi • 14+ years of industry experience • Markets: Consumer Packaged Goods & Healthcare
  5. 5. Andrea Vasco © Copyright 5 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc • Role: Solution Architect • Company: Moviri INC. • 10 years of industry experience • Capacity Management initiatives for large companies in US, Europe, Russia in several market segments
  6. 6. Introducing Sanofi A few data points © Copyright 6 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  7. 7. Who is Sanofi? © Copyright 7 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  8. 8. Timeline 1718 2004 2014 EVOLUTION TRANSFORMATION © Copyright 8 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  9. 9. How Business relies on IT ability to transform © Copyright 9 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Corporate initiatives • External growth opportunities • Increase innovation in R&D • Continuous improvement and alignment of: – People – Process – Tools Business Strategies • Expansion to emerging markets • Consumer healthcare • Innovative products
  10. 10. How Sanofi is transforming IT Global Information Services Ambition © Copyright 10 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  11. 11. A constantly evolving environment © Copyright 11 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Opportunities • Unmet medical needs • Aging of population • Developing Global reach • Transform the products: – From blockbusters to more targeted, biologic treatments – From internal focus to open innovation Challenges • Significant patent cliff • Rising bars in regulatory • World-wide new regulations: – U.S healthcare reforms – EU price cuts
  12. 12. Goal: IT as a Business Strategic Partner Continuous Alignment R&D Industrial Affairs Global Ops Vaccines Corporate Transformation Programs © Copyright 12 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Global Services GIS Global and Integrated organization Disciplined Sourcing Strategy Consolidation to 3 Regional NGDCs Process Standardization Technical Standards Major Programs Process Harmonization New Organization Services Optimization
  13. 13. Why TrueSight Capacity Optimization & Moviri Why Capacity Optimization • Holistic Enterprise-Wide Capacity Management • Business-Aware Capacity Planning • Automated Capacity Management • Hybrid Data Center Consolidation and Optimization • Unified BSM Architecture © Copyright 13 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Why Moviri • BMC Software Solutions and Technology Alliance Premier Partner • More than 10 years of experience in Capacity Management • 200+ enterprise customers worldwide, managed the majority of Capacity Optimization implementations • Provides solutions available in the BMC Software MarketZone – Splunk, IBM, HP, Entuity
  14. 14. Capacity Management at Sanofi Approach, lessons learned and best practices © Copyright 14 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  15. 15. Reloading Capacity Management GOAL CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS IT Service Management Availability Performance Capacity Management Support transformation © Copyright 15 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Limited resources Global visibility Business growth Define global strategy Proactive Analytics Automate Reporting Align to business demand Global process Service Visibility Automated Reporting Business-aware Capacity
  16. 16. Approach to TrueSight Capacity Optimization Process definition Defined KPIs Model technologies Standardize data sources Define data integration © Copyright 16 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc approach Setup integrations Prepare analyses, models and reports Create dashboards Implement process Service Improvement ANALYZE AND DESIGN BUILD AND DEPLOY ROLL-OUT ASSESS AND PREPARE
  17. 17. Data integration strategy TrueSight Capacity Optimization © Copyright 17 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Source Domain Sub Process VMware Virtualization and VDI HP Virtualization and Standalone Oracle Databases MS SQL Databases Backup and DataDomain EMC2 , Dell, NetApp Storage Farms Entuity and Infoblock Network devices Facility CI Attributes and Relations ITSM, TIBCO, SAP, Citrix VCenter BPA Oracle Grid Internal Portal OPS Center Sentry Connectors Moviri Connectors HP SIM CMDB Splunk Component Service Business
  18. 18. Capacity Management deliverables Forecasting and correlation models © Copyright 18 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Built-in and custom dashboards Automated reporting DASHBOARDS BUSINESS AWARE ANALYSIS ANALYTICS Mitigate Risks Provide Visibility Reduce Costs
  19. 19. Correlating with Business KPIs Maximum Capacity in terms of Business KPI © Copyright 19 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc • Take advantage of Splunk data aggregation capability to collect KPIs: – Single point of integration – Repeatable process • Unleash Business-aware Capacity Reporting – Correlate IT and Business KPIs to understand IT services in as-a-whole – Create business-aware capacity models • Moviri Splunk connector available in the MarketZone Direct – Full support – Configure-n-go! Current usage Residual Capacity
  20. 20. Lessons Learned and Best Practices • Partnership between Capacity Mgmt team and technical owners – Leverage skills and expertise from technical owners – Efficiently design and implement TrueSight Capacity Optimization • Data quality – Assess data sources – Understand integration points • Understanding business value – Focus on highest impact areas © Copyright 20 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  21. 21. Next Steps An outlook on 2015 © Copyright 21 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc
  22. 22. What’s down the road GROW ENHANCE REFINE UPGRADE Accelerate application migration © Copyright 22 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Extend correlation models to other services Introduce costing models Upgrade to TrueSight Capacity Optimization v10
  23. 23. Thank You. © Copyright 23 12/3/2014 BMC Software, Inc Moviri booth at Engage Solution Showcase Atlantic Hall B 512