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  • Across the three dimensions of access, insights and action, outperformers far surpass underperforming peers. Essentially, they are insight-driven.Across the full sample, though, one-quarter of CEOs say their organizations operate below par in terms of driving value from data. CEOs expressed frustration about their inability to capitalize on available information.
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    1. 1. © 2013 IBM Corporationfor Service ManagementOverviewMorten Møllermoellerm@us.ibm.com
    2. 2. 2When integrating one of your critical businessapplications with another, have you ever… Thought to yourself: “The data must be somewhere – how do I get it”? Considered how much business value is represented as IT data?– Realized that the web transaction volumes may convey metrics directly related to the bottom line?– Database transaction numbers can rely information about business volumes?– Messaging transactions can reveal information about critical business bottlenecks? Wanted to use emerging technologies to gather business metrics and store them electronically?– Implemented active RFID, video, or GPS to track the location of objects or people?– Used on-board computers to interact with and manage smart devices?– Leveraged 3rd party device management information in a business solution? Wanted to create dashboards or reports to convey important metrics in context?– Considered breaking down silos by combining data from different sources?– Make the same information available to computers and mobile devices?– Provide drill-down capabilities to allow users to access details? Faced the challenge to pull data related to the same object from different sources?– Realized that the lack of standardization have forced you to build one-off integrations?– Wondered how you can combine and use information from different sources to build a complete picture of your „situation‟?– Needed programming skills to present your information, and struggled to present results on new device types?– Been challenged by security in providing a simple, easy-to-use solution? Wondered what Jazz for Service Management is ?
    3. 3. 3Source: IBM CEO Study, 2012. Q22 “How good is your organization at driving value from data? Over 1700 CEOs from 64 countries across 18 industries evaluated theirperformanceIn fact, the most successful organizations far surpassunderperforming peers in use of data….Able to accessdataTranslate insightinto actionDraw insightsfrom dataEvery strategic decision we make. Every service we deliver.Every process we execute. All rely on information…Collaborate& ActMitigate Risk& ExposureAutomateProcessInnovate & SpeedDelivery108%more 86%more110%more
    4. 4. 4Only a few know it isthere…Only some dataaccessible viaintegrations…No way to search for itacross tools…Expensive to integrateand maintain sources…Integrations breakquickly…Limited insight into datarelationships lowersusefulness…ProprietaryTools & APIsThe Information Black HoleIncidentsConfigurationClientsUsersKPIsAssets ImpactSLAs SecurityCostsChangesYet, most information remains trapped in siloedmanagement tools, behind proprietary APIs…
    5. 5. 5Learning from an integration analogyWe‟ve been here before….Today, when you need to integrate one of your critical business applications with another, youhave to do what the operators used to do before switches... create another point to pointintegration.Actually, its worse! The operatorscould re-use their cables. Youhave to pay to create the cableeach time, then pay to createcustomer cable connectors ateach end of Point A and Point B.All these point to point integrations lead to service disruptions, difficulty finding and fixingissues, customer dissatisfaction and negative impact to business revenues. This is thecommon challenge that clients bring to us all the time.
    6. 6. 6…driving an open and flexible architecture forsimplified integration of multi-vendor tools.Deploy Smarter PhysicalInfrastructuresProtect &Manage DataExtend toMobile DevicesOptimizewith CloudJazz for Service ManagementIntegration and reporting solution that leverages the simplicity of the webto enable IT agility…6
    7. 7. 7Port of Cartagena, Columbia Main port for northernLatin-American exportto east US and Europe Main reloading hubbetween the US westcoast and Europe
    8. 8. 8Port of Cartagena, Columbia Visualization(Jazz for SM)Control(EAM + ITM)Automation(EAM + ITM)Challenge:Manage andoptimize the portinfrastructure toreliably handle+100% volume atcurrent or betterproductivity.
    9. 9. 9Port of Cartagena, ColumbiaCrane dashboadPart of solution:Monitor and managekey infrastructurecomponents, such ascranes, to ensurecontinuous operation.
    10. 10. 10Port of Cartagena, Crane DashboardList of craneswith operationalstatusEngine metrics(voltage, current)Power consumption (kW)Engine RPMWork OrdersEnginePerformanceCrane dashboad
    11. 11. 11Port of Cartagena, ColumbiaCrane mobile dashboadList of craneswith operationalstatusEngine RPMWork OrdersPowerconsumption (kW)
    12. 12. 12Easily swap vendor toolsand avoid lock inUses community standards toallow plug & play of „like‟ toolsfrom any vendorJazz for Service ManagementApplies the simplicity of the web to enable IT agility…Simplify integration &share relevant dataConnects related data acrossmultiple IT tools using simpleweb links, just like linking any tworelated pages on the Web.LinkedDataLower TCO acrossvendors and toolsProvides a common & sharedset of integration servicesaccessible by any vendor tools.Registry - to find data ,resources & relationshipsVisualization – to displaymulti-tool data in contextAdministration – to lowercost of maintaining toolsReporting – to betterpredict and planSecurity – for quick, compliantlogin & data integrity.Open Servicesfor LifecycleCollaboration** Based on W3C & coming soon Oasis**Based on ISST estimates of man hours required to develop individual monitoring tool integrations which populate a unified, real-time service desk view.Saves between $36 – 80k via reuse of1 integration 4 times**Cuts development time by up to80%** per integrationSpeeds time-to-delivery for project byup to 2/3**Benefits Use Case: Unified View for Support
    13. 13. 13Audience Today With JAZZ for Service ManagementSupport StaffProblem: Incident War Rooms• 10 SMEs at $50/hr• 20 hrs/wk in war roomLabor Cost: $520,000/yearSolution: Cross-Domain View• Reduces SMEs by 5• Cuts time by 10 hrs/wkLabor Cost: $130,000/yearIntegrationExpertProblem: Integrating Incident Tools• 2 weeks per integration• 5 integrations @ $12k eachTime to market: 10 weeksTotal Labor Cost: $60,000Solution: Integrate Once & Reuse• 1st integration = 2 weeks• 4 integrations = 1/2 wk/eachTime to market: 4 weeksTotal Labor Cost: $24,000BusinessManagerProblem: Web Service Downtime• $10k/hr ecomm. site; 1.6 hrs / wkLost transactions: $832k• Lose 1 client / min @ $300/yr inrepeat businessCustomer churn: $1,497,600Solution: Improved Uptime• $10k/hr ecomm. site; .8 hrs / wkLost transactions: $416k• Lose 1 client / min @ $300/yr In repeat businessCustomer churn: $748,800Business Impact: Labor savings: $426,000; Revenue Savings: $1,164,800Total Savings = $1,590,800Based on ISST estimates of man hours required to develop individual monitoring tool integrations which populate a unified, real-time service desk view.The financial impact of simpler, faster integration…
    14. 14. 14Jazz for Service ManagementJazz for Service Management can help you:Use Linked Data and OSLC (http://open-services.net/ )to quickly provide information that is easily consumed by multiple applications. The Jazz for Service Management Registrycoordinates linked data integrations by providing a place to register and query the available providers and links for theirresources.Build interactive dashboards (Dashboard Application Services Hub)for desktop and mobile using a vast palette of widgets (such as charts, gauges, and topology) to integrate data from variousTivoli products or 3rd parties (such as from databases, files). No code required!Or integrate your own UIs using our 3rd Party Integration Widget.Deliver compelling reports (Tivoli Common Reportning)for desktop and mobile of your product data using leading technology from Tivoli and Cognos. Give your customers the toolsto explore your product historical data and create their own reports.Manage & check the configurationof your application via the Administration Services and the new centralized Administration UI. New tasks are easily createdusing the task builder. Security ServicesEnables the standard Websphere single sign-on capability to non-Websphere apps.• What type of data do you manage?• Could this information be useful for other applications?• Do you have a need to consume data from another application?
    15. 15. 15How: Linked Data15Linked data provides information in contextto: Link capabilities and views acrosssolutions– simplify operations– improve responsiveness– increase agility– lower risk– Reduce administrativecosts– Accelerate thedevelopment andoperations lifecycles
    16. 16. 16How: Linked DataUsing custom tooling, Ican determine location fromthe network switchDiscovered System Attributes andtheir Change History (TADDM)The Patch Status forthe system (TEM)A Help Desk Operator wants todiagnose a trouble ticket (SCCD)…Asset Management team needs tode-provision a system (SCCD)…An Auditor must quickly finda system in the lab (SCCD)…Current CPU and MemoryUtilization (ITM)A Business Service Analyst needsto diagnose a problem with theirservice (TBSM)…16Historical CPU andMemory Utilizationmetrics (ITM)Status and history of elevator useand horizontal car movementA problem manager mustanalyze reports on violentvibrations in an elevator car(MAM)
    17. 17. 1717ReconciledServer InformationSystemInfo(Director)ServiceTickets(ITop)SmartCloudControl DeskRegistryLicenseManagement(TAD4D)Change History(TADDM)ChangeManagement(3rd party)MonitoredApplications(ITM)DiscoveredAttributes(TADDM)Location(Custom Tool)PatchManagement(TEM)1. Providers register theirresource links3. Control Desk queriesProviders to get details2. Control Desk queriesRegistry to find linked datafor a resourceMulti-Application Linked Data ScenarioCustom and 3rdparty data andsolutions.Uses OSLC Common Resource TypeVocabulary attributes to reconcile resourcesfrom multiple providers.
    18. 18. 18Real-Time Dynamic Federation of Data18Enables VisibilityFrom all sources, withinthe applicationLicense MgmtChange HistoryWork OrdersVs. LaunchingMultiple separateapplicationsHealth
    19. 19. 19Plug & Play IntegrationProduct BProduct A Product BProduct A Product BProduct AOSLCFacadeOSLC StandardSame for all products: SimpleTransitional model: standard façade to proprietary back-endDifferent for every product: Fragile, ComplexCurrent model one-off for each product pairingTarget model: Hardened, Standard ImplementationOSLC Standard: Open, Simple, RepeatableTimeMaturityPlug & Play IntegrationAcross multiple applicationsPlug & Play IntegrationBuild once, integrateeverywhereYour App HereYour App Here
    20. 20. 20Open Ecosystem Standard Interfacesestablished using OSLC 3rd Party integration usingsame method as IBMintegration Transparent Developmentwith regular demos,feedback, and betas3rd Party DataIntegrated with IBMapplicationYour App Here3rd Party Applicationconsuming IBM DataYour App Here
    21. 21. 21How: Open Services for Lifecycle CollaborationAn initiative aimed at simplifying datalinking and tool integration across thelifecycleCommunity Driven – specified atopen-services.netSpecifications for Application LifecycleManagement, Product Lifecycle Management andDevOps Interoperability extending to OperationsLifecycleInspired by Internet architecture Loosely coupled integration with “just enough”standardization Common resource formats and servicesBarriers to sharing resources andassets among toolsMultiple vendors, open sourceprojects, and in-house toolsPrivate vocabularies, formats andstoresEntanglement of tools with their dataDeployOperateMaintain
    22. 22. 22Dashboarding ServicesIntegrated OSLCUI PreviewsSolutionDashboardsMobile UIsProduct UIs(ITM, APM)JazzSM UIs(Admin, Reporting)
    23. 23. 23Dashboard Application Services Hub- Customer ValueSolution Dashboards– More actionable information to be displayed– New dark theme designed to help L1/L2 operators quickly scan and respond toeye-catching visual elements– Enables customers to quickly assemble dashboards utilizing a catalog ofwidgets without product knowledge/educationMobile UIs– Convenience through access with mobile devices– Omnipresent access allows customers to address problems quicklyIntegrated OSLC UI Previews– Operators can get cross-product information faster to help solve problemsfasterJazz for Service Management UIs– Centralized administration and reporting in a unified UI reduces training costsProduct UIs– DASH focuses on the customer data, not the console, so the customer canget the information he needs to solve his issues– Easy navigation of product tasks, including search and favorites
    24. 24. 24DASH - ArchitectureDASHWidgets for Mobile (New)ProductData ProviderWidgets for DesktopProductData ProviderProductData ProviderProductData ProviderTDI/ IMPACTData Provider JDBCLotusCSV
    25. 25. 26Themes – IBM One UI & Dark
    26. 26. 27DASH – IT dashboard
    27. 27. 28DASH – eDayTrader dashboard
    28. 28. 29DASH – OS dashboard
    29. 29. 30Mobile Support Provide mobile views for the same set of products This shows mobile UI for Omnibus This was demoed at Pulse and the BTACustomers Feel this is exactly what they want from mobile, and want it ASAP Only addition is to provide 3 additional mobile tasks on an eventOmnibus
    30. 30. 31Hosted BetaRegistryChange History(TADDM)MonitoredApplications(ITM)DiscoveredAttributes(TADDM)Location(Sample Provider)Sample Consumer SmartCloud Control Desk*Coming SoonTivoli Business ServicesManagerSample DashboardsSample ReportsAdministration ServicesServices Demonstrations Integrated Management EnvironmentTry ItToday
    31. 31. 32Summary Connect via Transparent Development: http://ibm.biz/BdxR73Join the Jazz for Service Management Groupto stay informed of updatesDownload the latest driversPost questions & interact in the forums• Click on the latest milestone to get a quick demo of new features and link to ftp site which includes drivers,readme, and docs• The Readme includes important updates from last sprint, known defects, & a quick start for installation• The docs include very detailed spec information for the registry, it‟s a great way to learn the exact protocol forregistering & querying resources• Overall / Install• Registry• Admin• User Interface• Reporting• SecurityWatch demonstration videos• Registry• Administration• User Interface• Reporting• Security
    32. 32. 33Jazz for Service ManagementThe future “Enterprise Service Management Bus” ?• resources• capabilities• URI• attributes• productOSLCRegistryProductsResourcesProductProvideroncecontiguousApplication1. Query resource2. Lookup supporting products3. Find desired capability4. Obtain data from provider• Enables loose integration based on linked data• Allows you to reference generic capabilities(methods)• Based on:• REST• RDS• Dashboard Application Services Hub (DASH)incudes tasks (linked to widgets) to interactwith provides.• Registry contains resources and relationships(subset of CDM)• Resources are reconciled based on CRTV
    33. 33. 342Q 2013 3Q 20131Q 2013 4Q 2013Tivoli Business ServiceMgr 6.1.1Netcool Impact 6.1.1SmartCloud Orchestrator7.2SmartCloud Monitoring7.2Tivoli Monitoring 6.3SmartCloud App. PerfMonitoring 7.6Tivoli Workload Scheduler9.1Total Productivity Center5.2SmartCloud Control DeskTivoli Storage Manager6.3Omnibus 7.XNetView z/OS 6.2EXPANDING PARTNER ECOSYSTEM “Jazz & OSLC can reduce the integration costs of an average project with 4 integrations by33%, and the average time to develop an integration by 75%, based on the principle that wecan develop once, and reuse many times.” – ICARO“With traditional integration, each connection is point-to-point and specific to the two productsbeing linked. Jazz for Service Management and OSLC provide a central point of integrationwith an industry standard interface; this reduces both the number of connections required andthe complexity of each one. This can reduce the time required to maintain these connectionsby 80% and easily save over $10,000 a year per linked product.”– Orb DataJazz for Service Management Adoption by ProductTADDM 7.2.2
    34. 34. 35Questions?35
    35. 35. 36Thank YouMerciGrazieGraciasObrigadoDankeJapaneseEnglishFrenchRussianGermanItalianSpanishBrazilian PortugueseArabicTraditional ChineseSimplified ChineseHindiTamilThaiKorean
    36. 36. 37Backup slides
    37. 37. 38Provider Registry1. Products (service providers) advertise theirpresence and capabilities in a provider registry2. Products query the registry for service providers ofinterest (supported domains, resource types etc.)3. Products use returned service provider informationto access each other directly, thus automating manyintegration functions.
    38. 38. 39Resource Registry1. Products register information in the Resource Registry forresources they manage. These records link back to thedomain-specific detailed information about the resourcesin the products.2. Resource Registry uses the OSLC Common ResourceType Vocabulary to reconciles information from multipleproducts to enable consistent resource definition acrossproducts.3. Products query Resource Registry for resource links ofinterest.4. Links are followed to access or manipulate resourceinformation as surfaced from the individual products.
    39. 39. 40Administration ServicesSingle point of configuration and administration of the IT managementsolution Use an open architecture to setup, configure, integrate & administer products from IBM and othervendors, to deliver overall value of the IT management solution Rapidly provide real-time and end-to-end visibility into a complex IT management solution – itshealth, performance, lifecycle state, dependencies, maintenance, historical state, etc. Lower the skills required to administer the complex multi-product, multi-vendor, and multi-domain ITmanagement solution. Empower the administrators with codified SME knowledge (in the form of automations) required toperform standard repetitive administrative tasks (health-check, preventive maintenance, root-causeanalysis, utilization / performance / capacity checks, etc.) Perform risk managed configurations of complex multi-product IT management solution, usingpre-tested SME knowledge, in a contextual manner. Rapidly implement & operationalize the IT management solution that complies to the enterprise-specific IT management policy, practices & procedures.Mgmt SystemAdministratorServices &SupportEngineerSystemIntegratorValue AddedResellerIndependentSoftware Vendor
    40. 40. 41Configuring & administering IT Management Systemwith Administration ServicesOSLC Admin Service Provider(implements the open-standards interface for Administration)Admin Service UI(GUI / CLI)Orchestrate theAdministrative TasksOSLC interactions between the Console & the Product
    41. 41. 42Tivoli Common ReportingTCR is a common shared component across Tivoli. It adds value to Tivoli solutionsby simplifying how information is visualized and sharedAuthor View ShareBuild custom reports using adrag & drop integrated web-based editorSingle UI for all report formatsmeans common scheduling,distribution, security, andadministrationSend reports via e-mail, orsave for later use. Output inHTML, PDF, Excel, XML, or CSV
    42. 42. 43Interact with reports without the need for server requests. This means reports can beemailed with interactive features.No coding requiredClickable charts, sorting, radio button, tabs, cascading lists, checkbox filtering, ...43Active Reports
    43. 43. 44Reporting workspace• Drag and drop pieces from different reports to create a workspacewith reporting content• Add interactivity between related data
    44. 44. 45 Support for CSV, XML, and XLS No data modeling knowledge or separate tooling needed Join data with existing data45Add Data From Flat File
    45. 45. 46Mobile Support - Reporting Provide user access to mobile views across theproducts Provides access to reports via Cognos Mobile This is all defined out of the box, with very simpledashboard customization to tailor to fit needsServices Summary(TBSM)Service SummaryCognos Mobile