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Delivering Enterprise Applications: Faster. Cheaper. Better


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Abstract: Many organizations are struggling with the speed and diversity of technology change. In this presentation we will discuss how to use concepts of patterns to make configurable and repeatable infrastructure topologies, improve speed and environmental consistency. By leveraging elasticity and auto scaling capacities of IBM PureApplications show how to increase application capacity. Demonstrate how the use of patterns improves testing, deployment and lowers risk. Finally we will show how the use of these concepts can be a catalyst for change, letting us challenge established barriers so we can embrace continuous improvement and DevOps.

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Delivering Enterprise Applications: Faster. Cheaper. Better

  1. 1. CONNECT WITH US: IT: Customized to Your Advantage Faster, Cheaper, Better and more… Mike Hastie Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics CIN-2797: Delivering Enterprise Applications: Faster, Cheaper, Better.
  2. 2. CONNECT WITH US: About Prolifics Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 2 March 4, 2015
  3. 3. CONNECT WITH US: Our Vision, Mission, and Value Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 3 To be one of the most admired global technology consulting companies, delivering competitive advantage to our clients. Vision To be a trusted advisor and provider of high-business value, business and technology solutions Mission Prolifics creates competitive advantage for organizations around the world by implementing customized, end-to-end IT solutions that achieve business success leveraging IBM, Microsoft and Open Source technologies in a global delivery model. Value March 4, 2015
  4. 4. CONNECT WITH US: Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 4 Industry Expertise Banking & Financial Services Energy & Utilities Government & Education Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Media & Entertainment MortgageLegal Retail Insurance Technology Telecommunications Travel & Transportation March 4, 2015
  5. 5. CONNECT WITH US: How Prolifics Can Help You Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 5  Adapt faster than the competition with continuous process improvement  Transform your applications to increase business agility  Create best-in-class web experiences. Become more social and collaborative  Gain actionable insight with an intelligent approach to security BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT SOA INTEGRATION USER EXPERIENCE SECURITY  Drive business growth with proactive IT management  Maximize IT investments with end- to-end testing  Optimize business performance with smarter, faster decisions  Increase efficiency within your organization and achieve “straight through processing” APPLICATION INFRASTRUCTURE TEST ADVISORY, APPLICATION TESTING & TEST AUTOMATION BUSINESS ANALYTICS OPERATIONAL DECISION MANAGEMENT (ODM)  Simplify employee and customer access to the documents they need when they need them  Get the most out of your IT to create competitive advantage.  Leverage global expertise to support your IT environment  Optimize your software spend to achieve business value ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT ADVISORY SERVICES MANAGED SERVICES SOFTWARE March 4, 2015
  6. 6. CONNECT WITH US: Prolifics Services & Solutions Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 6 IBM, Microsoft & Open SourceProlifics Service Offerings BPM / CONNECTIVITY APPLICATION INFRASTRUCTURE BUSINESS ANALYTICS ECM USER EXPERIENCE COLLABORATION SECURITY ADVISORY ADOPTION APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT & INTEGRATION UPGRADE & RE-ENGINEERING APPLICATION INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGED SERVICES ADOPTION IV&V TESTING Assessment Strategy & Roadmap Definition Technology Blueprint Simulation & Prototyping Quick Starts Centers of Excellence Architecture & Design Solution Implementation Application Integration Application Transformation Content Management Platform Migration Product Technology Migrations Product Version Upgrades Application Migration Content Migration Solution Re-Engineering Health Checks Architecture Reviews Performance Tuning Set Up & Configuration Information Management Application Maintenance Application Infrastructure Maintenance Bug Fixing & Patch Administration Production Support Help Desk & Problem Resolution Test Advisory Services Application Lifecycle Testing Test Automation Packaged Application Testing Middleware & SOA Testing Performance Testing March 4, 2015
  7. 7. CONNECT WITH US: What Makes Prolifics Different Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 7 Global Delivery Advantage From offices throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, we deliver solutions across the world. Commitment To Our Core Values Thought Leadership & Innovation: We invest in industry-specific expertise Customer Centric: The value received by the client is the core focus of every project Accountability: We follow through on our commitments Trust & Teamwork: We establish long term partnerships with our clients Ethical Behavior & Integrity: Our reputation and employees are our most important assets Industry Focus Prolifics utilizes its wealth of expertise to provide comprehensive business solutions to all major industries. Technical Excellence Combining business flexibility and cost competitiveness with excellence in technical skill, Prolifics drives success. March 4, 2015
  8. 8. CONNECT WITH US: IBM Pure Application System and Service Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 8 March 4, 2015
  9. 9. CONNECT WITH US: The Problem Statement March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 9 App App App App App App App App App AppApp App App App App Tribal knowledge, do we cut the red or the green wire first ? A large support team with a diverse skill set Forcing high value key personnel onto low value tasks Frustration at how long IT takes to get things done. Frustration at how unstable applications are. Frustration that skilled personnel can’t help with innovation and revenue generating initiatives. Frustration how much IT really costs. Systems, versions, configurations = complexity Frustration on how to hit dates.
  10. 10. CONNECT WITH US: Customer Success Study March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 10 • By establishing standard patterns for their deployments, and removing the diversity and complexity of systems they were able to shorten production delivery times from 6 months down to 2 months, and most recently down to 2 weeks and in some cases 2 days. • They have been able to drive out hard and soft costs, and have experienced improved application performance and stability. • They have also been able to realize a 12 month ROI that has allowed them to get additional funding and take this IT change initiative to the next level.
  11. 11. CONNECT WITH US: Why so much … and what can we do about it ? March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 11 General Purpose Components Custom Built System Design / Deploy Manage / Maintain What to do… ?  Simplify - reduce variety and complexity  Automate - hands free repeatable installation and configuration  Adapt - change the culture Time, resource capacity, and costs at every stage of the process designing, building, testing, deploying, verifying, managing and maintaining
  12. 12. CONNECT WITH US: Pure Application Patterns = Automation Automation = Simplification March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 12  Cloud  Infrastructure Patterns  Monitoring  Log agents  Security agents Cloud in a box System Infrastructure Application Platform  Integrated Server, Storage, Network  Power Management  Storage & VM Optimization  Virtualization  Integrated System Mgmt  Provisioning  Security  Monitoring  IT Lifecycle Management  System design  Application Optimization  System wide Management  Automation & Scaling  Caching & Elasticity  Application Centric Provisioning  Usage Metering  Security  Monitoring  App. Lifecycle Mgmt  License Management  Self-service  Data management  A large number of ISV business applications  Business intelligence  Business process management  Web experience (Portal) Patterns of Expertise
  13. 13. CONNECT WITH US: Service on Pure Application System and Service March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 13 System On premise private cloud, or secure public cloud but the patterns are the same
  14. 14. CONNECT WITH US: Prolifics – Pattern Offerings and Types March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 14 Base Patterns We have patterns available at no cost to customers when because we can leverage IBM incentives when we help fulfill or support the your buying decision. We believe by enhancing the patterns with your organizational best practices and simplifying the operational procedures you will increase the value you can get from this solution. Prolifics can build patterns for you as well as show you the best ways to utilize them to realize increased stability through automation, more resilience through better validation, and at lower risk. Not only do we want to help you get started and successful but our patterns can be managed and maintained by Prolifics under Managed Services contract. Advanced Patterns Custom Patterns
  15. 15. CONNECT WITH US: Prolifics Patterns in the IBM Cloud Marketplace March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 15  IBM eXtremeScale Object Cache  IBM Liberty Server for Developers  IBM UrbanCode Deploy  Splunk Centralized Log Management  Apache JMeter Load/Testing  IBM Enterprise Content Management – FileNet  IBM Algorithmics(Algo) – Risk and Compliance Management Prolifics builds custom patterns for IBM, 3rd parties, and for customers.
  16. 16. CONNECT WITH US: Prolifics ECM Patterns March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 16
  17. 17. CONNECT WITH US: Testing and auto scaling – Elasticity March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 18
  18. 18. CONNECT WITH US: Why should I care about AutoScaling ? March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 19 Traditional Sizing Elastic Sizing Size for sustained load and allow the elastic auto-scaling to deal with the spikes
  19. 19. CONNECT WITH US: What else ? DevOps March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 20 1. DevOps means breaking down the barriers between development and operations 2. Provide tools to automate and drive efficiency 3. Establish measurement and reporting for continuous improvement 4. Open information drives visibility and trust with the line of business General Purpose Components Custom Built System Design / Deploy Manage / Maintain
  20. 20. CONNECT WITH US: Automation and environmental visibility March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 21 Visibility into the systems and version, automation, and simplification of the set up.
  21. 21. CONNECT WITH US: … and more March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 22 Bringing all the parts together to drive step change. These tools can be a catalyst for change but only if the entire organization gets behind them not just IT. Initiatives such as Continuous Delivery/Integration, Shift Left, and DevOps, etc. are trying to improve the entire lifecycle.
  22. 22. CONNECT WITH US: Summary Faster Infrastructure set up takes hours not weeks Used automation and process can drive out manual steps and dependence on tribal knowledge Better Increased stability through validation Lowered risk and got our nights and weekend back with Phoenix and Red/Green Servers Free up key personnel to work on revenue producing initiatives Cheaper Driving out complexity and reducing delays can help lower or optimize IT costs …and more We can use all of these as a way to drive step change and form a closer working relationship between IT and the lines of business March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 23
  23. 23. CONNECT WITH US: Call to Action - How to get started Prolifics is offering a no charge one day working session with your team to go over the usage, benefits, and details of Pure Applications System or Service on Softlayer to qualified prospects and clients. March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 24 Please reach out to Mike Hastie on 610-636-1749 or go to our web site and register at
  24. 24. CONNECT WITH US: Questions, Answers, Next Steps Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 25 +1 610 636 1749 March 4, 2015