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How Broadcast Music, Inc. Devised and Enabled Enterprise Architecture from Corporate Strategy


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Abstract: Devising flexible, value-based , transformational but cost effective BPM implementation road map from corporate strategy is not only difficult but almost impossible to manage. BMI with the help of Prolifics’ proven business architecture framework, BPM implementation methodology and IBM rational , BPM suite has enabled and achieved it. In this session we will focus and demonstrate how at BMI - Prolifics framework, methodologies & IBM Suites bridges the gap between Corporate Strategy and BPM Implementation roadmap. Presentation will also demonstrate how BMI is creating actionable, model driven enterprise architecture to ensure delivery of large BPM /SOA/ODM implementation in flexible, cost effective manner in diversified team.

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How Broadcast Music, Inc. Devised and Enabled Enterprise Architecture from Corporate Strategy

  1. 1. CONNECT WITH US: How Broadcast Music, Inc. Devised and Enabled Enterprise Architecture from Corporate Strategy Presented by Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics Camellia Petty & Ashish Udas
  2. 2. CONNECT WITH US: 2  Speaker Introduction Agenda  Implementation Challenge for BMI : Hence Opportunities  Preparing for Success: Actionable & Repeatable Enterprise Architecture  Overview of BMI Enterprise Architecture Key Deliverables  Counting BMI Success  Lessons Learned  Key Takeaways  What’s Next  Rapid Changes in Music Industry – demands smart, agile business processes  Rapid Increase in Music usage – so increased risk related to data management  Lack of alignment between BMI Corporate Strategy / Goals with Technology Implementation plan  Prolifics Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture framework  IBM Rational & WebSphere Suite – Key enabler for successful delivery of Business, Application, IT architecture  Business Architecture deliverables  Enterprise Architecture Reference, IBM Suites Component Architecture view  EA Governance Structure – How to effectively enable through IBM tools  Successful deliverables  Project artifacts for reference  Business Architecture deliverables  Enterprise Architecture Reference, IBM Suites Component Architecture view  EA Governance Structure – how to effectively enable through IBM tools
  3. 3. CONNECT WITH US: 3 Camellia Petty Vice President : Product and Application Development Broadcast Music, Inc. Ashish Udas Enterprise Architect & Strategic Consultant Prolifics Advisory Speaker Introduction As Vice President, Product and Application Development, Camellia Petty is responsible for building the business processes and technical foundations required to meet the future needs of BMI’s songwriters, composers, publishers and licensees. This responsibility spans all Application Systems, Product Development and Architecture within BMI as supported by the current technology stack. Ashish has more than 23 years of experience in large Business Strategy and BPM Implementation. For BMI Ashish with leadership from Camellia devise and define Enterprise Architecture from Corporate Strategy.
  4. 4. CONNECT WITH US: 4 5-Years Compound Annual Growth Rate 19% Employees Worldwide 1,500 Global Presence United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India 20+ Technology Accelerators 550+ Technical Certifications Over 10 Technology and Solutions Awards since 2009 including Business Agility, Customer Integration and Digital Experience, the first ever Beacon Laureate for Business Agility Over 160 global customers are currently Fortune 1000 companies Best-in-class architects and specialty experts: BPM, Integration, Digital Experience, Security, Testing, Business Analytics and Enterprise Content Management End-to-End Project Expertise Rate of Repeat Engagements* 91% Years in Business 35+ Offices 14 Awards Technology Expertise Fortune 1000 *based on % revenue Source – December 2013 internal revenue metrics Prolifics at a Glance
  5. 5. CONNECT WITH US: 5 With more than 75 years of successful presence in the Entertainment & Music Industry, BMI Corporation is a global leader in Music Rights BMI supports its songwriters, composers and publishers by taking care of an important aspect of their careers – getting paid. BMI supports businesses and organizations that play music publicly by offering blanket music licenses that permit them to play more than 8.5 million musical works. Both relationships save each time and money. BMI at a Glance
  6. 6. CONNECT WITH US: 6 Rapid changes in the music industry, increases BMI operational challenges:  Music Creation: Cutting edge recording, music distribution technologies enables faster, quicker Music (song composition) creation, updates  Music Consumption: With rapid and easy to use technologies, music consumptions increased exponentially and music delivery mechanism / media has changed significantly  Internet Based Media: Music lovers continue to listen TV and radio but the industry is seeing a rapidly increase in use of iRadio, YouTube, Pandora type internet based media to listen and record music  Music Creation and Consumption Mechanism: to continue to remain a leader as PRO, BMI needed a smarter, agile business process which could adapt and respond to these rapid changes in consumption in the industry Need to deliver Products/ Tools to (and in-support of) Music Creators A Challenge and an Opportunity
  7. 7. CONNECT WITH US: 7 Exponentially increase in music usage results in a significant challenge for Data Management  Complex data management problems due to:  Lack of adoption (music Industry wide) of data standards  Data Quality  Music Data Integrity  Significant increase in music performances and hence increase of data volume  Information as-a-service: BMI needs cutting edge data management tools, processes for high volume, high transactions to ensure:  Consistent & Improved Data Quality & Transformation  Reusable Music Assets A Challenge and an Opportunity
  8. 8. CONNECT WITH US: 8  Lack of seamless alignment between BMI Strategy and Technology Implementation requires; A Challenge and an Opportunity  Well-defined high level business strategy and goals with target deadline  Breakdown strategy to tactical, feasible and measurable goals  Process Creation to repeatable and flexible since strategy could change anytime in respond to rapid changes in music market  Set up actionable, repeatable business, enterprise architecture derived from strategic, tactical goals  Flexible and realistic technology implementation plan to ensure delivery of smarter business, data management processes in timely manner
  9. 9. CONNECT WITH US: CHALLENGES…. 9 Current State: BMI Enterprise • Independent Tightly coupled Applications – 100’s • Multiple Database Systems (Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS Access) • Integration – File Processing only • Data Ingestion – Manual • Data Structures – Inconsistent • Distribution – Time consuming • High Maintenance Cost – Numerous Technology & Applications • Lack of Development Standards – Numerous Tools & Technologies • Lack of Enterprise Framework OPPORTUNITIES…. BMI ENTERPRISE PARTNERS
  10. 10. CONNECT WITH US: 10 BMI Corporate Strategy and Key Enablers Prolifics Business Architecture Framework and IBM Tools  Presented by Camellia Petty & Ashish Udas
  11. 11. CONNECT WITH US: 11 Ensures business strategies derived from “Client Values” Help to Manage, Add, Measure Client Values Identify and implement a Client Value measurement system Design and implement and Prioritize business processes keeping client value as key focus to meet Strategic goals Identification of process improvement opportunities on continuous basis Make Project / Program Prioritization process objective How did Prolifics Business Architecture Help Achieve BMI Strategic Goals?
  12. 12. CONNECT WITH US: 12 Define Strategic Goals Identify Client Values Prioritize Client Values Define Unit Of Measurements Verify Values with Clients Define Client Value Map and Capabilities Map, Competitive Analysis Prioritize Capabilities (hence create Product Roadmap/timeline) Prospects to Licensee Contracts to License Fee Applicant to Affiliation Performance to Asset Management Performance to Distribution ISG Implementation tactical Goals Architecture / Process Governance Program Implementation team will derive & align End to End Processes from Client Values Program Charter / Project list with Priorities IBM Focal Point IBM Rational System Architect BlueWorks Live! IBM Rational System, Software Architect BlueWorks Live! BPM process Designer IBM Focal Point, Rational Team Concert Prolifics Business Architecture Framework & IBM Tools for BMI Strategy to Implementation Alignment
  13. 13. CONNECT WITH US: STRATEGY SET-UP TRANSITION CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT 13 Monitor Fit – GAP Choose Adoption Path Define Building Blocks Link to Strategy Harmonize Terms Create Methods Develop Analytics Define Basics Optimize Processes Define Portfolio Perform Analysis Create Basis – Orchestrate Perform Audits Allocate Budget Expand Reporting Add Process Based Rewards BUILD A PROCESS-CENTRIC IT, Business MANAGE CHANGE – EA/BPM/SOA GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE COMMUNICATE AND TRAIN Business Architecture 13 Transformation Program Roadmap – Building Blocks
  14. 14. CONNECT WITH US: 14 Preparing for Success – Enabling & Governing Actionable Enterprise Architecture Using IBM Tools
  15. 15. CONNECT WITH US: • Loosely Coupled Systems • Mobile Enablement • Standard Enterprise Framework • Service Governance • Re-usable IT Assets • Improved Business Agility 15 Future State – BMI Enterprise Architecture OBJECTIVES
  16. 16. CONNECT WITH US: 16  Need for actionable Enterprise Architecture: Setting Up Actionable Architecture Using IBM Tools  ACTIONABLE – Architecture artifacts do not Stale and can take action on those anytime; further...  IBM Rational and WebSphere Suite are designed to resolve this concern and promote / implement Actionable Enterprise Architecture. Viz.  Business Strategy, Technology strategy changes very rapidly. To accommodate these changes Enterprise Architecture discipline needs to be very responsive and should to able to adapt and change its required artifacts / assets very quickly, repetitively.  Artifacts are available just in time  Easy to maintain in tools with use of Industry Standards i.e. TOGAF, BPMN, BPEL, etc.  Should never lose its core Value and information while traversing / transferring from one tool to another during implementation  IBM Rational Suite is designed for Business Strategy, Core Enterprise, Process Governance Artifacts  Seamlessly from Rational Suite of Products one can transfer key artifacts to IBM WebSphere Suite of Products (IBM BPM, IIB, etc.) for actual process, service and data implementation without losing any information
  17. 17. CONNECT WITH US: March 4, 2015 Public | Copyright © 2014 Prolifics 17 • Strategic Goals , Objectives • Client Values , Capabilities • KPI , SLA , Prioritization IBM Focal Point Rational System Architecture Value Streams , Capability Map Enterprise Process Map IBM Blue works Live TOGAF BPMN 2.0 Description Class Business Process Implementation IBM BPM / WsPortal BPMN 2.0 Execution Class Service Model Software Architecture WSDL Contracts Logical Data ModelSoftware Architecture XSD Model Physical Data ModelSoftware Architecture ERD Model Business ProcessSystem Architecture Service ImplementationIIB Rules ImplementationODM Database Implementation DB2 Business Requirements Requirement Composer MS Word Document Rational Team Concert EPIC User Stories Tasks Rational Team Concert Release Artifacts Actionable Architecture in “action” with IBM Tools Strategy & Program Planning Design Implement Manage Input / Output Process / Rules Import BPMN 2.0
  18. 18. CONNECT WITH US: 18 BMI Enterprise Architecture Layers & IBM Tools
  19. 19. CONNECT WITH US: 19 Counting Success on Actionable Enterprise Architecture
  20. 20. CONNECT WITH US: 20 Projects implemented using Prolifics EA framework under BMI Leadership Counting Success 1. Using Business Architecture framework a. Value Streams – BlueWorks Live! and RSA b. Enterprise Process Map – In BlueWorks Live! c. Enterprise Capabilities Map – In Rational System, Software Architect d. Actionable Implementation Plan – Rational RTC, Focal Point 2. Key Core Business Process Implementation a. Data Acquisition – Using Data Stage, Quality Stage b. Alternative Licensing Business Processes – Using BWL, IBM BPM, IIB c. Affiliate Registration Processes d. integration with Oracle ERP systems – IBM IIB
  21. 21. CONNECT WITH US: • Common Integration Layer. • Common Service Layer. • Standard EDM. • Automation of External Data Ingestion. • Integrate Existing Applications. • Loosely Coupled New Applications. • Governance around Service Delivery. • Standard Business Service Development. • Canonical Model development. • Master Data Management. Objectives BMI Enterprise Started delivering Intermediate State
  22. 22. CONNECT WITH US: • Loosely Coupled Systems • Mobile Enablement • Standard Enterprise Framework • Service Governance • Re-usable IT Assets • Improved Business Agility 22 Future State – BMI Enterprise Architecture OBJECTIVES
  23. 23. CONNECT WITH US: 23  Although key artifacts are transferable from Enterprise Architecture planning tools to Process Planning / Implementation tools, the artifacts transfer is top-down & one way and not two way Lessons Learned  For example: after importing Business Process (BPMN 2.0) from Blue Works Live!, if you change a business process definition in IBM Business Process Designer or in Rational System Architect, you will not be able to export and sync back to Blue Works Live! Use Blue Works live Process model for Discovery and high level process documentation only. Use proper version control and branching for incremental changes.  Certain complex artifacts do not get transferred as is, you need formatting and adjustments  BPMN with complex in-line sub-process imported from Blue Works Live! to rational System Architect changes the format / alignment of the original process. Or sometimes can lose the sub-process flow  Keeping Artifacts in sync, needs proper well defined governance structure, version control using Rational Team Concert (RTC)
  24. 24. CONNECT WITH US: 24  It is recommended to set up Actionable Enterprise Architecture for a effective and successful implementation of large to very large business transformation / technology implementations, such as BMI.  IBM Rational Suite, WebSphere Suite, IBM BlueWorks Live! with help of Prolifics framework, quickly enables very effective actionable enterprise architecture.  There are some challenges in implementing seamless Actionable Enterprise Architecture, but through proper governance using IBM range of Suites, those challenges can be mitigated.  Prolifics’ business, enterprise architecture framework is effective, flexible and repeatable. It is the proven framework to bridge gaps between Corporate Business Strategy and an actual implementation plan and align them effectively. Key Takeaways
  25. 25. CONNECT WITH US: 25  BMI will be maturing Actionable Enterprise Architecture further for future Business Process implementation.  BMI is planning to use IBM Rational and WebSphere Suites tools stack as key enabler to manage future Business Architecture, implementation plans, process implementation.  Prolifics offers Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture framework as part of their end-to-end solutions delivery offerings. The framework is industry, technology agonistic, but does excel with IBM Suites.  If you are in any phase of implementation and struggling to implement business strategy or would like to implement it in better or effective way, we recommend you take advantage of this proven framework.  As part of offerings Prolifics can provide end-to-end solution from readiness assessment to Business Advisory consulting and finally to smarter process implementation.  Our offerings:  What’s Next?
  26. 26. CONNECT WITH US: Monday How BroadcastMusic,Inc. Devised and EnabledEnterpriseArchitecturefrom Corporate Strategy 12:15 PM - 1:15 PM Integrating and Oracle ERP Using IBM WebSphere Cast Iron 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Business Process & Decision Management 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Recommended Design Considerations for Enterprise Monitoring using SCAPM and Netcool OMNIbus 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Tuesday Smarter Integration Using the IBM SOA Foundation Stack: Best Practices and Lessons Learned 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Best Practices for Monitoring Your Cloud Environment and Applications 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM Delivering Enterprise Applications: Faster. Cheaper. Better 11:00 AM – 11:50 AM Applicability of IBM SOA Approach In Manual Processes Automation 11:30 AM-11:50 AM Leveraging Governance in the IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository for IIB and DataPower 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Broadcast Music Inc. Release Rockstars: Program-Wide DevOps Success with UrbanCode Deploy 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM Empowering SmartCloud APM - Predictive Insights and Analysis: A Use Case Scenario 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Wednesday Architecting and Tuning IIB/eXtreme Scale for Maximum Performance and Reliability, Featuring TBC 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM MasterCard's Modeling and Governance of Decisions and Processes for Improved Fraud 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM How BMI is Revolutionizing the Music Business Using IBM’s BPM and Integration Technology 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Integrating IBM Pure Application Systems and IBM Urbancode Deploy: A GE Capital Case Study 2 :00 PM – 3:00 PM Thursday Aetna’s Vision for a Healthier World: Smarter Architecture and a Scalable Integration Bus 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM From Print to Cloud & Beyond with IBM Integration Bus at Chemical Abstracts Service 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Using the Power of IBM Tivoli Common Reporting to Make Smart Decisions: The Untold Story 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM 26 Learn More: Prolifics at Interconnect
  27. 27. CONNECT WITH US: • Tap into in-depth sessions, including customer use cases from Aetna Healthcare and EmblemHealth • See detailed demos of IBM Integration Bus • Network with top technologists from Prolifics, IBM, and your peers from the world’s top organizations Learn more at Boston • March 16 • New York City • May 5 The Future of Integration: Integration Bus, Mobile, API Management, and Managed Services
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