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STANCE // Chris Stoikos


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Known for his beard and his viral videos, Chris Stoikos has a deep philosophy on life and today, he's sharing it with you.

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STANCE // Chris Stoikos

  1. 1. The Hairy Details with Chris Stoikos Entrepreneur. Beard Enthusiast. CEO. B I G F I S H P R E S E N T A T I O N S . C O M Interview Series
  2. 2. Chris Stoikos is a serial entrepreneur and chief executive officer of Dollar Beard Club. He is the archetypal "mover and shaker" with a number of entrepreneurial credits to his name. His true genius lies in the ability to creatively market and commercialize products, and in building and maintaining teams of ex- perts to run businesses independently. Despite his youth, Chris brings a practical knowledge of business in tandem with a firm grasp of market psychology for a younger and "hipper" consumer base.
  3. 3. The world’s greatest presenters and where they stand, on and off the stage. (noun) /stans/ the attitude of a person or organization toward something; a standpoint.
  4. 4. Question: You're widely known for your energy and charisma, what drives that energy day in and day out?
  5. 5. Staying in flow keeps my energy moving in a cyclical fashion - I source it by building it from within. Breathwork and meditation are key. Expending that energy is equally as important to make room for the new. I keep creative avenues open so I have a way to channel that energy by journaling, scripting video ideas, creating new content, body movement, and any other form of creation that wants to come through. Answer: Momentum. Beating resistance on a daily basis, and making the commitment to myself to show up day in and day out.
  6. 6. Question: How do you make your Mondays more like your Fridays?
  7. 7. Ditch the watch. Stop chaining yourself to time. I consciously practice staying in the moment and enjoying the blissful present which is the now, and I truthfully never know what day of the week it is. The time is always now, and Monday's are just as fun as Friday's when you realize "Monday" and "Friday" are simply man-made titles. Answer: When you realize life is a dream and time is made up, you can make any day of the week feel just as you want it.
  8. 8. Question: When you walk into a room, how do you make yourself stand out?
  9. 9. Answer: by doing the exact opposite. I've learned to humble myself in all situations, regardless of what room I'm walking into, for that is the ultimate source of power. I've also released all thoughts about what others think of me - I fully own who I am and I think people pick up on that, because it feels good to fully embrace every part of my being and be a loose cat. We're all pretty loose deep down. We should honor that.
  10. 10. Question: What's one habit you think everyone should make?
  11. 11. The only limit here is belief, and if you believe something hard enough, it can be yours. Write down what you want to create in your life, and visualize what it will look and feel like when these things come into your physical reality. We all deserve abundance, because we are made up of it - energy. Abundance is no more than an energetic exchange. Answer:
  12. 12. Question: What's one change you made in your life that made a world of difference?
  13. 13. Answer: I took responsibility for my own life, and realized that I am in full control 100% of the time. I stopped playing the victim role in any areas of my past, I remembered the fact that I am the creator of all things in my life, good and bad. Digging into my unconscious mind through methods like tapping, meditation and hypno- therapy has allowed me to replace any nega- tive self-limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of creating the life I want.
  14. 14. Question: What’s a belief others may challenge you on?
  15. 15. Answer: Honestly, I don't have any. I believe in universal truths which apply to all of us - no exceptions.
  16. 16. Question: What’s a quote that empowers you to pull through tough times?
  17. 17. Answer: “Resist Resistance and Magic Becomes Real.” The ones who go at the resistance head on, identify the lesson, and move through it, are the ones that turn these disguised problems into learning solutions that breed confidence and improve your quality of life. Resistance is moved through in different ways, depending on the type of lesson or problem, the time and space in which it occurs, and its severity. The one common denominator of success is mindset. The mindset to succeed, the mindset that looks for the solution rather than reiterating the problem.
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  19. 19. B I G F I S H P R E S E N T A T I O N S . C O M