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Add Life To Presentations - Accord


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Most presenters (even good ones) forget the importance of a coherent storyline, impactful visuals and emotional connect of their presentation slides. A presentation without bullet points should be the rule, not the exception. Through our workshop, we de-mystify slide design and break it down into easy to follow rules that will dramatically improve your presentations. Learn the art and the science of presentation design.

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Add Life To Presentations - Accord

  2. 2. This presentation contains SLIDES
  3. 3. It will take you less than Minutes to view this presentation
  4. 4. Let‟s begin with some quick questions (please answer honestly )
  5. 5. When was the last time you WANTED to sit through a presentation?
  6. 6. When was the last time you gave a presentation worth a standing ovation?
  7. 7. When was the last time you saw a presentation that made you say “WOW”?
  8. 8. If a presentation is a means of communication…
  9. 9. What good is it if the message is lost?
  10. 10. “So what does all this mean?” “Elementary, my dear Watson…”
  11. 11. “The audience is D-Y-I-N-G!”
  12. 12. Too much text is killing the audience!
  13. 13. Bullets are killing the audience!
  14. 14. Ambiguous structure is killing the audience!
  15. 15. Absence of quality content is killing the audience!
  16. 16. Lack of presenter preparation is killing the audience!
  17. 17. So, how do we save the audience?
  18. 18. Welcome to a Presentation REVOLUTION
  19. 19. A new presentation paradigm where…
  20. 20. Presentations are ALIVE
  21. 21. Presentations tell a STORY
  22. 22. Presentations INTERACT and ENGAGE
  23. 23. Presentations where IMAGES SPEAK
  24. 24. Welcome to a presentation skills workshop that gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE
  25. 25. After this workshop, you will make presentations that…
  26. 26. CONNECT.
  27. 27. PERSUADE.
  28. 28. INSPIRE.
  29. 29. WOW!
  30. 30. Still wondering if presentation skills matter? Here‟s a thought…
  31. 31. Al Gore‟s „presentation‟ helped him win an Oscar and a Nobel Prize in 2007!
  32. 32. So, go ahead… change the world…
  33. 33. Add LIFE to your presentations!
  34. 34. An Accord Presentation Skills Workshop Connect with your presentations Accord Business Solutions Pte. Ltd. 146 Robinson Road, #07-01, Singapore 068909 Phone: +65 9298 9590, +65 9621 4465 |