25 Time Management Hacks to Kickstart the New Year

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Jan. 5, 2015

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25 Time Management Hacks to Kickstart the New Year

  1. Time Management Hacks to Kickstart the New Year 25 Étienne Garbugli Product Design & Marketing Consultant // Author #hacks
  2. 01 To win at something often means failing somewhere else. Pick 3 battles, no more. … Pick 3.”   – Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook Getting sleep Staying fit Spending time with family Building a great company Maintaining friendships
  3. 02 Know what you don’t do. Keep a "No Thanks" list. Over time, this list should grow. DO DON T DO High School Reunion
  4. 03 Redefine productivity. It’s not about how much you get done, it’s about the impact you’re having. Don't confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but doesn't make any progress. – Alfred Montapert, Author
  5. 04 Don't let fear drive you. Don’t get hung up on perfection; you’re wasting valuable time. Work finally begins when the fear of doing nothing exceeds the fear of doing it badly. – Alain de Botton, Author
  6. SINGLE TASK 05 When you decide to do something, give it your all. Plan then execute… then plan… then execute…
  7. When tired, we focus on low value, less important tasks. Start your day with the most important work. 06 IMPORTANT & URGENT IMPORTANT & NOT URGENT NOT IMPORTANT & URGENT NOT IMPORTANT & NOT URGENT
  8. 07 The beginning is where you need motivation the most. Get working… worry about quality later. ‘Worse is better’ gets the ball rolling. – Tom Lehman, Rap Genius Founder
  9. 08 Remove outside distractions. You can fully focus when your personal life is worry-free. Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work. – Gustave Flaubert, Author
  10. 09 Keep hitting the same nail. Invest in activities that impact both your personal and professional lives. Align your professional and personal goals for maximum efficiency. – Chris Guillebeau, World-Traveller
  11. 10 Roll with the punches. If it takes more than 20 mins to get started, change task. Momentum is key. Write Long- Winded u Improve resume with more bragging Write a Long- Winded Em ail
  12. 11 Separate strategic and tactical thinking to focus on execution. Only think about the task at hand. It's like walking on a tightrope. If you think you're high and you look down, you start wobbling. If you look up, you start wobbling. If you just look ahead, and focus on the task and what you need to do, you tend to do things the right way. – Guy Boucher, Ice Hockey Coach
  13. 12 Divide your week into work objectives. 1 objective per day to fully wrap your head around it. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9am 12 noon 3pm 9am 12 noon 3pm 9am 12 noon 3pm 9am 12 noon 3pm 9am 12 noon 3pm Organize meetings Prepare meetings Conduct team meetings Conduct one on one meetings Recap meetings
  14. 13 « Timebox » everything. Good decisions often get made with less time, not more. Friday 4:47 PM 5PM - Vacations… Gotta Go4PM - Budget Approval
  15. 14 Split projects and tasks into smaller projects. Force momentum. Shorten cycle time. Long projects zap morale. The longer it takes to build, the less likely it is to launch. – Jason Fried, Basecamp Founder
  16. 15 Find a focused group to work with. Surrounding yourself with productive & focused people helps. Bla Bla STARLUCKS Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla
  17. 16 Work-life balance is about how we approach things. If something feels like work, treat it as such. 10:35 AM 8:42 PM 0010010011010001000010001000 1001001 0100010000100010001001001100 0010001000100100010001000010 0010001001001100001000100010 01001 1000100001000100010010011010 0010000100010001001001
  18. TIME$ 17 No car goes anywhere without gas. Manage your energy, not just your time. ENERGY
  19. 18 There most likely is a better way of doing things. Get some time to think. Scheduling at 80% produces better products. Scheduling people at 100% doesn’t give space to think of creative solutions. – Productivity study
  20. 19 Take care of communications (or don’t). Acquiring and re-acquiring context eats time. If a communication can be taken care of rapidly, do it. That way, you won't have to touch the same thing 4 times. – Mark Goldstein, 26 Time Hacks Reader
  21. 20 Sometimes it's better to nap or sleep 1 more hour and be productive than sleep less and do nothing.
  22. 21 Don’t let unrealistic expectations drag down your productivity. A perfectionist without time always fails. TIME EXPECTATIONS Perfectionist Disappointed :( Robot Underachiever
  23. 22 Don’t schedule like a robot. The more precise a task or objective is, the easier it is to miss. Send 250 Personal Thank you Letters MISS COMPLETE MISS
  24. 23 Don't sweat the small stuff. Details only matter when they can have a real impact on results. Blue Green Blue Green Blue Green Green Blue Green
  25. REALLY BUSY REBUILDING RELATIONSHIPS 24 Balance your life. Taking on too much makes you tired, less creative and limits relationship-building.
  26. 27 million people helped around the world Unique approach to time management Learn More
  27. 25 Keep your eyes on the real prize. Focus on the objectives, not the tasks. Keep them in sight. The most important thing is to make sure that the most important thing remains the most important thing. – Zita Cobb, Social Entrepreneur
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