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20 Presentation Secrets You Won't Find Elsewhere

  1. Effect Works
  2. Presentations can be intimidating. From entrepreneurs to investors, authors to communication gurus, Effect Works talked to 20 experts to find out their presentation secrets.
  3. Andy Bounds Communication Consultant and Author
  4. Chris Guillebeau Writer, World Traveler and Entrepreneur
  5. Collis Ta'eed Entrepreneur. Envato CEO
  6. Dan Schawbel Personal Branding Expert
  7. David Airey Graphic Designer and Design Author
  8. Derek Sivers Musician. Entrepreneur. Founded CD Baby
  9. Guy Kawasaki Former Apple Chief Evangelist. Co-founder of
  10. Ishita Gupta Publisher, fear.less magazine
  11. Kevin Kelly Founding Editor of Wired, Writer, Photographer, Conservationist
  12. Lee LeFever CommonCraft Founder
  13. Liz Strauss Social Web Strategist and Community Builder
  14. Matt Mullenweg Co-Founder, WordPress
  15. Neil Patel Serial Entrepreneur, Investor and Blogger
  16. Paul Stamatiou Co-Founder, Picplum
  17. Ramit Sethi Entrepreneur, Personal Finance Author and Expert
  18. Scott Harrison Entrepreneur. Founded charity: water
  19. Seth Godin Serial Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author
  20. Tamar Weinberg Digital and Social Media Strategist
  21. Tony Hsieh CEO of
  22. It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time, said Wayne Burgraff These 20 tips should definitely help you ace your next presentation Why not share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and spread the goodness?

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  • 20 Presentation Secrets You Won't Find Elsewhere
  • 20 Presentation Secrets You Won't Find Elsewhere
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