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STANCE // Nancy Armstrong


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As a former singer/songwriter, Nancy Armstrong is no stranger to using her voice to reach the world. Now she's empowering other women to use theirs. Join us as we interview one of the makers behind MAKERS.

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STANCE // Nancy Armstrong

  1. 1. Creator. Visionary. Leader. B I G F I S H P R E S E N T A T I O N S . C O M Interview Series Meeting the Maker Nancy Armstrong
  2. 2. Nancy Armstrong is an Emmy-nominated producer and founding member of the team that created the award-winning web site, documentary series, and women's leadership platform, MAKERS. Named one of the 100 best web sites for women by Forbes. “I want to live authentically to the values i’m esposuing, and Especially for women in a real concrete way.”
  3. 3. The world’s greatest presenters and where they stand, on and off the stage. (noun) /stans/ the attitude of a person or organization toward something; a standpoint.
  4. 4. Question: How did your previous professions play a role in who you are today?
  5. 5. It was very hard to think about what my life would look like in business since women in the business world were subservient and men were leading. I also had a childhood love of singing and did it for 8 years. I didn’t realize until I stopped, how many interesting skills I had sharpened in my time as a music artist. When you can bring your skills as an artist to the business world, it can be very powerful. Answer: In 80’s and 90’s, there were no role models for women. there were no women in leadership that were visible.
  6. 6. loyalty, love, and passion. as a leader how do you display each of them Daily in your work life? Question:
  7. 7. Answer: I’m very fortunate that I get to do something I’m passionate about. It was as if I were hit by an epiphanic lightning bolt and I knew that MAKERS would change the game for women. Love - I fall in love with each of the women that come on; I even cry sometimes. Loyalty - the women that work with me know I’ll only present them in a manner that is con- sistent with their personal values and their brand.
  8. 8. Question: Is there something that drives you that others would be surprised to hear?
  9. 9. I’m a harsh critic of my own work. It’s perfectionism. It’s made me better at what I’ve done. I’m learning to critique my work without throwing the whole thing in the trash. I'm training myself to give constructive feedback to myself rather than focusing too hard on the things that aren’t the exact way I wanted it to be. The only person I’m trying to please is myself by teaching something that people need to learn and imparting omething substantive to others. My job is to bring the best out of women and shine the light on them. Answer:
  10. 10. Question: What’s the biggest risk you’ve taken, and what did you learn?
  11. 11. I knew that I had to leave Hollywood to start over. So I went to graduate school in Boston and had such an extraordinary experience; to be able to be in an institution that gave me a scholarship and believed in my abilities to succeed, it paid off almost right away. It was scary, but it was a rebirth. When I talk to my friends that were actors, they thought about it as jumping off from who you are, but it 100% paid off. Answer: I think the biggest risk I took is changing careers at 30.
  12. 12. How big of a role does self awareness Play in women’s Empowerment and what value does it hold in your personal life? Question:
  13. 13. I need to make sure I do this every day. We can’t do it alone. We got so far on our own so to get to the next level, which is a tough level (equality), we need men. We can’t do this alone. That's the real self awareness. Men want to live in an equal world where their daughters, sisters, and wives can find success. It’s not a women’s issue; it’s a human issue. Answer:
  14. 14. Question: What was the most “earth-shaking” interview you’ve given yet? what made it memorable for you?
  15. 15. By nature, my favorites are my most recent. I just interviewed Jenny Rumetti, CEO of IBM. She was incredibly smart, driven, and thoughtful, with great values. I thought to myself that she would be an amazing POTUS. She’s authentic, passionate, and she’s done an amazing job of leading the workplace. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk but does it quietly. Answer: I’ve done hundreds of interviews and I’m always in love with the woman of the moment.
  16. 16. Question: Everyone Stands for something; What do you stand for?
  17. 17. I stand for an equal world in which men and women lead side by side. Answer:
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  19. 19. B I G F I S H P R E S E N T A T I O N S . C O M