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The ai app - introduction


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Published in: Education
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The ai app - introduction

  1. 1. The AI APP An Introduction…
  2. 2. What Is AI APP? • An application available for download to mobile devices
  3. 3. Who Is AI APP For? • Serve current Art Institute students • Serve current Art Institute faculty • Attract new students • Boost enrollment • Increase revenue
  4. 4. AI: Everywhere • Users will be able to access information about The Art Institute anywhere, via their mobile device.
  5. 5. Student Benefits • Access schedule and register for classes • Submit assignments • Check balance and make/schedule/view loan payments • View events on the Campus Calendar • Connect with other students and faculty • Check grades • Access Art Institute email • Access eCompanion • Access online library • Chat with an advisor • Connect with Student Affairs • Access Technical Resource Center • Participate in online class discussions
  6. 6. Faculty Benefits • Access class schedule • View student assignments • View events on the Campus Calendar • Connect with other faculty and students • Record/view/edit student grades • Access Art Institute email • Access and edit eCompanion • View student degree audits • Assist students with class registration • Access online library • Record/edit/review class attendance
  7. 7. New Student Benefits • Learn about programs at The Art Institute • View events on the Campus Calendar • Chat with staff advisors • Chat with student advisors • Sign up to receive more info about AI • Read student reviews about The Art Institute • Watch videos demonstrating benefits of enrolling at AI • Offer exclusive app-only benefits and/or discounts
  8. 8. Available Platforms • iPhone • Android • Tablet • Windows Phone
  9. 9. Development Phase • We can launch AI APP within approximately 90 days
  10. 10. Development Process
  11. 11. Cost • (Varies upon services requested) • Contact Zak or Ben for a complete analysis of your needs • We will help you achieve your goals within your budget
  12. 12. In Summary Many people, especially young students, live their lives on their smartphone. It is predicted that mobile internet access will overtake fixed (or desktop) access by next year (2014). U.S. consumers spend an average of almost 3 hours per day on their smartphones and tablets. 80% of that time is spent using apps. By implementing the AI APP, The Art Institute will stay current with the ever-changing consumer trends, help increase brand top-of-mind awareness, and better connect faculty and students. The AI APP also creates a fun, cool, and easy way to attract new students, therefore increasing enrollment and revenue. For relatively little cost, the benefits will create the biggest bang-for-your-buck available in the current marketplace.
  13. 13. AI APP