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EduFairLive is a unique, exciting, easy and cost-effective online education exposition providing an ideal environment to connect with students (and their parents) who are looking for admissions in to universities – graduate and post-graduate courses.

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EduFairLive - An Online Education Fair

  1. 1. The Next Generation Education Fair, in India Live on May 27, 2011 3 – 6 pm a venture of
  2. 2. Agenda • Our mission • What do students want? • EduFair Live  Features, content, tools -- the experience  What does it mean for you?  Benefits for students and admissions offices • Sponsorship Opportunities • About Edufair Live & KKonnect Page 2
  3. 3. Our mission • To reach aspiring students where they are -- online • To broaden access to relevant resources for students and parents – in smaller towns & cities of India • To create an online platform for students to listen and interact in real-time with experts and neutral counsellors • To be a single point source of gathering information from various institutes at their virtual booths through live chat/instant messaging • To help institutes & universities leverage the best online marketing tools available Page 3
  4. 4. New realities of college admissions • Physical Education College fairs don’t reach everyone  Fairs are limited to major metros & state capitals  Parents are busier than ever • 99% of institutes’ marketing efforts are ‘push marketing’  All marketing done by the institute is to ‘sell’ – email, SMS, tele-calling, print, TV  Students are wary of responding to institutes sell efforts Page 4
  5. 5. What do students want? • Students want reliable 3rd party ‘information & guidance’ not ‘sales pitch’ • Students want to research the colleges they shortlist  Interact with the counselors  Have a virtual tour of campus  Interact with the current students of the campus • Unsure of what they want – which course, which city, which college • More comfortable asking questions online, than in face-to-face interaction • Today’s students communicate online  Social Media is growing – Facebook, Orkut, Twitter  Spend much more time online than on print and even TV
  6. 6. What is EduFairLive? • Free event for attendees – students, parents • Multi-day online event to connect prospective students with colleges and universities in a live, interactive environment • Live educational sessions about the career opportunities and admission process: How to choose an institute How to get the best Educational Loan Career & Job Prospects in select few sector • Target to get at least 10,000 students from across India for first event • First in a series of 2-4 events annually
  7. 7. What does EduFair Live mean for Institutes? • No risk and low cost way to interact with students – asses interest levels • Flexible staffing - used by counselors in the office or at home • Targeting diverse prospective students across geographies • A partner committed to providing a full service experience
  8. 8. Features of EduFair Live • Interactive Webinars - keynote presentations from admissions experts, guidance counselors, admissions officers, etc.  With moderated, real-time Q&A sessions. • Virtual booths for college & universities featuring:  Electronic brochures and course catalogs  Campus images, PPTs and videos  Real-time IM and chat between students and inst counselors • Virtual tours, videos, slide presentation that describe a school and its surroundings. • Scheduled institute-specific presentations by admissions officials. • A resource center for students and parents. Page 8
  9. 9. Webinar Sessions with Live Q&A Industry experts talk about careers in their field • How to choose an institute • Management • Banking & Finance • Fashion industry • Animation & Web Designing • Engineering • Media & Journalism Pre-recorded session with Live Q&A Page 9
  10. 10. The benefits of EduFairLive• For students:  Receive valuable information & guidance from experts  Directly communicate with admission staffs and students live during the event  Search colleges and institutes in an organized way, on their own time, in their preferred manner  Interact with institutes they could not contact (too far; or missed going)  Win Prizes & Scholarships by attending the event
  11. 11. The benefits of EduFairLive • For colleges/institutes:  Access to detailed reports and measurement on student/visitor activity for your college  Leverage your creative assets  Ability to reach more diverse student audience than physical college fairs in the long term: • Students outside of major metros and state capitals • Students who can’t afford to travel • Students outside India
  12. 12. The benefits of EduFairLive • For Sponsors:  Be part of a unique initiative – connect and interact with youth online  Ability to get top-of-mind amongst students who are prolific buyers  Ability to get important feedback from the youth segment – brand imagery  Leverage your creative assets – ads, promos etc
  13. 13. EduFairLive Main Website Page 13
  14. 14. Main Lobby14
  15. 15. Exhibition Hall Page 15
  16. 16. Virtual Booth at EduFairLive Page 16
  17. 17. Promotion – Traffic Generation A robust marketing campaign to attract at least 10,000 students & parents. Programs will include • E-mail campaign to 10 lac students & parents (10 lacs x 3 shots) • 50 lac SMS campaign (50 lac x 2 shots) • Posters at coaching institutes in multiple cities • Google ad-words & banner advertising (through affiliate) • Visibility on social network platforms including Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter • Online PR targeting the key youth demographics
  18. 18. The Organisers • EduFair Live – an initiative of KKonnect & Prognosys e Services. • Our Vision: Emerging technologies and behavior will shift media consumption to live, virtual, interactive events. • Privately funded, based in New Delhi • Management includes thought leaders in interactive media & marketing
  19. 19. Contact Details• H-171, Sector 63, Noida (UP)• Tel: + 91 – 120 – 422 2837, 423 5171•, Mobile: 099587 68670•, Mobile: 098734 13979•, Mobile: 096507 80318• Thank You Page 19