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7 romeo y julieta


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7 romeo y julieta

  2. 2. CHARACTERS:(SOME OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS) • Julieta Capuleto: This character at the beginning of the work is seen as a submissive and obedient to the orders of their parents. Also in some scenes it is determined to challenge fate and the hatred between the families to protect their love of Romeo. • Romeo Montesco: It is a romantic person. Romeo is shown as a person peaceful especially at the beginning of the work and also something vindictive. Romeo love looks ready to everything to death by his beloved.
  3. 3. CHARACTERS: (SOME OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS) • Fray Lorenzo: It was that married to lovers, that scene looks like a person understanding and kind, thanks to that is not involved with any of the warring families and access to marry the couple. • Mercutio: It is Romeo's best friend, is the most prominent of the Group of friends for their acute interventions and criticism and according to a description of Romeo is very talkative and impertinent. • Teodobaldo Capuleto: Nephew Capuleto attitude was odious to the family of the Montagues, always produces armed clashes and also shown violent when it shows the idea of ending Romeo.
  4. 4. ENVIRONMENT OF THE PLAY The centuries XVI and XVII are the Renaissance period in England, period in which it appeared new literary forms. The English Theatre reached its level higher at that time flourishing great playwrights like Marlowe and W. Shakespeare. The works were represented during the warmer months in circular theaters and outdoor. In the colder months, works rode in private for a public and elite theatres. The decor was minimal and consisted of some accessories or panels. The locations were suggested, and therefore perhaps charged more life in the own minds of the spectators, by the poetry of the works. The work of the actors had a tendency to natural style.
  5. 5. PLOT: There are two rival families that keeps an old grudge that involves up to other families in the city of Verona. The only two descendants of each family Romeo and Juliet find themselves for the first time in a meeting and fall madly in love. Lovers come to escondidasy the third time married in secret thanks to Friar Laurence.The day of the ceremony, Teobaldo insults Romeo but Mercutio, the best friend of the young Montague, strikes up a duel to the death with Theobald. Romeo tries to separate them and Teobaldo leverages to mortally wound Mercutio.
  6. 6. PLOT: The Prince of Verona, outraged by the events, condemns Romeo to exile or death so Romeo escape to Mantua, until they can be published his marriage with Juliet and meet with her. Paris, a relative of the Prince, asks the hand of Juliet and it is granted. Friar Laurence gives a small vial with an elixir that will kill you. Fray Lorenzo sends a Messenger to Romeo to come by Juliet. The Messenger warns you that Julieta has died and returns to Verona. Romeo Julieta approaches, kisses her for the last time and takes poison to die.
  7. 7. (CONCLUSION) •Is the play most famous of Shakespear.Of this play they have been films, plays and theaters… This play has been translated into several languages such as Spanish , French ...